How To: Bench Dip

What’s going on nation? I’m gonna demonstrate for you how to do a bench dip now for this exercise all you need is a sturdy bench. I’m gonna use this table right here, and what you’re going to do is the tricep exercise You can sit down on the bench then you put your palms on the edge. Just like this overlapping all your fingers Put your feet out so your butt goes away from the bench about six inches then you’re going to sit back Like this bend your elbows come down Try and form about 90 degree angle with your elbows and then push straight up like that keep your core tight throughout the whole exercise And then breathe out on the way up Flex those triceps Go as low as you can, 90 degrees One more now you also notice I’m staying on my heels throughout the whole exercise So I can rely on my arms to do all the work and that allows me to sit back as far as I can So that’s how you do a bench dip to tricep exercise. Hope you guys enjoyed this demonstration video and as always More good stuff coming soon. See you guys


  1. Been following you for a good 6 months and I am loving all your stuff !! Thanks so much for taking the time to show us correct form, and innovative techniques, you are the man !!

  2. hey scott, not being gay or anything but you have an awesome physique. may i ask, how long have you been doing gym for? and do you do it on a consistant basis and also, do you follow a protein diet plan? one day, i hope to get a body like yours (no homo) and i've only just started gym (1 month now)

  3. hey scott plz answer me i don't trust anyone here on Youtube exept u
    i got torn-skin in my biceps and another torn looks like a scar on my 2 cals " it's looks cool on my calf xD … but i'm really freak out , is it dangerous or something , and why it's happned to me ?

    and thanx 😀

  4. @Exmerch Yeah you make it harder by putting your legs up and putting weight on your quads. Then you can start doing your 8-12 reps.

  5. @Cold1Forged yes it is thanx for give me the name , by the way do u know anything about it ? do i work hard or something

  6. All tricep exercises seem to disagree with my elbows, especially these and skull crushers. They're excruciating, sadly.

  7. @Mileylightning dude im not a expert but im just gonna ask u does it hurt excatly on the middle between ur chest muscles if its yes , then ur chest is getting bigger, wider , kinda hard 2 explain , not rly the chest muscle as much as the chest , rly i cant explain it but i think its normal cuz i have it and ppl i know have it when doing exercises like this. But still it`d be better if u define ur pain and also if Scott answers u cuz he is the expert not me

  8. is there such thing as workout that will stuck my growth plz help iam 17 and i want to get taller but i want workout hard plz help

  9. @MrEstk ur 17 if you are gunna grow anymore you will grow. as long as you are not power lifting you will be fine. im 17 also and ive been working out hard for a year and im still growing im 6'1

  10. @devilondatube power lifting is like low reps 1-3 with extreme amounts of weights which can strain ur body if you are still growing. im 17 almost 18 ive tried a few different types of workouts i find either 5 sets of 5 reps is good or the 5/3/1 workout is awesome pm me if you want more info. ps im just trying to help so dont take anything the wrong way this is just my point of view

  11. Hey Scott, I have seen people do bench dips with two benches having the legs resting on another bench . which is better?

  12. I've done thousands of these in the Marine Corps. but that was 10 years ago.. When I do them now they kill my shoulders.. What am I doing wrong?

  13. Hey Scott (or anyone else), should the shoulder blades be pinched together throughout the whole exercise? I think I heard that somewhere but I'm not sure if it's true.

  14. I like watching these videos to make sure my form on all exercises is correct to get the most gains / avoid hurting myself.

    Thanks Scott!

  15. Try rotating your hands 90 degrees away from your sides. You'll save your shoulders and rotator cuff from any lasting.damaging.

  16. Everyone please don’t follow the form he shows you here. Bc that is a step towards injuring your shoulders. Please I don’t want you guys getting your shoulder injured like I haves. Please go watch athlean X’s video of the proper way to perform a bench dip. Please don’t perform this exercise how he shows it. Please. Do it properly which is shown by athlean x.

  17. Great video, and also Scott looks like the typical cool, handsome high school guy we see in hollywood movies 😀 . I have one question: Is bench dips very effective and good exercise? Or is it a bit waste of time? Is it really worth doing bench dips? Thanks.

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