Husband Caught in Bed With Wife’s Best Friend (Full Episode) | Couples Court

This isCouples Court
with the Cutlers. This is the case
of Wade versus Free. Ya’ll have been
together for ten years and actually just said
“I do” a month ago. Ms. Wade, why have
you brought Mr. Free
to court today? I’m trying to find out
if my husband is still seeing somebody
that he was in
a relationship with while we were together. And I have
my marriage license still. They gave me 90 days
to send it in, and I don’t want to fully
go through if he can’t
tell me the truth. So, Mr. Free,
what are you here for? MR. FREE: I made
a mistake in the past, but I’m tired of being crucified
every day, every other day and I just want to prove
to this woman that
I love her with all my heart. And I’m sorry for
the mistakes that I’ve made. Okay, Ms. Wade,
do you love your husband? Yes, Your Honor. Okay, so tell me why
you’re here today
if you’re loving. I’m trying to get
the truth so
I can go on and… [SOBBING]
So I can have me back. In order to move forward,
you need some answers. Yes, Your Honor. And it’s almost
killing you inside to have
this uncertainty. I pretty much feel already dead on the inside,
like I have no soul. Ya’ll have been together
for ten years, what
happened to break the trust? I was driving down
the road one day,
and I had recognized somebody,
a family friend and I had picked her up.
She was telling me
that she was homeless. She told me
it would be hard. I told her
I would take her in. And when she moved in,
it went south from there. I felt that she was giving
most of her attention to
somebody else’s relationship other than our own. That’s because you were
too busy worried about
paying more attention to her than you was
to your own wife. Are you suggesting that
your husband and this friend
that you let in your home got together? Yes, Your Honor. One night, him and his brother
and all the males were outside
trying to get the truck unstuck. She took it on her shoulder
to go out there, where they
all got muddy. He came in,
he got in the shower. She come on my porch,
stripped butt naked, put a towel around her. Instead of her going to
her room, she went
to my room. She’s muddy.
She’s getting in the shower
with your husband? Yes, Your Honor. No. She never made it. She tried. She never made it. She never made it to… I was walking out of
my room when she was
walking in my room. So she was planning
to get in the shower. Yes. She had the towel wrapped
around her, butt-naked
and everything. [AUDIENCE GASPING] Mr. Free? To my defense, I was
in the shower. I had
no idea all this was going on. That wasn’t
the only thing, though. She was bent over
in the hallway and was, like,
directly at her. And that’s when I confronted
him, and he was like,
“No, that’s not true.” And “I’ve never done
anything with her.” She caught me
at a glance, and… That’s not a glance,
that was a stare. No. Okay, was she
naked still? No, she had on
some booty shorts. Were you leading
her on? No, I was not
leading her on. I don’t believe
none of it, but… Okay, was this the only
thing that made you think
they were sleeping together? I caught them
in his momma’s. [AUDIENCE GASPING] One night, we had
gotten into a fight
and I kept calling his phone It would ring at first. He answered it a couple
of times, he declined it and then it went
straight to voicemail. And I had asked her,
I said do you need
a ride home from work. She said “No, my man
had me a ride.” Who was her? Cleo. Okay. So, come 1:30,
I kept calling her. She declined her calls,
so I finally made it to
his momma’s house and his t ruck was there.
When I got in there, he was at the door
butt-naked and she was
hiding on the side of the bed. [AUDIENCE GETS EXCITED] What did you do?
I mean, really. I froze. She broke down
the door. It’s like my soul
had left my body
that night. Okay, so
what did you say? I mean, if I walked in
and my husband is
butt-naked and the woman who’s
staying with me free, is there butt-naked,
I’d have a conversation.
What does that look like? I was angry,
but I was also hurt. And I just wanted to sit down
and talk about it and see if where was we gonna go. She more woman than me,
’cause we wouldn’t have
been sitting and talking. [AUDIENCE APPLAUDING] Yeah. It’s like I thought
it was gonna go there
when I caught him, but the feeling was more
different. It was like you just caught the love
of your life with
another woman. You sound like
you were
just broken. You couldn’t even do
what you should have done. Yes. Yes. You just fell apart. Yes, Your Honor. So Mr. Free, how do you
end up sleeping with
your wife’s friend? She was making
sexual advances to me. And I got some affection
from her that I was not
getting from my wife. Because she… She didn’t try. She was
more interested in everybody’s else’s
relationship versus
our own. She was more
interested in giving
you oral sex. [AUDIENCE SHOUTING] Not how we do it. You were not getting
what you wanted from
your wife so you went to
your wife’s friend? I talked to my wife about
showing me more affection,
showing us more attention towards one another. No, that’s not
the right kind. All right, so
the time that she
walked in and caught you was that the first time
that you have been with
your wife’s friend? No. How many times
had you been with her? Several times
before that. Several times?
And your wife
never caught you on those times? No, Your Honor. She didn’t have
any idea? No, Your Honor, she didn’t. And this woman’s up
in your house living under
her roof? Yeah. You both? Yeah. Tell me she’s not
still there. No. Okay. All right. No. So, what, how did… So how did that transpire
when you asked her to leave
your premises? He took her
and dropped her off. And instead of going
and dropping her off where she was supposed
to take her drop off at there was
their meeting spot, where he
took her again. Your husband takes her
to wherever she’s
supposed to be going and they stop and
they hit it again? Yes. For old times’ sake? Yes, Your Honor. I did not have any other
contact with her after that. After the last time
you got one for the road? Yes, sir. Literally? [LAUGHING IN AUDIENCE] Mr. Free was running
free that night. I guess. You know, Mr. Cutler,
there’s a wife’s side there’s
a husband’s side and there’s
the mistress’ side. That mistress is here
in this courtroom. [AUDIENCE REACTS] Roy, would you escort
the witness in, please? Yes, Your Honor. Ma’am. Please come right
up to the witness stand. Good day,
how are you? Good. Would you state
your name please,
for the court? Cleo Everett. Cleo Everett. Ms. Everett,
you are the woman
that moved in with Miss Wade and Mr. Free,
is that correct? Yes. How do you know them? I was friends with
her sister. And Ms. Wade
offered her home
to you? Yes. How would you go from
taking a generous offer,
I would consider, to sleeping with
her husband? It was just a bad time
in my life and I didn’t care
about anyone around me or anything that
went on. I never did anything
intentionally to
hurt this woman. It was just the fact that
I had given up on everything. Mr. Free has testified
that you came on to him. Is that true? Our relationship started
happening over conversation where we were talking about me
not being satisfied with the person
I was with. Then, I received
a text message asking
if it was true and that is how our
relationship started. So he pushed up
on you? He texted me… No. …over the conversation
that we had playing
cards in the kitchen. And what did he say
in that text? He asked if I really
wasn’t being satisfied. And you answered? I answered yes. And he said he could
help you with that? Yes. How soon after that
conversation or that
text conversation did you all actually
get to test it out? I think a week. Within a week?
And how many times
did you have sex with Mr. Free? I can’t put
a number on it. Okay. [AUDIENCE HOOTING] Did he ever tell you
he loved you? One time. Did you believe him? Yes. Mr. Free? Mr. Free? Yes, Your Honor. This young lady seems
very credible to me. Yes, ma’am. And she says that
you pushed up on her. She made sexual advances
and innuendos all the time and she was directing ’em
towards me. So she said she wasn’t
being sexually satisfied? Yes. And you said you could
take care of that? I didn’t know, I mean
I had asked her a question. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] That was
a yes or no question. Yes. Did you know that that was
a recipe for danger
and that you were putting your marriage in jeopardy? Yes, Your Honor. She was more interested
in giving you oral sex. I had put a tracker
on his phone. The phone led back
to where they were meeting up. Fire Tower. [SMIRKS] I had passed by there
that afternoon, and her truck
was parked right outside where they were
meeting at. He was there
at the same time. How long ago was this? About three, four
weeks ago. And so that’s one of
the reasons you don’t
believe it’s done? Yes. Is there anything else
that you want to know? Made a profile, a fake profile
and I went cat fishing
and I went messaging her pretending to be him. That is where she started
telling me all kinds about
everything that happened. About her fantasizing
about him… Before that
had happened. She allowed me to bring her
in my house knowing that she
felt that way about you. I have evidence where
she was messaging… Wait, wait, did you
ever admit that
it was you on the phone? Afterwards, yes. And what message did
you send to Ms. Everett? I was texting her asking
her questions about what had happened,
when did it happen That’s what she told me,
that it happened
on Christmas Day. I’m trying to find out
the truth because I need to get peace.
I need it to be old me back. My babies need me. And you’re not
the mother
that you need to be. No, Your Honor,
I’m not. And the fact that they had
sex on Christmas Day,
how do you feel about that? That is not true,
Your Honor. Angry, upset. If it comes back
to being that
he’s lying to me I’m out of there.
I’m leaving. I’m not gonna
send my marriage license in, I’m packing up mine
and my kids’ stuff
and I’m going home to my mom or where
I should be so I can
feel myself. [APPLAUSE] All right,
so, Mr. Free Yes, Your Honor. Did you have sex
with Ms. Everett
on Christmas day? I’m a 90 percent
sure that I did not. KEITH CUTLER:
You’re 90 percent sure? I can’t tell you something
that I do not remember. You don’t remember
having sex with her? No. What about
Christmas eve? Did you do it Christmas eve? It may have been Christmas eve it may have been
after Christmas. But it was not
on Christmas Day. It was in the
Christmas season? Yeah. Yes, ma’am. That kept on giving. So you kept
giving a gift… Yeah. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Ms. Wade, may I see
your evidence
there, please? Ron, would you
please hand it? Sure. RON: Thank you. DANA CUTLER: Thank you. This is a message
between you
and your husband’s mistress. Yes, Your Honor. And at this point,
you’ve told her You’ve identified
yourself? WADE: No. At that point,
yes, I did. That was before she did. This part here,
it was when No! I done told you
who I was. Okay. Let me read it. Says Ms. Wade… “He’s still trying to tell me
that y’all didn’t… “…Christmas day. “That’s why I say
he still lying to me about.” And the response
from Ms. Everett… “I heard almost everything
and yes we did. “We…twice on Christmas. “I know, because
the second time, “he woke me up
and asked if I was
ready for round two.” That’s another… See… But see,
on her side of the story… like, first when I
talked to her in person she tells me that
he woke her up
both times. He did. In the message right there
you clearly said one time,
he woke you up. And then you say
both times. Ms. Everett…
Please, Ms. Everett are you sure that you
had sex with him… I’m positive. …on Christmas Day? I am a hundred percent
sure, positive. That’s the only
thing I got
for Christmas. [AUDIENCE REACTS] That’s the only thing
you deserve for Christmas. All right, Ms. Wade,
direct your comments
to the court please. So, Mr. Free,
on Christmas Day, twice… No, Your Honor. Yes. I hope that your
lie detector test comes back
that you’re telling the truth because if not, I’m gonna
tie a bow up and that’s what
she’s gonna have
every year for Christmas. She can
have you. [AUDIENCE APPLAUDS] This is a mess. A hot mess. This is a huge,
hot, mess. We have a husband,
we have a wife and we have
a mistress. All in the same boat,
in the same house,
in the same mix with two big questions did they have sex
on Christmas Day and has the affair
continued? To get to
the bottom of this, the court has ordered
a lie detector test
for Mr. Free and we have
the results. [AUDIENCE APPLAUDING] Ron, would you please
escort into the courtroom
Mr. Todd Redding, Yes, Your Honor. a licensed private
investigator? How are you? TODD: I’m fine,
Your Honor. How are you? CUTLERS: It’s good to see you. DANA:You had a member
of your team give
Mr. Free a polygraph exam.
Mr. Free was asked
if he has had
sexual intercourse
with Ms. Everett
since January. 2016. What was his response? Your Honor, his
response was no. What did
the lie detector
determine? The lie detector
examination determined
that he was being truthful. [AUDIENCE APPLAUDS] How are you feeling? A lot better. But there’s one
last question and it’s about
Christmas. Is that still
a deal breaker for you? I’m trying to find out
the truth so I can
have me back. So even if they haven’t
had sex this whole year a year and a half if he lied about sex
on Christmas you’re still willing
to throw away I don’t even want to
celebrate that day
with him anymore. I told him that. I told him that he
took all them
other days away. All right,
let’s find out. Mr. Free was asked
if he had had
sexual intercourse with Ms. Everett
on Christmas Day, 2015. TODD: That’s correct,
Your Honor. DANA: What was his response? Your Honor, his response
to the question was no. What did
the lie detector
determine? The lie detector
test results determined
that he was once again being truthful. [AUDIENCE CHEERING] So, then
that means that She is who she is
and she’s never
gonna change. Obviously,
you said that
to break us up. All right, Ms. Wade… You just said
they said you… I love you. DANA: Ms. Wade. DANA: All right. [AUDIENCE APPLAUDING] Look, I know
why you’re upset. But you came here looking
for answers, and you’ve
got the answers now that you were looking for.
Can you forgive him? Now, I can, now that
I know the truth. I’ve been telling you
the truth since day one. Let me just say this.
There are 7.5 billion
people in the world. Don’t let this one
mess up you two. We’re wishing you
the very best and as we say
in this court, do not cheat yourself
out of a happy,
healthy relationship. The court is dismissed.

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