How a Bill(ionaire) Becomes a Law(maker)

236 years ago the Founding Fathers invented
America. Before that the closest thing we had to America was France, and that wasn’t
very American at all. We all know the Constitution those guys drafted wasn’t perfect, they left
out all kinds of important stuff. Yet, over time we’ve come together to improve our Constitution.
And today 220 million Americans have the right to vote. But, after decades of political corruption,
our votes don’t count quite like they used to. Right before our eyes, they’re being out-muscled
by another form of political power; Money. These days if you want something in Washington
there’s a sure-fire way to get it. Throw a Congressperson a fundraiser. Political campaigns
are expensive, really expensive. Politicians are desperate to get their hands on the money
they need to pay for their next campaign to stay in office. They know that 94% of the
time the candidate who raises the most money wins. So they spend up to 70% of their days
chasing cash, instead of running the country. Like junkies who will do anything to find
a fix. And only a handful of billionaires and big special interests put up the big bucks.
Over 80% of Presidential Super PAC money has come from just 196 people. The way our system
works, special interests get what they pay for. That’s why pizza is now considered a
vegetable in school cafeterias. Why 3 of the countries top-10 grossing companies paid zero
Federal Taxes in 2009. And why certain industries have enjoyed a 77,000% return on one particular
kind of investment: their lobbying dollars. It’s been this way for a while, but two years
ago it got worse. The Supreme Court decided a case called Citizen’s United, making unlimited
anonymous campaign donations the law of the land. And taking our Democracy from flawed-but-fixable
to S***-screaming self-parody. Before Citizen’s United we could at-least identify the people
who were pumping cash into our politics. Today, we don’t even know where half of it comes
from. It could literally be anyone. Add it all up and what have you got? Our politicians
represent the money that bankrolls them, not the people who vote them into office. Meaning
us. They don’t represent us. It makes you wonder, if those guys who invented America
were around right now, what would they do? They wouldn’t sit on the sidelines and watch,
they’d raise hell. So that’s what we’re doing. When the rich try to buy our lawmakers, when
politicians sell out to lobbyists, we’re going to make some noise. And we’ll continue to
make noise until politicians blocking reform are booted from office and unlimited and anonymous
campaign donations are a thing of the past. We may not have billions of dollars, but we
do have millions of people. And when we come together we can insure that our votes count
exactly as much as they’re supposed to. The Constitution is pretty clear about this, it’s
WE the PEOPLE, not IT the MONEY. If you want your democracy back, join us. And if you don’t,
don’t worry, we’ll get it back for you.


  1. The "Founding Fathers" were a similar kind of people who are corrupting America today. Most were slave owners, and 25% of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were merchant (90% of merchants in the colonies were smugglers). Many (like Thomas Jefferson) owed massive debt to Britain and knew that if the colonies became independent, they might not have to pay off that debt. Others (like George Washington) were land speculators wanted Native American land Britain which was protecting. These, and many other financial intensives, led them to manipulative the public, so as to create a vocal( and violent) minority, the "Patriots"(loyalist were the largest group and many others were simply apathetic). They used propaganda to create outrages over the Tea Act. The British tea, even with the small tax (the tax was only 1/16 of what people in Britain payed!), was cheaper and of higher quality than the smuggled tea provided buy the local colonial elite. After the "revolution" an independent America had to pay for ALL of the cost of defense (as opposed of only supposed to pay part of them, which most never did) leading to taxes far higher than what Britain had set up. Since this nation was FOUNDED on corruption the current state is not surprising…

  2. This political corruption goes back 1000s of years. In Matthew 23 Jesus speaks to and exposes them and repeatedly calls them hypocrites, which they are. Here is what The Lord says in verse 15, "Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites who compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, you make him twice the child of hell than yourselves."You see, they, not our votes, determine who will follow in their wicked causes and they have had thousands of years to practice their evil craft. We need good Christian leaders and to get rid of these phsycopaths.

  3. Non-American here, no I guess your founding fathers wouldn't watch from the sideline, they'd join the politicians.

  4. This is what Anonymous should be working on. Would be the most important thing they ever attempted, but of course it would be difficult and take time.

  5. No we don't do a damn thing. They have us divided on issues that we will never agree on, working so hard to make ends meet we don't have time, corporate littered news, entertainment, and sports, and generally dumbed down America. When will Americans decide to do something. I'm not sure, but if it continues the way it is now, it may not make a difference. Once the trade deals go through, we will all be competing with countries that make dollars/day for jobs, and our Internet will not have the freedom of speech that it does now. Praying for America and the country I love so much. Praying for my children.

  6. They lie to get into office and can't be removed until the next election cycle. Now they can run the candy store any way they like and "the people" can't do a damn thing about it until the next cycle. By then, it's too late. The damage is done. So we vote them out only to get another liar in office. And the cycle repeats until we're screwed over and over. That's where we are now. Bernie 2016

  7. I am posting links of this video anywhere I can on YouTube. Campaign finance reform is the most important issue of our day and as many people as possible need to see this video and freak out like I did as it affects all aspects of policies and political decisions. $14 TRILLION in 5 years??? Please everyone, spread the word. Thanks for the upload and making this short and easy for even dummies to understand grasp the severity of the situation. I feel the Bern!

  8. Trump is already started campaigning and raising funds for his 2020 election less than 1 month into office.

  9. Making some fuckin noise already..I love america not our democracy/oligarchy..We are a constitutional republic!! remember that!!

  10. Except the founding fathers would just be mildly uncomfortable and just mildly hope for a small reform. In case you forgot, the founding fathers hated the mobocracy and thought only the White male landholding elite should be able to vote, have a say in govt, and be allowed to run for office. The constitution was designed like this on purpose because the common folk were too dumb to think for themselves. Just wanted to get that out of the way, they wouldn't raise Hell

  11. You should watch this simple 2½ minute video on the subject of voting directly against an unwanted candidate in an election, for when no good candidate seems viable, so we don't end up supporting the two worst out of fear. Please?

  12. Everyone over looks the fact that it doesn’t even matter who we vote for, because it is not truly our decision. Even before we see our candidates we have been fooled into believing that we actually have a choice. But unfortunately that is not the case, because we the people did not create the guidelines for who can and who can not run for president. Guess who did…. Thats right it was the governing bodies and that doesn’t just mean the White House that means all the wealthy people that profit off of our poverty. I did a video explaining how they use the same technics that they teach parents in parenting classes every day. Check me out my video is called, Is the government schooling us?!?!

  13. You're constantly talking about how great the founding fathers were here and you say they wouldn't stand on the sidelines. A lot of them probably would, being rich powerful slave owners for the most part.

  14. I absolutely agree with the message but please help me understand something: It seems like is technically a special intrest group with “millions of people” looking to influence and change legislation which is definitely lobbying. I see nothing wrong with lobbying until $ is added to the equation.
    In some way either directly or indirectly, I’m sure is investing $ to spread this message. Am I crazy or is this hipocracy 101?

  15. Its been 5 fucking years and nothing has fucking changed. What…..the……fuck. I do not know anything that is going on in government. Shouldn't I be informed about it? Why should I have to go look for it and teach it to myself? Also, why is law so confusing? It should be straight forward and to the point. Simple. I do not need any damn politician jargon that is called rhetoric in our fucking laws. And yes I say "fuck" a lot because this is just outright ridiculous. And let me guess, anyone who has an answer for me will give me an excuse rather than answers, solutions, and do it without any rhetoric. Rhetoric fails to do the very thing it was supposedly invented to do, which was to communicate, yet these politicians cannot communicate for shit. Maybe the reason why Bernie Sanders did not become president was because he did not accept enough money from the extremely wealthy in order to finance his campaign. Yet, it would seem to me and many others that he was the best candidate for the big chair.

  16. >government is corrupt
    >big corporations are corrupt

    sander's voters: better give government control of the economy!

  17. No, you stupid socialist. Just raise a campaign donation to bribe all politicians with just $1 a year per US citizen.

  18. Pizza was determined a vegetable for schools so they would be able to put cheap food on kids plates.

  19. The elections are rigged…look at the democrat primaries just for one example. How is your vote going to matter?

  20. If only it was as easy as making of this video. We can only decide one thing, which side of the equation do u want to be in ?!

  21. Term limits for congress, no more anonymous donations, complete government transparency, limited power, And minimal taxes is pretty much the only thing that can help

  22. So whats the difference between this and a autocratic government/ dictatorship. Or better yet let me put it into perspective this lobbying system and “North Korea.” We are always quick to point fingers and talk shit about every other country but ignore our very own.

  23. I learned in the US that bribe has a name called campaigns funds, and corruption has another name called lobbying, oh and whenever they say in the news for the American people they mostly means whoever is paying for what the hell they need, you name it, wars to sell weapons? Done! Marijuana so citizens get out of their damn minds? Done! Dividing people while they’re working so damn hard to pay for things they can’t even afford? Done!

  24. In case you haven't figured it out by now the law does not apply to Republicans. Donald Trump has proven that over and over as he rubbed your nose in it. The law does not apply to him any more than it did to Bush. The law only applies to and if a Democrat is in office.

  25. Funny when Meg Whitman (R) put over one hundred million dollars of her own money in the governor's race…and lost.

  26. The founding fathers… wealthy, slave-owning, tax-evading, rum smugglers… they'd be on our side??? That IS good news. I bet they were also against imperialism, despite modeling our government on Imperial Ancient Rome. Which war preceded the American Revolution? Which purchase was made in 1803? From which country have we never taken territory by force, except to liberate it from enemy occupation? Like Hannibal… the founding fathers love it when a plan comes together. "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!" 🙂

  27. It really is about time that the reality of the corruption within democratic systems is being revealed. Keep up the good work.

  28. 2:39 No, they'd be the ones paying the politicians, pretty much all the people who wrote the American constitution were wealthy land owners and they always intended that they should have more influence than the common man.

  29. 2019 and we are still Fu#ked. Hopefully we will see a change when President Sanders takes office in 2020.

  30. Almost seven years… Now I know greed has been pervading our democracy all that time, but where has this video been all my li- oh.
    I forgot, youtube was a dysfunctional mess back then and still is to a lesser degree today.

  31. late me see trump a billonre got voted in… :d
    in the uk, we know who pays for the mp,s. labour = unions. cons the rich.
    in 2008 and banks go up in smoke, labour in office. labour mmm great time to nationiaz the banks. lol

  32. The country create the money but the people who run it gets none? And some how the money the government created is used to change it.

  33. Cat videos get more views in a week then this truth revealing video made in 7 years.
    No revolution happening.

  34. Please understand that we don't now, nor ever had a DEMOCRACY here in The United States. It is widely believed yet simply not true. The word Democracy doesn't even appear once in the Decloration of Independence or The Constitution. We, in the United States enjoy, or at least are supposed to enjoy a Constitutional Republic form of government. That is the rule of law as opposed to a Democracy which is a majority rule. A seemingly small yet significant detail worth knowing.

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