How Justice League Should Have Ended

Everybody knows
Everybody knows Steppenwolf Blows Superman! Superman! I mustache you a question! Heeheehee
Or should you shave it for later? Do you guys really have a question? Why does your mouth look fake? Hold! Ah! Mother. At last you call… Fire! *Arrowed!!!* Great job everyone! This is exactly why we constantly train for battle! Wooohoooo! You’re out of your mind, Batman! I mean Bruce Wayne! I mean Batman! I came here only to do two things… Look masculine and talk to fish… And I’m all out of fish… Okay. So I’m gonna look masculine! Woo! We need you, Victor. And maybe you need us too. I’m actually… already part of another
team What? Cyborg! The lives of the innocent are in danger! It’s time to act! Yes! There’s an evil wolf that does stepping
upon us! And we’re gonna stop him or whatever. Hey Wonder Woman! Where you going lookin so f My eyes are up here, guys! I know you guys are all ready to do battle
but i’ve never actually done battle Stab one What? Stab one person What are you talking about? To be more specific stab THAT one actually. I don’t know how Here Don’t talk, don’t think Take Diana’s sword
Stab that guy. Do it now. READY? GO! AAAAAGH! Oh I’m so not comfortable with this! Alright. Now, lets go protect the mother box. On it. But what about superman? It’s fine. I took care of it. Awe! That’s so sweet. I’m so happy for them! So How did do you know Lois was the key again? You told me OH… When? In the past. Wait what? Which reminds me, I need you to tell me Lois is the key whenever you learn how to time travel. I have a lot of questions about the things
you just said. There’s no time lets get ready here comes
Steppenwolf Where is my mother bo… YEAH! I am so OP! Now about that time travel thing. Great job everyone! We saved the world!
*cheers* Flash killed a guy! Yeah I kill Steppenwolf with a trident! Yeah I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that. You should probably stop murdering all the
bad guys. Oh is that not our thing anymore? I thought that was like a thing we do. Well We finally did it! We finally showed the world that… I’m sorry your facial hair is just too distracting
if we can just… There that’s better. As I was saying… We finally showed the world that real heroes
DO exist and NOW the world can be inspired again
because we are great role models. Is that what we did? Not even close! Yeah I think we rushed a team hero story with
a seriously divided superman origin arc. Nope! The name of Superman is fine! Because I am a beacon of hope and inspiration. When did you say inspiring things exactly? Let’s not go there. Maybe the 80’s
Dude! I talked to that kid about hope being like his
car keys! Yeah and you also talked about death being
itchy and like really weird. Well at least I didn’t let my best friends
mom lose her house while I was too busy building a quinjet! Hey I bought your mom’s bank! Right at the end. Oh because that was easier? Well this is off to a great start. We have to be better guys. There are much larger villains out there than
Steppenwolf. Like who like Darksied? NO! LIKE ME! What the… Who is that? I am your demise! I am your destruction! The slayer of franchise! I am… Martha! AH! Why did you say that name!? Mwahahahaha! *coughing* Mwahahahaha! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! Everyone okay? Yeah I’m fine. Aghh! Why the cafe?! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! It was loved my millions! It was! And you allowed it to be ruined! You thought your mere presence was all it
took! It appears Martha comes from another universe. Which universe? Not sure. Looks like a unicorn? MWAHAHAHAHA! I will destroy it all! If you refuse to world build then you don’t
deserve a world at all! You can’t win, Martha. It’s 6 versus 1. Make that 7! Yay. Green lantern’s here. I’m a little late to the party but better
late than never. Steve? Who’s Steve? He sounds amazing. I’m sorry you look just like my… Can I call you Steve? As you wish. Excuse me! You’re too late! You’re all too late! You’ll never be the heroes everyone loves
again! The damage is done and you lost! LOST! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! All because of the mighty Martha! Oh my gosh I’m so over this Martha thing. Justice League huddle! Flash, you take diana’s lasso and bind Martha’s
ankles Cyborg, you grab his arms
Aquaman, go tell all the tuna to gather all the jellyfish they can find. Are you serious? Hehe. No. You help Cyborg. Then, Green Lantern and Diana will take turns hitting I’m sorry Wait… Why are you the leader again? What? I said why are you the leader? Ehem…. Because I’m BATMAN! I know … I don’t care. I just wanted you to do your thing. We don’t have time for this! We’re doing bruce’s plan. Okay? READY? BREAK! You just got served… some justice. OH my gosh! Have we learned nothing!? You better not be wasting my time. We need to level the playing field Mr. Willson. To put it plainly. Shouldn’t we have a league of our own? Actually… we already have that. What the? Where did you come from? Wow! this is amazing! I can’t believe this is actually already
a thing. Thank you for inviting me! Oh you aren’t actually welcome here. Yeah. We just wanted you to know it exists. Bownser! You guys brought me here just to throw me
out?! Yep! That’s so…. EVIL! HAHAHAHAHA! Hey guys thanks so much for watching
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We’re not going to brunch are we? I hate brunch.


  1. Aquaman:your out of you mind because your Batman? Batman:NO IM BATMAN BECAUSE IM BATMAN NO I MEAN BRUCE WAYNe IMEAN bAZt MAN NO Batman.aquaman:uhhhh what is going o-IM MaRTHA says Batman.martha:what is going on I’m this is the wrong cafe this is crazy cafe not super cafe I’m out

  2. You should change superhero cafe into something similar with the villain pub. Im tired with batman and superman you should add more heroes make it funnier. Just an opinion

  3. Them : Heros never kill , ever !!
    Reads stories of original "hero" sagas , monster death every where !!
    Them : OMG !!!

  4. Aquaman: ur out of ur mind Batman–I mean Bruce Wayne–".
    That wat killing 2 birds with 1 stone looks like 😂🤣

  5. Honestly i am really suprised there was no sjw
    Fallout over aquaman 😂
    While i was thinking about it every sjw's
    Head shoulda exploded considering
    The story line ?

  6. That's the problem of DC. Every superhero is extremely powerful and have almost same set of powers.
    Superman, Shazam, Wonder Women, super strength.
    Superman, Flash, Shazam hyperspeed.
    Superman, WW, Shazam, Green Lantern, Batman, Martian, can fly. (Almost everyone can fly in DC).

  7. 6:18, Batman : Aquaman, go tell all the tuna to gather all the jellyfish they can find 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  8. The amazonian part is very inaccurate because in the movie Steppenwolf just deflected the arrows like it was nothing

    Edit: I still enjoy these animations and im not saying this because I dont like them

  9. That was pretty funny but I feel like the fight with Martha could have been better oh who and I kidding it was great the way it is keep up the good work hishe

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