INFORS HT – The first self-cleaning bench-top bioreactor in the world: Labfors 5 with LabCIP

Every day, just before half past seven, Mr.
Müller gets ready for work. For decades, Mister Müller has been following
the same protocols. Every week, Mr. Müller has to clean and to
sterilise his bioreactor. Between half past 8 and ten o’clock, Mr. Schmidt
also shows up. Mr. Schmidt wants to keep his work station
up-to-date. He’s always open to new solutions that simplify
his work. However, cleaning the bioreactor still requires
a lot of effort. Every week. The next cleaning day begins like any other day. Are you tired of cleaning? The LabCIP cleans and sterilises the Labfors 5 Bench-top bioreactor automatically over night. The LabCIP cleaning and sterilisation process consists of two phases: In the CIP-phase the Labfors 5 is thoroughly cleaned with a hot sodium hydroxide solution. An efficient stirrer supports the cleaning of the headspace. Afterwards, the sodium hydroxide solution is neutralised using an acid. In the SIP-phase,
the vessel and its peripherals are entirely filled with the hot sodium hydroxide solution. In that way, all wetted areas are thoroughly sterilised reliably. Finally the system is neutralised and rinsed with sterilised, deionised water. The Labfors 5 is now ready for a new bio-process. The next morning, Mr. Müller decides: It’s time for a change.

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