How Corrupt Is America’s Judicial System?

In the early 2000s, two Pennsylvania judges
sent thousands of children to a juvenile detention center, in exchange for financial kickbacks
from detention center operators. This “kids for cash” scandal resulted in long prison
sentences for the guilty parties, and raised the issue of judicial corruption. A recent
watchdog report estimated that almost half of all Americans think the U.S. justice system
is corrupt. It also approximated that over 2.5 million individual bribes are paid within
the judicial system each year. So what’s going on? Why are America’s judges so corrupt? Judges occupy a particularly privileged status
within the judicial branch. Although federal judges and supreme court justices have life-long
terms, in many states, judges must still run for reelection. While elections are supposed
to hold local judges accountable to their constituents, it can often create conflicts
of interest, just as it does with politicians. In one 2004 case, an Illinois judge won an
appointment to the high court, partially thanks to financial support from a large insurance
agency. Suspiciously, the judge later voted to overturn a billion dollar lawsuit against
the agency, leading to a federal investigation of the circumstances. As judges are usually unopposed in their rulings,
they hold the power to make dishonest judgements for financial gain, as in the kids for cash
scandal. In a 2013 case, a Texas state judge was convicted of receiving more than $250,000
dollars in bribes and kickbacks in exchange for favorable rulings. Some judgements were
even sold for as little as $300 dollars a piece. Judges with tenure and life-long terms also
pose a problem because they are essentially incontrovertible. Alabama Supreme Court Justice,
Roy Moore, has more than once defied popular, higher court rulings because of his own religious
bias. Most recently he ordered state officials to refuse marriage licenses to gay couples.
Few penalties have been levied against Moore for his actions, though, in 2015, the Southern
Poverty Law Center officially filed an ethical complaint. The American judicial system plays one of
the most important regulatory roles in society. While an overwhelming majority of judges play
by the rules, the lack of oversight and accountability leave the door wide open for corruption. Although
a few government organizations like the Public Integrity Section study public officials,
the investigation and prosecution of judges is a “highly sensitive” issue. Watchdog
groups and media reports indicate that corruption is clearly present within the judicial system.
But prosecution is difficult, when those in question are the ones interpreting the law. While corrupt judges can fortunately be voted
out if they are local, Supreme court judges are here to stay for life, whether we love
them or hate them. To find out why, watch our video. Thanks for
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  1. Slandered everywhere she go by lies. By people who are paidd. Ans dont know its illégal ans how grave what they do

  2. I dont talk about all people inside that. But dôme who due arevictim of hâte and are innocent. Often someone who have sée someting. And someone corrupn is afraid

  3. That person become homelesd not by choice. After they Saïd sheis vulnérable all is do f'or justify his death and lies

  4. Andthe murderer stay anonyme nevrr punish with false accusationS. False évidences. Bogus investigation. They use friendd. Criminals. Family

  5. allo, me and my group from denmark are making a school project about corruption and bribery. we would appriciatet it very much if you answered the following question.

    Have you ever experienced any form of korruption or bribery?

    Du you know any who have experienced korruption or bribery?

    Do you believe that there is a lot of political korruption in your country?

  6. Because Judges are Freemason witches and satan worshippers. The reason they wear black robes is because they're dressing like pagan priests.
    Judges used to wear suits and ties …but all that changed when the Luciferian Rothschilds took control of our nation through the Federal Reserve Act of 1913

  7. Cant trust anyone without tattoos and a clean cut golfing church goer image. U also cant trust police officers, prosecutors, judges anyone involved in the system.

  8. Very bloody dirty money hungry these COURT is fraud when someone tells the truth stories they still throw you in prison what kind of court is that ????? It makes me sooo sick and even when you pass a lie detectors you still be thrown in court uggghhhh ???? Terrible American

  9. The Courts have been manipulated for years. In subterfuge and dark
    rooms, they resist cameras and videos for the most part and they have
    not used personal, cursive signature orders in many cases as well.
    Really, there is nothing to prove or show that justices actually
    entertain what has been handed a clerk in any court, and thereby cases
    can be detained, refused and dismissed by checkmate of the desk
    personnel before it ever reaches a judge who might have been chosen by
    the filing party or clerk who knows when and where a certain judge sits
    on a specified day. As a former attorney, in my experience, the jury
    pools are controlled as well in certain venues and packed with relatives
    and friends or certain "like-minded" individuals who have a propensity
    to rule for the government when the fix is in.

  10. "While most judges do their job honourably" (paraphrasing)
    That's laughable. There are no impartial judges and no true honour among them. I watched a court case where all three witnesses were impeached by the defense. Not just collateral impeachment, substantive impeachment. Defense still lost because the judge found the witnesses credible. I was sitting there with my jaw dropped to the ground. That's when I realized there is no justice.

  11. the criminals who run the law system victimize teh poor people very severly many many times by giving them way too much time for the crimes they do and letting the white middle class criminals get away with victimizing the poor and disabled in many ways many times in usa its sickenning

  12. Remove the impeachment from the president of the united states there is no notification to put an impeachment
    because they are all idiots, they are all corrupt, especially in the state of Texas at the border, everything is retrenchment

  13. Remove the impeachment from the president of the united states there is no notification to put an impeachment
    because they are all idiots, they are all corrupt, especially in the state of Texas at the border, everything is secret

  14. I love how judges and cops can make mistakes and get a talking too but the people do something wrong and we get jail time

  15. the biggest problem is the law system in usa is runned by white middle class people that allow other white middle class people to victimize the poor and mentally ill in so many ways the law system is runned by mostly criminals and not decent law abiding people

  16. if u r poor or mentally ill u find our real fast and early in life how the middle class and rich people are allowed to victimize u in so many ways u find out how evil the middle class adn rich people are i am a whtie disabled man i been victimized many times in many ways by the lying whtie middle class people and the biggest reason they victimized me is because they knew the crooked white middle class people who run the law system will not hold them responsible

  17. US law system is corrupt. And rediculous giving people 200 years in prison for example. Why not just say your going to rot in prison for the rest of your life. Thank God I live in UK were there's understanding a conscious & helping inmates to become better citizens. To become one day free and be part of modern day society.

  18. "Expected to be impartial"

    Is that all? Expected?

    Why not bound by law to be fair and impartial under severe penalty for violation? The "justice" system is absolutely corrupt, from the top to the bottom, and from left to right.

  19. When talking about the framers, maybe mention them by the right name just as the key figures within police, military and judicial system who are mainly tied to freemasonry and occult freemasonry affiliated mafia structures like rotary, knights of Malta, Rosicrucians, knights of Colombia, Skull and Bones etc. etc. etc.

  20. the middle class criminals who run the law system for many years allow other middle class people to victimize the mentally ill and the poor in many ways and get away with it its a nightmare to live in usa for the poor and mentally ill

  21. in usa if u cant afford a lawyer many times u will not get justice if u r poor only if u do a crime u can get legal aid to represent u if u r lucky and they are not all booked up like they mostly are but legal aid will not take a case where u are the victiim adn u r pressing charges they told me this themselves and they also told me years ago they dont handle police brutality casess many times in usa if a middle class person sues for something petty that cant be proven the middle class person gets millions of dollar but if a mentally ill person has severe damage to his body from a middle class person in usa setting them up and putting them in harm nothing happens to teh middle class person in court and the lawyers wont even take the case because their is no way they are going to get paid and they know the crooked law system allows the mentally ill to be victimized in many ways so the case wont be won

  22. middle class judges will always take the side of middle class criminals rather then give justice to teh poor and mentally ill it will always be this way

  23. I wish people that riot would burn the court that deliberately convicted an innocent person or acquitted a guilty person.

  24. No doubt they are corrupt! If you not guilty and fight you will see how corrupt they really are!!! One set rules for gov and elite and another set for ordinary citizens who stand and fight!! But they all will with no doubt answer to Jesus for their crimes!!!

  25. Yes indeed,the court systems are nothing but pure corruption. Based on a point system that consist of wins . Once Jesus returns to earth, the corruption they display will be done away with once the good Lord takes his hand and wipes them off of the face of earth. What a true blessing that will surely be.👍

  26. It's completely corrupt . It's not even a justice system its a bunch of gangsters shaking down people. Judges clerks lawyers d.a. are all in on the scam

  27. Idk about the rest of the US. But, California is VERY corrupt. I've heard endless stories of judicial corruption. Particularly in the San Joaquin valley.

  28. Because they think they are beyond the law. Law enforcement is about crushing the little guy and rewarding the big one's. Equal justice, put simply, is this. The amount of justice you get is equal to the amount of money you can pay, to get it. Such hypocrisy. The rich are rewarded, the poor are punished. How many millionaire do you see behind bars? How many billionaires?

  29. What about supreme court judges, appointed for life and not answerable to the american people. How corrupt is that? The court can be stacked either liberal or conservative. Laws can be enacted or repealed on a whim. How corrupt is that?

  30. A biased judge can ruin your life and get away with it. They should be held accountable for their decisions. There shouldn't be any prosecutorial immunity umbrella for judges and DAs to hide under.
    You ruin somebody's life, and they are innocent, you should suffer the consequences.

  31. I believe 90% of judges in America are corrupt and prejudice both on the white and black side. The judges that did the Kids for Cash are an example. They should be held to the highest standard and always get the maximum penalty when committing a crime and an automatic life with no parole for victimizing a defendant to keep them honest. There should be people who scrutinize every decision they make and if it's expensive then direct money going to the military to fund it. I hear non American people talking about what a hypocritical country it is because the authorities act like there is only fairness in the judicial system and civil authorities are all angels. It's how America is now perceived by other countries. They say we are the most corrupt nation in the world. It's shocking as an American to hear this time and time again. Civilian people need to rise up and remove every one of these so called leaders. Instead of cameras being pointed at the public they should be pointed at the judges and authorities!

  32. Who thinks money make some people free /i think the system its not at all corrupt it…Good juges are there somewhere..

  33. I heard a story of an innocent man who got shot whilst begging for his life. Search up Daniel shavers and it’ll pop up. The cop(scum) got acquitted with no repercussions. His name is Phillip Bradsford.

  34. Access "Kill All The Lawyers And Judges." Then, you'll learn about the corruption and pedophilia of the Minnesota judges.

  35. Judges have no jurisdiction in the foreclosures. They steal thru the county recorders offices, and attack the attorneys who catch them. Like me and the NV Supreme Court an d9th Circuit court are cheating lying and stealing as a routine business practice. A RIGGED stock market/ real estate market. As an Attorney I know of 20 traitors in robes right now.


  37. Everything about America's corrupt. All Americans are are cash cows for the rich. The rich milk us for everything they can get. American Justice and prison system is one big money making business.

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