How to make a bench without nails 🔴


  1. hey a beginner can make this, and I will! also you police your own safety so don't worry about it, but thanks Mom!!

  2. Pretty impressive. No where on the title did it say safest way to build a bench. The safety police are too much.

  3. I've just made it. If you want you can learn on WoodPrix website how to make it.Best solutions I think.

  4. This woodworking book is really detailed, “pepe amazing plan” (Google it)! It breaks every little thing down, utilizing words, drawings, real pictures, and various diagrams. It`s incredibly informative and helps me feel like I could help my sibling while we create our furniture together.

  5. You can use Woodprix, it has the best handbooks and ready instructions. You can learn much from them and make it yourself.

  6. I feel great whenever my wife compliments me for the woodworks I did in our home. My works include a set of the kids toys, a dog house, a coat rack and a shelf. All these were designed from this woodwork plan [Check Details Here⇒>☞★☞ ]. The instructions were very clear and easy to implement.

  7. Looks uncomfortable, but I suppose if you are going to cut your legs off while making it, it would be better than sitting on the ground. I quite like the look of it if I never had to actually use it though.

  8. Nice job. Too bad the safety idiots are spouting off their mouths. Jeans don't stop a chainsaw any more than shorts. I can tell the way this guy handles a saw, that he is very experienced. Those cuts are hard to get that accurate, and the saw is plenty big for the project, in contrary to another post. Everyone thinks they need a 291 or 660 just to trim. And for the splinters comments, it's supposed to be a LOG bench….rustic. If you don't want that, run your wood through a planer. Geez. It was a very nicely planned and executed project, I'm just sorry so many people,who probably haven't even run a chainsaw, have posted so many bad comments. Nice job!

  9. I really enjoyed the VIEDO,please send me your address I would like to take life insurance policy out on you. Chain saw and girly gym shorts = missing limbs. Maybe you can make a peg leg like Capt . Hook with that chain saw.

  10. Gee whiz you should always,always wear safety gear when using a very dangerous power tool,you really should know better ,not a good example to be setting for anyone

  11. Every chainsaw video and out comes the safety police. Holy crap….let the guy wear his shorts and sneakers and just watch the build…Everyone is such an expert….well, not everyone but certainly a few.

  12. you sir are a "dangerous fool with a blunt chainsaw" remember the old saying a fool and his appendages are soon separated.

  13. All you safety patrol punks….keep up the bitching n moaning and im posting a tree felling video butt ass naked climbing n all. Its only dangerous if your scared… Kickback happens when your inexperienced or scared…quit your bitchin or im making one and putting it up…just me my beard and my saw blowing in wood chips in the breeze!

  14. This complete idiot works without any protection equipment showing everyone how to get their limbs hacked… IDIOT

  15. I can see he doesn't use a chain saw very much be careful and don't cut your leg off also pants and not shorts because saw shavings are hard to pull out of your socks

  16. All chainsaws are crosscuts, that is they are engineered to cut across the grain, not to rip with the grain. How do you rip and cut nose in with the tip without destroying your saw?

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