How To: Incline Barbell Bench Press | 3 GOLDEN RULES! (MADE BETTER!)

What’s going on Nation? I’m Scott from and today we’re gonna go over the three golden rules when performing a barbell incline bench press but before we get started if you’ve been enjoying my golden rule series be sure to smash that like and subscribe button and let me know which exercise you want to see next down in that comment section below. Alright guys, so golden rule number one you always want to make sure you’re benching with a grip just outside of shoulder width, now I know some of you gonna say with a wider grip you can bench more weight but guys when you have a wider grip on this exercise when using a barbell you’re not gonna get that much of a flex at the top of the movement should go without saying the more you bring your hands in the more of a flex you get in your chest and adduction as part of one of the functions of the chest which means if you’re feeling that flex at the top you’re gonna get more muscle activation for more muscle damage and more growth. Even if you can bench a little more when doing the wider grip, so that’s what we’re gonna do that number two you’re gonna have more control over the exercise and you’re gonna be able to keep your elbows under your wrists allowing you to really focus and push through with your triceps as well. So let me show you what I mean So getting underneath the barbell, you’re gonna place your fingers your fingertips on the gnarling I like to use my thumbs put them right on the end grab the barbell lift off and then as I performed my repetitions like I just told you guys I keep my elbows under my wrists and as I press back up my elbows stay under my wrists as well. You want to make sure that when you do this movement guys that as you come down. You don’t flare your elbows out to the side and then push this way as well. You’re gonna lose a lot of power. If you do that, you’re also gonna place a lot of unwanted tension in your shoulders. So golden rule number one get that just outside of shoulder width grip. Golden rule number two guys is not having your shoulder blades retracted and depressed throughout the entire set and what I noticed the most common thing that happens here is a lot of you will retract depress lean back and then you’ll get into position but sometimes the j-hooks are too high on benches in the gym or just in general when we try to press the weight off the j-hooks what happens is we lift the weight and then push it up like this almost using our shoulders to help us and then what happens is once you use your shoulders to help you you unpack them and then you start performing your repetitions with your back flat on the bench versus having your shoulder blades retracted and depress down and what starts to happen is you lose a lot of that pushing power that you had and then you can also start to transfer a bit more of the exercise into your shoulders versus keeping it all in your chest. So if that happens to you and you pay attention just hold the weight above you like this and try to reset your shoulders and then once you reset your shoulders and they’re nice and packed then you’ll be able to bench and feel it all in your chest and not in your shoulders at all and you guys probably saw a clear difference there when I benched this way with my shoulders packed versus this way with my back flat on the bench. There’s a big difference and the third golden rule guys is you have to remember that your lower body and your core are vital to this movement. All right. What that means is yes. It’s an upper body movement we’re pressing through our chest and our arms. But if your core is loose and your feet are not firmly planted on the ground then you don’t have a solid foundation to be able to press more weight comfortably. So what I mean by that is when you’re pressing the weight and you lift it off the bench. So we have our shoulders packed we lift it off the bar. You don’t want to be like this with your feet This is going to create some instability and not the kind of instability that you want. You want to be nice and tight either be on your toes or get your feet flat push your knees out as you push your knees out arch your back and then take in a breath through your nose and flex that core as hard as you can flex your glutes and that creates a solid foundation that’s gonna allow you to press heavier and heavier weight as you get better with the movement. So as soon as you start to feel your core loosen up and your lower body loosen up reset yourself. Don’t just start pressing repetitions with loose legs in a loose core and one quick bonus tip before I let you guys go a lot of times benches in the gym can be very slippery. And if you’re a bench of slippery that’s going to cause your butt to slide up which is gonna cause your core to become soft and you’re gonna lose your footing. You can take some bungees and then wrap them around the seat and your butt will stick to these real good Okay So if you’re sliding on the bench go find a few bungees put them on just like I did right here and that’s gonna help you stick much better so that when you’re pressing heavier loads your butt doesn’t start sliding all the way forward like this because that can become very dangerous especially if you’re maxing out or trying to squeeze out those last few repetitions. So if you guys enjoyed the video be sure to smash that like and subscribe button and as always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys


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  2. just wanna say thanks scott because of your videos i have finally gained muscles which i never thought would be possible for me since i was skinny only thing thats lacking is my upper chest so thanks for the video

  3. Dude! ALWAYS an extra little tip Im not doing. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Love all the vids and growing and maxing with full range of motion on all my exercises. 38yrs old and in 10months Im kicking my 24yr old past self in the butt!

  4. Could you do a video on 3 golden rules for incline dumbbell presses, enjoying on the golden rules video 👍🏼

  5. 0:54 what you wrote in the bottom on the screen should be printed on a big poster and put on the wall of EVERY gym.

  6. great stuff as usual…What shoes are those? and what I love is that you are year round in great condition and built like a tank
    consistency rules Subbed!!!
    Rocco nyc

  7. Fake ass, accent changing clown. Why did you pronounce it baRbell in older videos? I bet you'd move to England for a few months and come back with a British accent

  8. How wide should I grab the barbell? I've recently had some struggle with my wrists while I'm lifting the barbell as they start to arch a little and that hurts with the weight. Any advice?

  9. Tell me I’m wrong but since he adjust his upper chest so it’s horizontal. Doesn’t that basically make it a regular bench press?

  10. is this level of incline good for upper chest? with that arch it almost looks like a flat bench already, and i always do bench w arch because i dont want to hurt my shoulders

  11. It only happens at the bottom of the lift. If you were doing it all the time, your arms couldn't move or you would lose the retraction. Think of row exercises when you arms and elbows are retracted in line with your waist and you'll understand it. That is the point where your imaging a small object between your shoulder blades and your trying to crush it.

  12. I was wondering why my shoulders hurt doing this even though I feel like I can do more, but of course I’m not used to doing incline bench in my workouts

  13. Hey man my school has us do incline bench press at a higher angle than normal its about a 120 degree angle and i find its really hard to do any tips?

  14. Incline Bench Press Tips For Maximum Upper Chest Activation by Mike Thurston shows different type of inclined bench press. which would you recommend for upper chest work out?

  15. Question… My arms are giving out on this exercise and I can't figure out why because my tires, chest, and shoulders still feel fine. I just don't have any strength in my arms and have to rack the weight I don't have this issue with flat barbell press. I thought it was possibly the path of movement I was taking with the barbell and after trying to change it I was hitting the J hooks of the rack. I feel like I am doing everything correctly but it doesn't feel right. I am 5'8" so is my height not compatible with the incline bench I am trying to use or what?

  16. 1. Keep a Shoulder-width Grip 0:24
    2. Keep shoulders Retracted & Depressed 1:47
    3. Engage Your Lower Body & Core 3:12

  17. Why dont i feel it in my chest while doing the incline guys ?. I felt more in my arm than in the chest if not at all

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