How A Court Ruling Undermining Obamacare Became A 2020 Time Bomb | All In | MSNBC


  1. i hope republicans are proud to eliminate so many protections of the aca and nothing to replace. trump promised to have a plan in place

  2. And the GOP and Trump are replacing it with.. Nothing.

    Absolutely "Nothing"

    Their whole "healthcare plan" is basically, "do nothing, watch people die, and then let God sort them out".

    That's it.

  3. The mandate is unconstitutional.

    Thats what you get compromising with no" several times over.

    blue dog democrats and you complict moderates.

    Corporate interests,
    over the good of the people.

  4. This is not about rich folk hating the poor.
    This is about the menace of an illegitimate “president” razing everything that his predecessors have created to protect the people.
    One man. Is doing all this? And more besides?? You bet.

  5. remember Devin Nunez comment about Brett kavanaugh be appointed to the Supreme Court. They placed them on the Supreme Court to go against the Constitution. Brett kavanaugh has been leveraged

  6. Chris Hayes who is known in MSNBCannibal circles as LordBoogerFlicker needs to run for office to see how well received his ideas are.. Oh wait they are not his ideas, they are the ideas of his CIA handler/program director (because MSNBCannibals are programming you) Who is the MSNBCannibal Program director?? Do they hold a duel citizenship status?

  7. Trump is literally the dumbest person to ever set foot inside the White House. Yes, let's rule on ACA in 2020. And then Pelosi should hold those impeachment articles until June after primary season finishes. Republicans will be totally screwed!

  8. Obama care already trashed health care. Pre Aca could afford it. Post Aca not! Five years since I was informed that I need shoulder replacements- yeah,plural- haven’t been able to “ afford “ either one. Getting by, but it used to be so much easier

  9. "No president can recover from an impeachment hearing, win or lose. His career is over." ~ Donald J. Trump, 2014

    I do not believe the senate will remove him but at minimum the obstruction of congress cannot be denied. He admitted it himself when he ordered his people not to follow any of the subpoenas they put out.

    Now what is more likely is a vote to bar him from holding governmental power after his term is up.

  10. Why aren't the Democrats having a press conference every single day bringing this up and telling America the latest news of how far the Republicans are in striking the ACA down and out of law..

  11. We'd all be better off without CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. We'd be better off as a society, and Chris Hayes know it, but he still comes in to work every day because he's an awful person.

  12. This is a joke. The USA is the only nation that don't have universal health care. That just shows how money infects our nation instead of really caring for the people.

  13. Good, I don’t think there should be a tax punishment if you don’t have healthcare…Aca was only good for poor people…sucked for the middle class.

  14. GEE what happened to Trump's health care plan? You know the one that going to be better and cheaper than the ACA. The one that were going to love it will be great! Just another Trump LIE!!! well that makes 15,000 plus lie's and counting. 😉

  15. Hey MSNBC. You do realize there is a Democratic Debate tonight right? Why no coverage or videos? Perhaps it’s because Andrew Yang is finally getting speaking time and is doing spectacular.

  16. Wow! I love forcing the Supreme Court to show their hand before the election. Good move on the part of protecting our democracy.

  17. Funny, other countries don't have to deal with this sort of crap, and they're not only fine with their government run healthcare, but they're genuinely much happier and healthier than us.

  18. Most idiotic thing about the Mueller Report and testimony?  Republicans.
    Most idiotic thing about the House Intelligence Ukraine Report?  Republicans.
    Most idiotic thing about Trump impeachment?  Republicans.
    Can you sense a pattern?

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