How to represent yourself in immigration court

You have been granted appeal to appear in front of immigration judge that is why you’re here today to prove to
us you are an asylee, then he said from what we see you’re free to apply to fill the form then we will give you time to get a lawyer so that you can fight your case, and then I told them I don’t have money I don’t have somebody
to help me I have God and I can represent myself So immigration lawyer is the person that is going to protect the government he’s the person that is going to
try to trick you, try to see something or you lying about something
or you are not being honest he would know by tricking you by asking you several
questions by putting it behind a lot of things so you will try to do a lot of
them to see if he can convince you but whenever he does that and you’re still
in your word then you’re still in the truth of what he’s saying he asks you a series of questions and you answer perfectly so you don’t have to look your
face like this, you don’t have to look you’re close your eyes you don’t have to
be shy you have to be bold talking to the
judge’s eye to eyeball Eye contact cause eye contact is what makes them believe what you’re saying is true yeah

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