How to Build a Bench Seat with Storage from Lowe’s

Get more seating and more storage with
this simple bench built from stock cabinets. Remove the doors from
2 12-by-30-inch stock wall cabinets and sit them on their tops. Add two half
inch thick spacers to the end of one of the cabinets, then join the two units with screws. Now
add two quarter inch spacers to each end of the unit. These create a flush face so you can
attach the MDS surrounds to the cabinets. Add the sides using adhesive and let those
dry. Now you can add the bottom piece and
then the feet. That fifth foot, right in the middle, helps support
this long span Now you can flip it, add the top and put
the cabinet doors back on. This is perfect for an eat-in kitchen, but
it’s equally at home at the end of the bed the store blankets, under a window creating a nifty nook,
or in a play room keeping toys tidy.


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