How To: Barbell Bench Press (The Set-Up)

What’s going on nation? And welcome to barbell bench press The setup now the barbell bench press is probably one of the most widely known Exercises to men and bros all over the world it is the standard by which most men judge their machoness and their strength Everyone has probably done a barbell bench press at some point in their fitness lives But the question is are you Setting up for the lift correctly what we’re going to do today is go over four basic things that you should have on your checklist To make sure you’re setting up to properly do a barbell bench press Get a nice tight grip on the bar and make sure your hands are evenly placed So you’ll have a good balance throughout the entire movement some people prefer a false grip but this can be very dangerous is not something we recommend A full grip will give you better control over the bar and help you fully engage your body You want to squeeze your gluts the whole time you’re lifting Make sure your butt is firmly planted on the bench when pressing and lifting throughout the movement The contact of your butt on the bench will help you keep all these Checkpoints in line and allow you to use your full body throughout the lift Having your feet firmly planted on the ground is going to be a major benefit as well Your feet are going to help you stabilize the rest of your body Even though we’re on our toes throughout this movement. We’re pressing them firmly into the ground Make sure your feet or about the same distance apart and wide enough to create a good stable base You might also benefit from pushing your knees out as well As you start to get a nice tight grip on the bar. You want to make sure that your shoulders are around full retraction This is going to help create the proper range of motion and will also keep your delts from taking over during parts of the lift This may also help you isolate your chest a bit more throughout the exercise as well You want to make sure you pull your shoulders back and down hard keeping them engaged like this throughout the entire lift So there you guys have it your four key points that you want to keep in mind when setting up for a barbell bench press Now if you start powerlifting your form might change a little bit you’ll have probably more of an extreme arch in your back but if your goal is overall body building you want to focus on full range of motion to activate as many muscle fibers as Possible if you haven’t downloaded it yet Be sure to go to the info section below and download our free web browser app So you never miss a new video and for more great Exercises Routines and tips feel free to join us on and as always guys more good stuff coming soon See ya


  1. If nobody tried anything new we'd never progress…I'm gonna try this new form out because the 100's+ other videos from SHF all worked! Thanks Scott for trying new things and sharing them with the Hermanites!

  2. If anybody is saying this form is wrong or arching your back is wrong, they have 0 clue how a REAL bench press is done. THIS is real, true, power-lifting stance and the safest / most effective way to bench press. Too many people learn how to bench in phys-ed class unfortunately.

  3. Don't have anything against this form. It helps improve Range of Motion and has a deeper impact on the chest and lats. I don't arch this much (mainly because it's uncomfortable to try and balance myself and bench heavy weight), but I have a slight arch on my back. As Scott, I would get severe pain in the rotator cuff/ front deltoid area when I used to go flat back. And this form is obviously working for Scott, hence the results. Well this is just my .02. Keep on Keepin on, Hermanites.

  4. Good explanation of the powerlifting bench press Scott. Limiting the range of movement is the key for the powerlifting bench press. Nice

  5. How in hell is it possible to get a back injury from this form, I don't and I will not get it. Your answer is probably going to be ''You gonna snap your back for arching it that much'', which in no means is possible.

  6. People find out new things my man, they test out, that's what you should do and find out what works for you instead of trying to call others out.

  7. I love how people are quick to criticize Scott when he CLEARLY KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING. Look at the fucking guy.

  8. You sure are against "bro science" for someone that says brotha alot. Anyway i dont need any "bros" to tell me whats wrong or right, some things are common sense. I was speaking from personal experience and what feels right. The form you are demonstrating is for power lifting and unless your in competition u dont really need it. Even then the arch you are doing with your back is overly exaggerated. You might not injure it today but one wrong movement will fuck you over for several months.

  9. depends how big the arch is. Most of the time the arch Scott shows is safe. Some people arch crazy where even their glutes are off the bench.

  10. im sure this exercise suffices but i use Scott's original benching style. Flat back, no extreme(imo) arch in your back, feet planted, just past 90 degrees or about 1 inch from touching your chest. I love the way it feels!!! but Scott has both vids up, so theres no way that he is wrong lol. Thank you, Scott, for turning me into the beast that i am today!!!

  11. lol. I am from New England, that is how we talk. I am sure people where you live have their own mannerisms too dude. There are many forms to bench, this is one of them. If you think this is going to injure your back then you are extremely mislead or have never properly tried this form when benching. We can sit here and argue, or you can try doing this the correct way and learn something new. Just because you learn something doesn't mean you need to use it all the time. Stay open minded

  12. To simplify the arguments concerning this lift that have arisen: Most people learn the "bodybuilding" way of benching… flat back, feet planted and loose, bar comes to your chest with elbows flared and grip likely quite wide "to hit the pecs harder."

    Guess what? The reason for all of those shoulder and rotator cuff related injuries from benching? That form is precisely why.

    Keep it to the "powerlifting" way of benching, which is exactly what Scott has learned and passed on to all of us.

  13. I had a problem with my rotator cuff due to tennis. I started doing rotator cuff exercise. The are great, man. I never have problems any more and I can bench more and do more than what I could do before due to training the rotator cuffs. Always do a rotator cuff exercise for both arms before any workout. It will work wonders.

  14. Right on Nick! A person can bench with a flat back, but as the weight gets heavier it can cause issues with shoulders.

  15. arch back is normally done by powerliftings like my self, but if your into bodybuilding then flat bench is the one for you, extreme weight on flat bench can injure you. this is a good video showing the technique

  16. Scott I commentated a day ago but i will reiterate I love the vid in how u show a FOM there R a few reasons people cant do this. 1 they aren't flexible enough
    2. Not open minded enough (haha)
    3. Hold the bar wrong. rest the bar on your nipples then bring your arms under it. and play with your hand position and remember Which brings me to no 4. arms come down at 45 degrees relative to your rib cage. if you have elbows up in line with your shoulders. then its next to impossible to get Full ROM .

  17. I however DO not like the Arch in the back. this just turns it into a decline. it puts your chest lower then your hips. regardless of how much. so I do a decline, then I do FLAT (its called FLAT For a reason) IMHOP, then incline

  18. I normally max around 135 used this today and was doing 5 rep sets today without too buch trouble, thanks a ton :)))

  19. Hey scott can you check my channel and tell me if im doing it right cause i feel i am im just not 100% sure thanks:)

  20. Terrible form! You're over-arching your back. The space between your lower back and bench should be just enough to fit a fist, no more. Also, your lower legs should be perpendicular. Improper form is how injuries happen.

  21. Giving improper information is when injuries happen. You gave the details to one of the various benching forms. This is another variation. Please show some respect.

  22. will having a arch in your back be risky at all? lots of people have told me it might cause a slip disk or something

  23. Hey Scott. Two questions: On incline bench, does the same go for the arch in the back? And for full range of motion, do you suggest going all the way down to touch chest? I go about an inch or two above that and back up again cause it starts pulling at my deltoids awkwardly.

  24. I use a cable machine on the lowest weight, keep my elbow at my side and rotate my arm from my stomach to straight out and repeat. You can also do it with weights e.t.c it's mostly all you can do for rotator cuffs. There's loads of them on here and google.

  25. would this technique be safe for someone after a rotator cuff injury? as flat bench is usually a no no. but this looks ok

  26. Orange Bucket is a good spotter, doesn't hover over you but is there in case you need Orange Bucket. Thanks Bucket for looking out for Scott!

  27. It's not the arch wich is a problem. It is his feet that are too far back, and because he is on his toes, his knees and legs and thus the hips start to wobble. There is no stable base, even if Scott says there is. So, arch, ok, feet planted firmly on the floor (totally).

  28. edit: After reviewing some other videos from specialists, I much say that there are people out there that are able to remain stable, even with their feet way back and on their toes.

  29. Hey Scott, after i workout chest, using barbells, i do flat and incline, and flyes. But the day after only the outside of my pecs are saw and not in the upper middle of it, is this my form or just my body adjusting? cheers,

  30. Well with the half rep it feels like I'm not pressing with my tricep that much…. Chest was always my weak point but since I'm doing it that way it's getting better and better 😀 I'm confused^^ I guess I will do both in the future.

  31. Omg don't arch your back, you're gonna get injured.
    No need to mention that this way you're focusing mostly on the lower chest.

  32. Thank you for explaining this one. Had some question marks if my form was correct at the gym and you just mostly approved that. (except for the toes). I prefer to have my whole feet on the floor. Will try it like that tomorrow :D!

  33. Hey Scott … When I bench I feel the excercise a lot in my left shoulder… I dont know whether I'm puttin up too much weight, my form's wrong or it's just an injury from some time in the past.. If you could give me any tips on how to correct this and feel it more in my chest than my shoulders the next morning, it would be much appreciated 🙂

  34. If you really desire to get some muscle and be stronger, i suggest you Google the term "Aston Muscle Ripper". You are surely going to get the appearance you merit.

  35. Now I can see how I have been INCORRECTLY doing this exercise, thus showing my meager results over the years in my chest. You rock Scott! Thanks again!

  36. if i dont have a bench , i just lie on my back , is that okay ? im just starting out , i weigh 65kg and im benching 46kg, not very good

  37. every gym has a bench for lower chest, no need to arch your back. thats the first thing u learn when u lie down on a bench. i bet those people not getting it are the same ones bending back when doing biceps curls and after 5 reps they start swinging that shit.

  38. Haha New England is the greatest place on Earth, i dont think i'm leaving even when i can move out. I just have a question, I am a powerlifter for my high school and in state meets we aren't allowed to move our heels off the floor. If i train with just my toes on the ground will this affect my meet weight or will it just mess me up? Love your videos by the way man, your such a likable guy.

  39. Scott, do you need to have an arch in your back? Is it simply choice or is that "correct" form?

  40. Scott love ur videos man in this video it seem like u were going to snap I get a lot from you

  41. This form o_O
    I'm going to do some light weights and try this form to make a judgement of my own though

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  44. Three years ago, in your another video on bench press, you mentioned that this form was for power lifters. Now you adapted it and are saying that power lifters are arching a little bit more? So you changed your mind?

  45. Thank you so much Scott!!!!!!!!!!! I have so much trouble with the bench press and does this apply to the incline bench press aswell?

  46. I was told you shouldn't stay on your toes, you want your feet back as much as possible but not to the point that you cant have the feet flat on the floor. Man I gotta try this 😮

  47. Hey Scott thanks heaps man for the tutorial on the bench press bro as im only beginning to lift so your videos are awesome very informative cheers mate

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