“I’m Very Much Alive.” Justice Ginsburg Talks About Her Health With Nina Totenberg | NPR

NINA TOTENBERG: So I thought I would start
actually with Justice Stevens because you just, as we sit here doing this today, you’ve
come from his little service and then his interment, and you were with him a week before
he died in Lisbon, in Portugal. Tell me about that. RUTH BADER GINSBURG: It was wonderful. I got to drive with Justice Stevens most of
the time because I was the second-eldest person attending the conference. He was in the best of humor in the morning. The morning was all talk — the conference
— and as he is on the bench — he’s not a big talker — but what he, when he does
speak, it’s really worth listening to. And he was enjoying whatever we did. Some of the drives were rather long. We were stuck in traffic, and it was, it was warm. He never complained. And he regaled us with stories his memory
— and in one incident, he said, “In such, in such case, it was a dozen or so years ago,
I circulated my draft, and you said that a certain footnote was over the top and I shouldn’t
include it, and I agree with you. You were right, and I took it out.” [Laughs.] To remember, to remember things like that… TOTENBERG: So you were driving with him. In your remarks today, in your remarks, you
— in one of these — as you left the ambassador’s residence with him, you said, you said something
to him — what your dream was. GINSBURG: Yes, I said that my dream is that
I will stay at the court as long as he did. And his immediate response was “Stay longer.” TOTENBERG: So which brings me to this, the
main subject of our conversation. You have had surgery for cancer three times in your adult life. Just about like clockwork every 10 years. But the cancer that you were treated for this
past year — and when you had surgery for lung cancer — it was the first time that
you did it without your husband, Marty, and that must have been very different and difficult. GINSBURG: It was. My first two cancer bouts — both colorectal
cancer at Washington Hospital Center and pancreatic cancer at Sloan Kettering — Marty stayed with me. He stayed with me in the hospital sleeping on an uncomfortable couch despite his bad back. And I knew that someone was there who really
cared about me and would make sure that things didn’t go wrong. There was one day during colon cancer bout
when I was getting a blood transfusion and Marty saw that something was very wrong and
he immediately yanked the needle out of me. It turned out that there was a mismatch not
in the type of blood but in some antigen. I might not have lived, it, if he hadn’t been there, so. And he encouraged me. When they sent a physical therapist to get
me to walk and to do whatever exercise regime they had, I didn’t want to do it. I was exhausted. And Marty said, “You do it.” And he was quite insistent about that. So to have his loving care and yet his determination
that I do what was necessary to heal faster, it was hard to be alone. TOTENBERG: So I know that you, it was hard
to be alone and it was. You have many people who love you that you
don’t know love you, that, in the greater world, but you have children who love you
and friends who love you. But you are a solo act in a way these days. You, you know, you more or less live by yourself,
and you have to take care of yourself. GINSBURG: Well, one big help, my children. During the recovery period, one child or another
visited every weekend, and Jane and James were tremendously supportive also. My granddaughter the lawyer, Clara, visited. So I did have the support of my family, and
that was important, and again encouraging me to do what I was supposed to do in the
case of lung cancer — I was supposed to walk a lot. I think starting with a quarter of a mile
and then a half a mile, then a mile — some of it I could do on the treadmill. TOTENBERG: And how did you do your work? GINSBURG: The work is really what saved me,
because I had to concentrate on reading the brief, doing a draft of an opinion, and I
knew that had to get done. So I had to get past whatever my aches and
pains were — just do the job. TOTENBERG: You know you’re not in the same
position as somebody like me. You’re a very public figure, and at the same
time you have the natural human instinct to — your health is your own business. So how do you think that through? GINSBURG: I might have preferred to keep my
condition to myself, but I realized that because I’m a public figure, I could help make things
a little better for people who were in my situation with regard to their health by saying what I was experiencing. And I think it would — it gave people courage
and hope and made them feel less alone to hear somebody else who’s gone through, gone
through, the same experience. So I think it was good. In the colorectal cancer case, I did a public
service advertisement with my surgeon, with Dr. Lee Smith. TOTENBERG: When you had colorectal cancer
and that was your, was your first rodeo so to speak, you said that Marty did all kinds
of things to raise your spirits. What did he do? GINSBURG: As soon as I came home, I could
eat again. He made wonderful meals for me. We went to, we walked around Georgetown. We walked to the Phillips Collection. We did some of my favorite things. Marty had a wonderful sense of humor, as you know. TOTENBERG: You said he read to you. What did he read to you? GINSBURG: Yes. [Laughs.] Well for one thing, he was my clipping service with the New York Times and the Post. I miss him every morning because I have no
one to go through the paper and pick out what I should read. TOTENBERG: Did he read you from books? GINSBURG: Yes. One Tolstoy story that should not have been
read, but there was only time for a short story that I don’t remember where we were going. It’s about how much room does a man need. This is very the principal figure is avaricious,
and he wants to acquire more and more land. And then at the end from all of his activity
he drops dead, and how much room does a man need to set up space to be buried? [Laughs.] TOTENBERG: You do realize — as my editors
wanted to ask you this — that when you, you, get a cold or a hangnail, there’s a substantial
portion of the population — a large part of it female but men too — who go into a complete panic? GINSBURG: Well, some are not panics. Some. There was a senator — I think it was after
the pancreatic cancer — who announced with great glee that I was going to be dead within six months. That senator, whose name I’ve forgotten, is now himself dead, [Laughs.] and I am very much alive.


  1. Of course she's "alive" they're using the same corpse reanimation technology being used to animate Pelosi.
    When parts start falling off of them, the truth will come out.

  2. Look, they are going to keep this woman alive if they have to cut her head off and keep it in a fishbowl as long as she makes it to the 2020 election! They are counting on a Trump loss! However, that IS NOT going to happen! And Trump WILL be able to appoint another Justice!

    FYI, had this been any of us, the establishment would have drained our finances and killed us by now. See how the elite are treated?

  3. So she was lying again about her health. Ginsburg already had pancreatic cancer. When pancreatic cancer returns it is very, very serious. This is only eight months after lung cancer. The media is as usual, pretending she is fine. This is a terrible prognosis.

  4. Term Limits for Judges. Abolish Executive and Legislative appointments of Judges for this corrupts the SC.
    Nina, please retire. I will not say anything unkind about your looks or weight, just please retire.

  5. She's dead or she's on life support. She cannot do her job anymore why is is normal. Fucking government always takes the better peace of pie than us the people

  6. Whether or not she's alive, the fact that so many americans dont beluece it shows we are over as a country. There's no trust in our globalist overlords. This is both good and bad. Restoration of the republic won't be easy.

  7. I admire her determination and her dedication to the job I am not sure if I trust the future of our country to an elderly lady who is starting to fail though, I mean no disrespect I get that she is one of the greats who was in her time many more times than what I am right now she was amazing in her time but everything Grows Old and they need to accept that eventually it is time to move on honestly I like people like this even though they are old and brittle they still serve the cause and attempt to achieve whatever they feel is the greatest thing they could in their time left on Earth.

    But in all honesty I believe that you should focus your last time on Earth by being together with her family and just enjoying the beauty that is life

  8. Well your very much alive now. However when the doctors get through blowing sunshine up your ass about how they can save you. Meanwhile they get the money for nothing and their checks for free. And you end up dead anyway. Money is the motive of our doctorial society now days. If you have enough money you live, if you don't you die. I'd rather give the money to my family then someone who proclaims they can save and doesn't. Ok you RETARDS.

  9. Why are they saying in the Video in the Beginning that this was done July 2019? Is this old footage made to look like it is current of Judge Ginsbert. Something fishy. In Photos of Nina, she is wearing the same shirt with the Hair do and it is in 2017 (just do yahoo and search for her pictures. Same Shirt same Hairdo): RTDNF to honor Nina Totenberg

    March 6, 2017 01:30

    RTDNF will hold its 27th annual First Amendment Awards on March 14 at the Grand Hyatt, 1000 H Street NW in Washington, DC. Among the champions of the First Amendment being honored will be:

    RTDNF Lifetime Achievement Award: Nina Totenberg, NPR News

  10. What an incredible woman who has defied all odds and still pushes to do her job. I had the opportunity to see her on the bench and I can say she is very much active. Her relationship with Scalia was unbelievable and goes to show how two people who have different views can be civil and even the best of friends

  11. if you tube doesn't erase all channels that claim she is alive I'm gonna sue them for 5 billion! stinking lying mofo's

  12. No matter what she’s been through she will never know what it’s like for the average American suffering cancer. Why? Because most of us die. Most of us don’t have the money for the care required. I know a young man right now that suffered an accident and is paralyzed .. in his home with his children & wife; and has absolutely no aftercare & Lives in pain and has no funds for simple needs. She will never be able to help the common person until we all have insurance that matches hers! Every American should be fully covered and we need to send back the overflow of invaders while we take care of our own first. Until the corruption is sifted out of our government
    And until our vets are cared over 100% and till we don’t have hungry children or homelessness in our country
    we need to shut the doors for a little while.
    At least 2 years.. closed borders!

  13. Gross. Pure Evil Luceferian. Disgusting Child Trafficker. Disgusting old lady maybe♂️♀️. I mean the Voice. It looks like a man.

  14. Very much alive? LOL that's a good one. She's so close to death it's not even funny folks. She just had another bout of pancreatic cancer. That is gonna do her in very soon. The survival rate is measured in months for patients over 70.

  15. Can we get TMZ or someone to track her coming an going out in pubic?
    Why would this lady stay and work and not enjoy the rest of the life under a coconut tree?
    Does the deep state really want her to still work before Trump puts someone who is waiting?

  16. OH MY GOD, This woman is in charge of making the most important laws in the United States????????
    This is like a drunk telling you they can drive. PLEASE PUT AGE LIMITS ON THE SUPREME COURT- Doctors can keep the body alive, but the brain needs to be working perfect for this job.

  17. Where was this taken? Looks like a staged building that was void of any furniture. Look at Ruthies shoes they don't even fit her.

  18. Speaking at the 2019 Library of Congress National Book Festival, Ginsburg told a crowd gathered in Washington, DC, on Saturday, "As this audience can see I am alive. And I'm on my way to being very well." She was met with thunderous applause…think about this. not one of this big giant crowd took a video or a photo…as you can imagine this was CNN POLITICS SITE..only thing we have is fake news say so per usual

  19. You're a liar Nina you from the pit of Hell we know Ruth Bader Ginsburg died in December the hoax continue and now you are in on it and God will keep you accountable
    You are a Wicked woman and a wicked lighter liar you and your wicked broadcast station

    Maybe you've been on eskom's Island 2 like Supreme Court Justice John Roberts
    You continue the hugs keeping the public because he's always been all your career

    you are an ongoing chronic liar you're filled with evil and demons you think you just want to check the public you think you're empowered you're not

    People see through your wickedness

  20. This is a damn embarrassment to our Country. When are people quit letting these career "politicians" run our lives? We are a stupid people for letting this crap continue!

  21. No your not alive, you have died 6 months ago!!! So God's a lier now? Mark Taylor prophesied that you would die, and now your alive? This is a body double and it is not the real Ruth Ginsburg.

  22. Well …Ruth…
    "Dec 27, 2018 – Americans have broad exposure to firearms, whether they personally own a gun or not" –

    How lame is that? Most people don't own OR have access to a gun. The ones that don't are pretty sick
    of you people fighting about the damn guns.
    Who came up with that lame wording in the 2nd amendment? Over two hundred YEARS and you haven't fixed it…

  23. "Very much" is a real stretch. Diagnosis is consistent w/end-of-life: recurrence of cancer within 6 mos. of previous diagnosis, inoperable, etc. The radiation now is little more than pain management…it's spreading, probably in her lymph nodes. It won't be long now. Her living to see 2020 is a pipe dream.

  24. The sooner this leech is done wasting tax dollars on more cancer surgeries the sooner we can start addressing the cancer killing America.

  25. At the 9:00 minute mark the interviewer on a 12/25/2018 video https://youtu.be/4f1yyerc4Xk is talking about Ginsburg and the interviewer is wearing the same dress, scarf, necklace, bracelet, watch and red lipstick as this 07/25/2019 video in which Ms Ginsburg stated she was very much alive. Even the topic is the same, did the interview with her occur on 12/25/2018 and get delayed so it would look like she was okay or alive on 07/25/2019 ?

  26. lol people really think she's dead. HOW?? SHE GOES TO COURT EVERYDAY AND IS THERE. PEOPLE SEE HER. ALIVE! WHY WOULD THEY BE LYING ABOUT HER DEATH? smh people can be so dumb lol.

  27. The officer admitted to the killing? (dallas-guyger)

    Did they not have anything better to do? Bad atmosphere to have accidents…
    That old pendulum… The wackos go way one and then way the other way…
    While the Saudi King laughs his fucking ass off.

  28. The rich and so-called intelligent have Always HAD THE BETTER in this country. You want to change it you should make some laws.
    You want to become Russia you're not far off with this ruling.
    Or… change the grading system.
    Who are trying bullshit?

  29. She's a selfish woman to be overstaying her appointment at the Supreme Court.
    Time for this Supreme Court Justice to step down and give her blessing to her replacement.

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