How To Increase Bench Press Fast: 5 Tips For Bench Domination

I want to get into some bench-press domination
in this video. I want to give you guys my top five outside the box tips for increasing
your bench-press. I’ll never forget the very first day that I bench-pressed. I was 16 – 17
years old. I go to the gym in Auburn, Alabama. I was visiting my uncle at the time. I go
to the gym in Auburn, Alabama. I’m around all these fucking monsters that go to Auburn
University. All these football players. My dad’s thinking he’s boss, putting up like
200 pounds on the bench at the time. I go up to that bench-press bar, all 5′ 11′, 135
pounds of me at the time. I put a 25 on each side and stuck flat on my chest. I literally
couldn’t even bench-press 100 pounds the first time I benched. I have had to think of some
crazy outside the box things in my lifetime to get my bench all the way up to 300 pounds
where it is now. I’m not stopping there. My goal is to, I think my lifetime goal is to
get to, I think I could realistically get to probably get to 365 – 370 because I know
I have a long ways to go. I was the biggest bitch in the world. I couldn’t even bench-press
100 pounds when I was like 16 – 17 years old. Follow these tips guys. You will have amazing
success with your bench-press. These are really outside the box tips, so they’ll help you
bring up any weak compound exercise, like your squat, your deadlift, whatever it may
be. Let’s dive right in. Do you know how much your husband can bench-press? No. No, how
much do you bench? No idea. Never done it. No idea. 100 pounds. 100 pounds. What if there
was like some baby kittens in a tree and their life depended on it and he’s not strong enough
to go up that tree. That’s important right? Yeah. Yeah. I’m strong enough for that. No
problem. I can climb a tree. How much can you bench? Oh, I’m not sure, but I would get
the kittens for sure. You’d get the kittens for sure. Definitely. Okay. Yeah. You guys
didn’t meet on Tinder, did you? No. No. No, no, no. Okay. Thank God. Getting into the
first tip. What I want to talk about is the importance of carbing up the day before you
bench-press. What you want to do here is, you want to maximize your muscle glycogen
before you do any compound exercise, specifically your bench, your deadlift, your barbell squats.
My rule of thumb is when I’m trying to bring up a lagging compound exercise, such as a
bench-press, I will consume 2.5 times my body weight in grams of carbohydrates the day before
I bench-press. Say for instance, I’m around 200 pounds right now, I’m going to consume
500 grams of total carbohydrates the day before I hit the bench-press. This is going to fill
up my muscle glycogen and it’s going to help me. From my experience, the days I’ve been
really low carb and have no creatine in my system, which is coming next, I feel like
I’m about 5 – 10% weaker than normal. You want to have 2.5 times your bodyweight in
grams of carbohydrates. Next up, the day before, this is so important. The whole pre-workout
craze and they have creatine and caffeine and stimulants combined, it doesn’t really
make a whole lot of sense to me because if you just read how the human body digests like
creatine and your proteins and your carbs, when you combine creatine with carbohydrates,
excuse me, creatine with stimulants and caffeine, it’s not going to be absorbed in your body.
The way you really load creatine into your cells is you pair it with carbohydrates. That’s
why my post workout shake or when I’m just trying to load creatine in, I’ll throw a bunch
of multi-dextrin or dexterous powder in or I’ll consume it in a really high carbohydrate
meal. You want to make sure you load creatine into your body on your high carbohydrate day.
This is going to maximize your energy output of your chest muscles and bring up that bench-press
quick. You want to consume 5 grams of creatine for every 100 pounds of bodyweight. For me,
myself, I’ll consume about 10 grams of creatine and, you guys are probably asking me what
type of creatine I consume, I’ll go with the micronized creatine. It’s cheap. It’s effective.
There hasn’t been, I mean they’ve got the fancy stuff, like CON-CRET and all these overpriced
creatine powders, just go with the basic buffered micronized creatine and you guys will see
amazing results. Then on the day of bench-pressing, you wan to make sure you get one or two solid
meals in, so have a high carbohydrate breakfast, maybe have a high carbohydrate pre-workout
meal and you guys will be locked and ready to go. Hit the bench-press hard. You’ve got
your muscle glycogen filled out. You got that creatine in your system. You guys will be
absolute beasts. Now time to get into the good stuff here. I’m sure excited to share
my little bench-press training hack with you guys because this is what I did to increase
my bench-press. I was absolutely stuck around the 265 to 275 range. Bench-press I’m just
naturally weaker on. I have really long arms. I’m not trying to make excuses, guys, but
I have really long arms. I’m like 6 feet tall. My wing span is like 6′ 5”. I’m not super
tall, but actually I have really long arms, which makes it really hard because I’m going
all the way down here, all the way up here and plus I’m naturally skinny, so I’m never
going to be a power lifter, never going to have a crazy bench-press. This tip has actually
helped me increase my bench-press from 275-ish to 300 in about 2 months doing this once a
week. Now this is what you guys got to do. I call this the 50 rep challenge. I kind of
got this idea, it’s a little bit of a hybrid German volume training technique. What you’re
going to do is, you’re going to pick a weight that you can lift 10, approximately 10 times
at max. For instance, say you can do 225 10 times and that’s complete failure, you’re
going to use 225 for every single set. What you’re going to do, I call this the 50 rep
challenge. You’re going to lift until failure every single set of 225 until you get to 50
total reps. This is going to be hardcore. It might take you 8 sets; it might take you
14 sets. It really all depends on just how you fatigue, how your body responds to the
stimulus, but I started doing this and my bench-press absolutely blew up instantly.
This shit is so amazing. I guarantee you guys, if you do this for even a month, you will
increase your bench max by 20 – 25 pounds, just from the sheer overload it’s putting
on your body. What you’re going to do is, you’re going to do this for 50 total reps
in a weight that you can do 10 times max. The magic in this regimen is really in your
rest time. You want to make sure that you’re not resting more than 75 seconds total between
sets. I kind of got this idea from German volume training. I tried doing it with just
45 – 60 second rest times. It was incredibly challenging. I got to the point where I could
only do like 2 – 3 repetitions per set at the very end. It took me forever to get through
50. I increased the rest time to 75 seconds and that was a sweet spot, so I stuck with
that regimen for about a month straight. My bench-press blew up and I’m a proud member
of the 300 pound bench-press club now. It took me a long time to get there guys. I’ve
had to think so outside the box. That’s why I’m really excited to share this video with
you guys because being a naturally skinny guy, having longer arms, being taller, the
bench-press is no doubt going to be one of your weakest exercises. Try some radical training
techniques, think outside the box and try my 50 rep challenge and let me know what you
guys think. Hey, what’s up guys? Didn’t know anyone was filming me right now. But this
gives me a great chance to talk about how important working out your triceps is for
dominating the bench-press. Now, think about this guys. You’re bench-pressing. You’re locking
it out right here. It’s mostly chest though right here. Then when you get to that last
little part when you’re locking that shit out right there, you’re incorporating your
triceps. Now, to maximize your bench-press reps, you guys have got to get really strong
triceps. I recommend killing your triceps. Now the cardinal sin that myself made and
so many guys make the first couple years they start working out is they work their biceps
so much more than your triceps. Even if you watch some of my older videos, you see I put
a ton of emphasis on my biceps. I hardly ever talk about triceps, but now I’ve become absolutely
obsessed with working out my triceps. I mean I literally dream about working out my triceps.
It is an amazing, amazing time in the gym for me to just blast my triceps. Get in the
habit of doing really outside the box tricep exercises. One of my favorite things that
I’ve been doing is I will incorporate some decline EZ bar skull crushes and I will focus
on the eccentric portion. Now I’ve noticed that my bench-press max has really gone up
since I started incorporating this. I’ll do five really heavy sets and I’ll focus on going
really slow on the eccentric, the negative portion of the exercise. I’ll go really heavy
on the dumbbell overhead triceps press. I’ll do diamond pushups. I’ll do specific pushups
that blast my triceps and overall I try to work out my triceps two to three times a week.
I’ll do 10 to 15 sets per workout. Now I’ve noticed that I have increased my bench-press
max by about 15 pounds since I started blasting my triceps. So really easy thing that you
can do is at the end of all your chest workouts, if you’re say doing chest or bench twice a
week, I want you to put just as many sets into your triceps as you do on your chest
exercises. Say, for instance you’re doing 10 total sets of bench-press, I want you guys
to do 10 heavy sets of triceps work. And a really good rule of thumb is, if you guys
aren’t sore on your triceps, you know, one or two days after, you’re not hitting them
hard enough. I know if you guys haven’t been working out your triceps that hard, you should
be really sore the first couple days you hammer these. Do some eccentric EZ bar skull crushes.
Do some heavy dumbbell overhead presses. Do some diamond pushups. Do some tricep pushups.
Think really outside the box with your tricep regimen and make sure you put a ton of emphasis
for the next couple months on your tricep work and you guys are going to be able to
lock that shit out when you go really heavy on the bench-press. It is a really nice day
out. Just admiring the beautiful sunshine here. So I have this idea, if anyone can guess
where I am right now, where I’m shooting this video, what I’m going to do is, leave in the
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never done this before, I’m going to send you a private message with my top three Tinder
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So, anyways, getting into tip number four. No this is by far, I think I said my last
training tip was my favorite, I changed my mind, this shit right here is what I’m doing
right now and I absolutely love it. I’m trying to go so hard with my bench-press. I want
to get three plates. I’m right around 300 pounds right now. I need to get up to those
three caddies, those plates. Then I will feel like I’ve earned my man-child card. This is
the 5 x 5 continuous overload progression. So what you’re going to do here is you’re
going to do 5 reps, 5 sets of really heavy weight. Obviously you want to be at failure
in that 5 rep range and you’re going to do 5 sets. You’re going to do a 5 x 5 routine
with the dumbbell bench-press and a 5 x 5 routine with the barbell flat bench-press
and if you guys really want to go hard in the paint, you should do a 5 x 5 incline barbell
bench-press. Between 10 and 15 total sets per workout. What you’re going to do is you
want to stay within the 5 rep range. You want to be at failure for all of your sets. What
you’re going to do is obviously this is a pretty intense regimen. What you’re going
to do is you’re going to do the continuous overlook progression theory with this. You
want to go completely till failure and then you’re going to rest 6 to 7 days between workouts.
Then what you’re going to do is you’re going to keep track of all this in the workout log.
I sound like a broken record, I preached to you guys the importance of a workout log.
It’s really so important when you think about continuous overload progression. You’re going
to see what you did for each of your workouts. Say for instance, I did 110 pounds on the
dumbbell bench. I knocked out 7 repetitions last time I did it. So the next time that
I do dumbbell bench, I’m going to do, since I did more than 5 reps, I’m going to add 5
pounds, so I’m going to do 115 pounds. I’m going to aim for 4 – 5 reps. Or say for instance
I did 110 pounds and I only hit 4 reps, I’m going to see that and I’m going to drill in
in my mind, going into that bench-press set that I want to hit 5 repetitions. Always have
a mindset where you’re trying to improve each and every single workout. Instead of just
going in the gym and being a stupid meathead and just throwing up some heavy weights, be
motivated. Internalize in your head what you did for that work out and try to always improve
upon it. So this stuff is so powerful. I guarantee you guys, you guys are going to be the first
ones to know when I finally hit three plates on that bench-press, I’m sure I’ll film a
clip of it and probably upload it here on YouTube. But I was stuck on the bench-press
for like 200 pounds when I was like in my early 20s. So it’s been a long journey getting
a long journey getting all the way to three plates and it’s all about doing crazy shit
in the gym, not doing the same routine over and over again. Try out that 5 x 5 routine
and you guys will seem amazing results. Tip number 5 is so powerful. I want you to visualize
saving an entire family of baby kittens from a burning tree. Just kidding guys, but really
if that helps you bench-press more weight, I urge you to do it anyway. But number 5 is
all about your mental mindset, so actually if saving a bunch of baby kittens from a burning
tree is what boosts your adrenalin and motivates you to lift more weight, then do it. They’ve
actually done studies that listening to music that really pumps up your adrenalin and just
gets you going, gets you really pumped up is going to increase your workout intensity
and increase your strength by up to 5 to 10 percent, I cannot urge you how important it
is to listen to music that really hypes you up. Get in the mindset. Really drill in your
mind whatever motivates you, whatever inspires, whatever goal you’re trying to achieve by
increasing your strength, increasing your muscle mass, increasing your bench-press,
internalize it and visualize that success. Then go up to that bench-press bar ready to
dominate and go absolutely 110% until failure each and every set. Little bit outside the
box, but I guarantee you guys, it will help you tremendously increasing your bench-press
and bringing up any lagging muscle group in general. Those are my five tips for bench-press


  1. Man, I feel really lucky that I started with a good foundation of muscle and strength in the gym. My first time benching in the gym was at 100lbs for 12 reps, then within a month I was at 120lbs for 10 reps, and fast forward six months after that, I'm at 135 for 15 reps (I'm 15 years old). While I've completely busted my ass and pushed myself beyond my limits on every workout that I can possibly do so, I can't help but feel I have an unfair advantage (genetically) over those who started off as skinny, and relatively weak. So, respect to everyone out there doing their best to improve themselves (: at the end of the day, we're all gonna make it brahs

  2. great tips, but,

    Creatine: just 5 grams a day, no loading, don't need to take with carbs, doesnt matter at which time of the day you take it

  3. I'm 15 5'2-5'3 I weigh like 120 and my max bench is 140. I've been lifting for like 4 months. And I put on 10 lbs since I started

  4. First thanks for the tips. I have long arms. my wing span is 7ft. I am 6ft tall. I struggle with bench press. I wish if you can make tips for overcome it. I can do 1 of 150 lb all the way to chest (more narrow grab) and it put a lot of pressure over my shoulder so I only do it once a week to test my limit. I realize most video for people with shorter arms than me.

  5. I'm 16 and I been working out for about 2 months.I'm seeing some gains but what are some exercise can I do to get really big fast???

  6. if u wanna increase your flat bench press do your sets on incline. for example on chest day if u do 3 sets on flat bench and 3 sets on incline normally just scratch the 3 sets on flat bench and do 6 sets on incline. Try this a couple weeks and do a weight that u can do at least 6 to 8 times and have a spotter so u can get good sets if all u can do is 225 for 8 reps have your spotter make u get 2 more reps

  7. Great video! Thanks for the tips. I'm stuck at benching 295lbs for one or two reps. I "pyramid" up to that (295) adding weight each set, and then drop weight on the "downside" sets. I can't wait to try the 50 rep challenge.

  8. I'm 15 years old benching 60lbs weighing a 120.2 and I'm 5,1 I'm feel ashamed now cause I didn't new benching under 100 is bad I'm trying real hard just to reach to 90lbs my goal is a 100lbs

  9. If you would have had a bench set up so that guy could see what his bench was, or give him some tips or tip 5 to get his bench up. Then told him to go to your website that would have made more sense to me.

  10. I am 13 5"2 and I can only bench 90 pounds I do 5 sets of 5 increasing weight each time but it doesn't seem to work can anybody help?

  11. Im 5'8 155 Pounds i can bench 225 for my max. Im pretty sure i would have to gain like 10 more pounds to even get close to 300 for my max

  12. the guy with his wife that you tried to make a laugh at, well he is a lot healthier than you in everyway maybe u ll be surprised if he can bench you stupid idiot

  13. I'm in 8th grade and I can bench 88lbs and the 8th graders lift with the high schoolers and I feel weak

  14. you cant use height/weight excuses man, im 15 y/o, 186cm tall and ill bench 165lbs for max. I got a friend also who is 6'3 and can bench 185 and he weighs 160 lbs.. no excuses man

  15. I've been stuck at the 275-290 range for quite some time so hopefully this video helps! I'm 17 so I must be doing pretty good for my age 😂

  16. I'm actually proud of myself for how much I increased my bench. In the beginning, it was only at 135lb. But a couple weeks later now, I was able to increase my max up by 40lb, now at 175lb. (Note, I did consume a shit ton of protein shakes)

  17. I am definitely trying this… Trying to get up to atleast 315 on bench… 6'5" 300lbs 17yrold
    I'm 290 right now
    Deadlift is 525
    Squat is horrible at just under 400

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  20. I'm 5' 10" tall and 176 pounds. In the last year I've lost 72 pounds. I started gym work 8 months ago. My bench started at 205. I worked 3 sets at 10 reps for a few months. I then changed to the 5×5 method. I'm now at 295 pounds on my bench. 90 pound increase in 8 months. I've hit a plateau, but my goal is the 3 plates (315) by my 42nd birthday April 1, 2019. Time is running out. I follow very similar bench workouts as your advice. I believe I'll hit my goal in the next month and a half.

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