How to build a saw till bench with basic hand tools

one of the things I really need for a
long time even before it was sold to my toolbox and that’s not really a box if
you do a Google search what you end up seeing ones like this to towards the
bottom assaulting and hang on a wall I don’t
own a house now so I don’t really want to hang things on all I had a bench that
I saw it just became maritime and it looks a lot like the Viking torture like
that prototype me there’s doesn’t have it can
be just a pinch that you put stuff this is the bench that I saw I still model things I build schedule
because I want to make sure that I’m not wasting would as well as I’m not call
for buying I can do to get the angle you can use Google searches they get the
angle I’m going to just scale it do is get the height is what I want this to
match which is 17 inches in 18 described the lining of the measure of 1784 to
represent the thickness of the lid of the size measure in one inch and find that one project he is a
marking knife in combination square to grab all my lines prevent terror process
the side boards make sure they hear the flipping bored over and you can make
sure you keep the peace of the cut off as you can see a wedge into my shooting
boards back in Greece then use a compass described up the line to create freedom down together roughly mark out where they will sit
boards marking gauge to describe into the law the alleged pretty much just need to describe one
side of it here I scraped bottom side and he’s a chisel to tap into that line
and clean it out same piece of ways that I have before
but it up against the edge that I just created rocket over and use my marking
knife to mark top edge and then we’ll keep the same process is believed you
with crown to center with a chisel for as I do with a rather plain but do a
search for poor man’s router and make one like that with just the chisels that
you do this will go a lot more smoothly but not hard and it goes much more
quickly that scrap piece of wood in the side for
figuring out the length of the bottom short-sighted pieces where they would be
on the wrong site and i’m mark the inside of the day
though that mark carried down on the bottom floor and cut them to life then I plane and green to that same
angle take a break measure the dado the longest peace again in a two-day total take the two pieces just list

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