Irish People Watch Judge Judy

What are we watching?
Judge Judy! Court.
Rooms. I dunno what the show is called. It’s on TV all the time over here.
It must be like season four hundred and twelve. She’s street-smart. She takes no bullshit from anyone.
Yeah. I’d love to be the bailiff. I’d be there like ohm nom nom “This is amazing.” VO:…For damage caused to her car when his son kicked it. Ohhhhhh he “kicked a car.” Okay, guilty. the kid’s like…
Yeah, yeah. JJ: Lamont left his basketball in your yard.
Yes ma’am. Oh my god, the plot thickens. You took the basketball. And you took it inside. Where do they get the crowd? I presume the crowd are just the next people on the case. During that exchange he kicked your car. How much damage can an 11 year-old do?
With a kick? Amazing! He’s a kid, kickin’. Up here.
Look at his little innocent face! I really hope the parent is counter suing for the car being too hard and him damaging his shoes. Did you kick her car?
No, ma’am. JJ: Who kicked her car?
Lamont: No one. That kid is terrified; he’s like, “I’m going to f–king jail!” The defendant is having to do nothing so far. He’s just sitting there, arms behind his back, just, “I got this.” JJ: You told the police that you kicked the car.
I lied to the police. He LIED to the police! He’s going to jail. He’s getting the chair. SHE GROANS Lamar is getting the chair! When you hold onto someone’s property and refuse to return it to them, it’s a LARCENY! She’s going down! Make up your mind Judge Judy whose side you’re on. They’re not going to give her the money.
No they’re not. Judgement for the plaintiff in the amount of $700.
TOGETHER: WHAT? WHAT?? BULLSHIT! WHERE’D THAT COME OUT OF? I hadn’t a clue which way she was going.
She kept it interesting. 99% of Judge Judy’s cases are ruled around, “Don’t be a sassy little pants, mister.” But you wouldn’t want her to get angry at you.
Nooo. I’d love to watch her get angry at someone who was trying to take it out on me and me just being like… Like usually when you hear an argument, you try to understand both sides. She straight didn’t understand either side. VO: Laura Taylor is suing her neighbor Kelly Bruniker for destruction of her property caused by Kelly’s pigs. TOGETHER: Ahaha! Woahhh! And there’s the twist. Her pigs.
Interesting. I think they were supposed to small pigs, but they ended up big. The pigs started off real small, and then two weeks later… real big! Your claim that her pigs came in and destroyed your garden, your property… And they kicked her car. Wait, what’s the problem with the pigs?
I think they ate her son. JJ: She says it was somebody else’s pigs.
Is she denying that it’s her pigs? Somebody else’s pigs done did it!
I’m ready to see the video. Ohh, look at his wiggly little tail!
TOGETHER: Ahhhhh! TOGETHER: Ohhhhh ha ha!
He’s so cute. Oh, he’s even cuter! We’re in the playground.
He just wants to go on the seesaw.
On the slide. This is an abhorrent affront to humanity and justice. Turn the camera sideways, you idiot. I’d like to see a picture of the pigs you own.
So do I! So that’s absolutely one of the pigs that was…
TOGETHER: Ohhhhhhh. Piggy bad. Imagine if you put them little glasses and a wig on it and was like, “My pig has hair and needs glasses. These aren’t my pigs!” Yes.
JJ: You can stand there and be smug all that you like…
TOGETHER: Ohhh! I don’t think she was that bothered! Oh god, she’s so sassy. Are they going to bring a pig into the courtroom and see if it bites her? Please tell me that’s going to happen. She brings the pig into the stall. “You either lie to the police officers or you lie to me, pig? Which one was it?” Judgement for the plaintiff in the amount of $5,000. We’re done here. Five grand? And for what?
She got it!
What? Yes. She’s… so… oh, she’s a wannabe. It’s like I’ve got pictures of my pigs and she was like, “NO!”
This was an ace, Judy.” We could watch 50 of these and we’d never be able to guess who would win, at the start of the court case. Apparently she’s like 74.
Really? She looks well.
She looks very well.
I would.


  1. My mom would watch Judge Judy all the time when I was a kid around age 5-9 or so. I would watch it with her sometimes, thinking it was real. I wish court was this dramatic.

  2. At $47M a year, Judge Judy is the highest paid talent on American Television!
    Well other than Simon maybe but he's also a producer.

  3. Judge Judy was actually a phenomenal family court judge in the 80s/90s! Always carried herself this way and is a total social-justice warrior.

  4. Should have had them watch the case where a scammer sells two women a picture of a cell phone rather than the cell phone itself.

  5. That kid was a great liar. Trying so hard to be straight up hard ass with an Judge gets ya ass NOWHERE. Can't fool a judge.. these Irish people crack me up ! Love all your vids guys!!!❤❤❤ Those accents have to be the sexiest everrrr!😍😍😍😍

  6. technically the law in the u.s. regarding ownership of pigs is that they are the property of whoever's property they are standing on at any given moment. so technically when they trashed her property they were in fact her pigs. they go back across the property line and they belong to the neighbour again.

  7. Ooohhh….you can tell the kid in the first case was told to lie to Judge Judy by his parents!!!!LOL She knows it, too, because she can smell the bullshit! Also, can you believe the size of the balls on the pig lady?!?! I wouldn't want to be in her shoes. How did she think she was going to convince the Judge there are multiple, identical pigs all over the place? And then NOT forget the pictures of her pigs at home?!LMFAO What a dick! I can't stand a bald-faced liar!

  8. Thank god the condescending guy with the skull cap and his zombie partner are no longer doing these.

  9. If you go on the judge Judy show and lose, the show pays on your behalf for your appearance, and all expenses.

  10. You know the thing about judges are that they’re not supposed to takes sides (be biased), and they make a ruling based on the information they are given

  11. I know this has nothing to do with the video but i think i should tell you that this hand gesture 👌means the mark of the beast. God bless

  12. “Make up your mind, Judge Judy, who’s side you’re on.” That pissed me off. The reason she’s a good judge is because she doesn’t take sides.

  13. Theu have depositions and she looks up the state the event occurred in to research state specific laws and makes the decision pretty much before they get ther with the exception of a few questions.. she just flip flops to keep is guessing 🙂

  14. Stupid Irish men the judge isn’t supposed to be on one side, they are suppose to be neutral analyze both parties

  15. judge judy is rich enough to afford a whole face transplant so she should look good…if you are eich and not healthy and look good you aren't doing something right

  16. What's there to understand? The car was damaged, they had to pay for it, that doesn't mean that the woman taking his ball and refusing to give it back was wrong too, but that doesn't exculpate the kid for damaging the car.

  17. What's the point of this reaction if you can't hear what Judge Judy is saying with you dumb idiots talking most of the time. These people are dumber than the people and their cases.

  18. The girl in the black and white striped shirt looks like the Child Catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Especially when she is in profile!

  19. Judges aren’t supposed to understand either side there supposed to hear the facts and opening and closing arguments etc and they are there to make sure the jury makes a fair and just decision based on the facts !! Judge Judy is in small claims court and it just goes off of facts and evidence

  20. The reason the lady got 5 grand is because pigs can cause serious damage with their digging and the fact that they chew through just about everything they want to. Her yard was big and nice, 5 grand isnt that much compared to the upkeep of that yard and everything on it, like furniture and stuff that was damaged and most likely needs repairs or replacement

  21. Judge Judy has that "New York City attitude", and it comes across as very refreshing. I think because that attitude is so blunt-lol

  22. They have judge Judy in Ireland? That’s crazy. I didn’t know they have regular American shows

  23. Of course she was going to give the money to the plaintiff, the car was damaged and the kid admitted to that, her calling out the woman for taking the kid's stuff and refusing to give it back until the cop came isn't the same as her agreeing that she deserved to have her car damaged.

  24. They did not show you guys some of her best stuff where she really catches out people lying or really puts them in their place. I had higher hopes for the video but thanks for reacting 🙂

  25. The little kid needed to learn a lesson / The pig owner has the responsibility of keeping her pigs in her own yard /

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