House Judiciary Committee Ready To Hold Hearings, Says Representative | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. The Russia connection is through Cohen's wife, Laura Schusterman.  Her father Yafim Schusterman is a Russian jew who owns a taxi company in NYC.. multimillionaire and friend of Trump.  He actually introduced Michael Cohen to President Trump and not only owns suites in Trump tower but also has neighborly property in Florida.  Connect the dots.

  2. he had the right to fire Comey, however, it is why he fired Comey, that is obstruction of justice, and he said in Public, he fired him to stop the Russia investigation, and that is the crime.

  3. ENOUGH!
    Impeach Trump AND Pence (Pence stood by and watched!).
    Pelosi then Presiden & the people's will granted (before Russia stole your election)

  4. Calm down, people.
    Trump is NOT going to get impeached.

    If you think for a second that his Republican stooges in the Senate are gonna convict on articles of impeachment, you clearly have not been paying attention.

    Somehow, Zap Branigan is the President.
    And the people we've put in power as a check/balance against executive overreach slump into a heap on the floor because they have no spine.

  5. Let's remember something. The GOP has stood by Trump through 2 years of chaos and madness coming out of the Whitehouse. Please don't expect them to suddenly develop any moral standards and values toward the constitution and the people and support any impeachment. They are all too busy milking the country dry and hiding so they don't get anyone looking at their own dealings with Russian money from the NRA.

  6. Look we don’t have two more years of hearings and investigations. We all see with our own eyes a crime was committed to illegally obtain the office of the President. It’s a crime, are we a country of laws if so Trump must be arrested and disqualified from office and his VP and all parties associated with the Trump campaign. All rulings and appointments must be over turned. So yes there is no tax cut for the rich and they must pay back all money. Every judge has to step down. We can not allow this or normalize it.

  7. Nothing can be done about Trump until McConnell is removed he won’t even let a vote to open the government he is just as responsible asTrump for the shut down he surely won’t let an impeachment go through he is as much a problem as Trump if not more

  8. Whatever the Senate Republicans will or will not do, impeachment is the right thing to do. I don't know why they have to wait for everything. Impeachment doesn't require violation of a statute. If the DOJ doesn't want to indict, then impeach on the available evidence. Hold on to the case until there is Senate majority that will convict.

  9. Yes, Trump is a malignant narcissist. Trump is also a SYMPTOM of a profoundly dysfunctional fear and hate-based segment of our society who, in a constant state of self-pity, blame their own failures on all of the “unfair” people who caused them to fail.   Trumpites FAILURE to take responsibility for their circumstance is the foundation of their misfortune. The following are symptoms of their DISFUNCTION:  Q-anon, Alex Jones, White Power, Nazi sickos, Worshiping "Stongman Trump" (so laughable), and worst of all, the HYPOCRITE Christians who say Trump is a friend of Jesus (Why insult Jesus! so disgusting!).

  10. "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with." ~ Jim Rohn. This is how Washington has become so corrupt. When you remove yourself from everyday life in working America things go bad.



  12. Podhoretz is such a Trump apologist it's amazing. He is exactly the type of intellectual Zamboni that allows Trump to continue in office. Worthless worthless worthless analysis every time he's on the show. The fact that he's willing to admit that Trump broke the law when finally caught red handed is not a feather for his cap.

  13. There's no way to know if Trump wldve been elected if he hadn't silenced Daniels and the playboy bunny, he may hve lost the election, do yeah, that seems impeachable to the majority of us who voted for HIllary who actually won the election. Suborning perjury is crime, how low is the bar gonna go before we say, enuff. We just had a racist Republican finally get called out after 16 years, and everybody was like, why now? he's been saying this stuff for 16 years? Coz Republicans are a corrupt party, who will get away with as much crime as they can. In the past 60 years, there have been over 100 criminal indictments and scores of convictions of GOP presidential administrations, and less than 10 by Dems. 

    And before GOP cult members start quacking "Deep State," don't you really mean you somehow think the Dems hve secret control of the govt even tho the GOP has held more power over the years? A deep state wldnt work for the Dems, it'd hve it's own agenda, and wld take out anybody who got in it's way, whether they're Dem or GOP. It's hard to imagine a scenario where the Dems, the party of ppl who aren't wealthy, wld be able to stay clear of some deep state operators, who wld more likely be working with wealthy ppl. Regular people get power by voting and running for office, wealthy ppl get power thru backroom machinations – the wealthy can't vote anybody in or out of office on their own, and us reg folk aren't doing backroom deals.

  14. If there really is sufficient evidence to support what the Buzzfeed article then this gives total creedence to all of the other 'alleged instances of obstruction. This is his natural character – to lie and to encourage other to lie before the house or the Senate.

  15. Democrats, by not impeaching Trump, are allowing him to continue do more damage to the country. How much damage will they let him do before they stop him?

  16. The reason tRUMP even applied for this job……. Is? He was fully aware of Nixon and his ability to play the system and get away with it as well. Not only did nixon get a "pardon" but he also walked away Scott free! Now you can say that there on completely different levels of crime but it does not change the facts that Nixon got away with it. Even if tRUMP is a lot more stupid and we all know he is. The risk in his mind is well worth it because of all the money he has made. Greed is selfish criminal's don't always if ever see the bigger picture. They only see the Monterey gains! Cleptomainiacts just don't care .

  17. Um, Putin and Trump want us out of NATO so Putin can put his new arctic military base to good use. This was a double win for him. Nancy, will hopefully continue the pressure.

  18. I don't know if that fat, bald guy in the blue sweater is there to represent the other side, since he seems to defend Trump a lot.


  20. This info will secure getting the abuser of presidential power out of office faster than an impeachment process. And! It could save American tax payers a ton of $. Authoritarian trump will resign from office with federal lawsuits hanging over him… And then he will switch blaming it on everyone else or calling it fake news while wearing an orange suit

  21. I think RICO requires a perpetrator to surrender the fruits of their crime.
    Both 45 and Pence are out. And all policies and appointments.

  22. Will this treasonous stool pigeon,finally get his comeuppence? Impeachment,could it really be true?Please Lord let me live long enough to see this happen…….

  23. Hold on for a big stock market crash when 45's treason barge unloads taking many members of the senate with him.
    The constitutional crisis… how do you explain it to the willfully ignorant?

  24. Trumps in deep… past the ankles, past the knees, past the elbows… past the chin… pretty much up to his eye balls,

  25. So basically – if Trump continues to break the law, obstruct justice, commit treason in plain sight, the law can never catch up with him? They're just kept busy trying to assemble a complete catalog of crimes so that he can be indicted on ALL of them? Is that it?

  26. I don't see anyway that America is going to be able to influence Syrian politics effectively. Russia and Iran have been traditional allies with Syria and short of a massive war with them how is it possible that America is going to change that? America has not in recent histroy been a major influence on Syrian politics and I don't know that what they have accomplised in the recent conflict counts for much. Honestly I don't know of a time in history that they were however I may be ignorant on that subject. Clearly they should continue to protect the Kurdish populations as best they can and seek more democratic governance diplomatically as best they can.

  27. Pinch off this foul orange loaf! 🍊🐒💨💩💩💩🤵🤵🤵 Flush him out!🏛🏛🏛💦🚽💦🚽💦🚽

  28. Amazing. All gangsters of Trump`s gang commited crimes, but the godfather is the most law respecting citizen ever.

  29. I don't understand the argument "The President can't obstruct justice because it's his right to do…"

    Of course the President can obstruct justice. Anyone can obstruct justice.

    I would argue that people with power have a higher change of obstructing justice because of their influence on others.

  30. It is long past talking about… there must be something done to remove trump from office now. Too much talk and not a grain of action. This is disgusting! If you or I had done a tiny fraction of the corruption that trump has we'd have been brought up on charges instantly but white trash trump basks in the glory of a presidency that he does not deserve by any stretch of the imagination and in his world trump is king, not president, as he repeatedly displays by his inappropriate actions and words. And why hasn't Twitter shut down this lying disgrace of a man, I have to wonder.

  31. The death penalty is still available to treason. I wonder if 'Ole Sparky' the chair they used on the Rosenbergs is still around. I'll happily pay to have it restored.

  32. Where is Trey Gowdy? Where is the loud-mouth Hannity? Where's is the repulsive Jenine Piro? Where's the cretinous cesspit called Fox? where are all the Benghazi shouters with their fake outcry for the "loss of American lives"?
    Is this Trump's Benghazi? After all, it happened under his watch….

  33. Question: Why do you have the blue sweater guy on MSNBC? If I wanted to hear right wing media, I'd go to fox – please do not attempt to appear unbiased in these round tables by bringing in someone who is so painful to hear.

  34. I wish they would take some kind of action. He was never qualified for his position and doesn't want to learn or respect it.

  35. The guy in the blue sweater is pro Trump. you can see it thru him not matter how fat he is. that is easy to spot. he is probably getting pay by the Trump campaign. Why give him air time?.

  36. Could it be that if all the accusations are true against Trump, then everything he's done from helping his friends get tax breaks and closing the gov and willing to keep it close is an act of a desperate man?! He knows, he's on a sinking ship and is going to take down as many Americans with him by keeping this gov. closed.

  37. Years ago I watched Nixon on tv say "I am not a crook." Now I watch Trump say "I have never worked for Russia." If Trump destroyed the Russian language interpreter's notes, that's destruction of evidence & govt property. "Pride goeth before the fall."

  38. Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell both voted to indite President Clinton for cheating on his wife, holding him to a moral standard.

  39. If Trump obtained the presidency through fraudulent methods, can't we annul his presidency? Impeachment and indictment have been discussed, but not much has been said about that. Perhaps because the standard of proof for that would be much higher?

  40. WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO REMOVE THIS CLOWN AND HIS SPAWN FROM THE WHITE HOUSE? Seriously. How many of these people have sold their soul to satan for a position of power?

  41. If we shouldn't overturn the results of an election because of one kind of felony, is there a list of acceptable felonies that a president of candidates can freely commit without consequence? Murder? Assuslt? kidnapping? Theft? Where is the line between felonies that aren't acceptable if you are running for president and felonies that are actually crimes and should be treated as such?

  42. How many citizens understand impeachment doesn't necessarily mean removal from office!
    He must be removed for the sake of democracy!

  43. Nixon became president in January, 1968. His Watergate impeachment hearings (before the House Judiciary Committee) did not begin until May 9, 1974, six years and three months later. Two years after Nixon was re-elected in 1972. When comparing the Watergate and the Mueller timelines, the similarities might be a tad discouraging. For the threat of impeachment appears to be no more than a "waiting game" where, with calculated risks, perpetrators could still escape unscathed. The game-changer this time around it's the great difference between the consequences of "waiting" for justice to prevail back then versus now. For in 1974 the country was dealing with a crook. Not with a Commander-In-Chief being investigated for allegedly having ties to a sleeper Russian terrorist cell operating in U.S. soil with an interest in the destruction of our Democracy. — If there ever was a need for expediency in the process, right now would be it. Otherwise, So Help Us God!

  44. HAHAHAHA trump isn't that guilty . . . right; and Bears don't pee in the Woods and there's some Prime Real Estate in Florida that you can sell us for next to nothing !
    There has to be something that can be done to get rid of fools like this.

    What a screwed up Justice System that lets a President commit Crimes, (any Crimes), and let so much time pass without doing anything about it, but anyone caught shoplifting, drunk and impaired or any one of a hundred petty Crimes get offenders thrown in Jail !

    A-Bloody-Mazing !!!

  45. I love this! Gong back and watching how all you looney lawless open border liberals are just salivating over a fake news story!! Then the special counsel said it wasn't true!! LOL, i love it!

  46. These guys are okay with Obama sending 1.4b in cash to Iran on secret plane at night, Fast & Furious, HRC illegal, hacked server, FISA unmasking of US private citizens, Benghazi, Uranium One Deals, Strzok, Lynch, Comey, Brennan, Ohrs, Rice, Clapper, Podesta unaltered emails, Bernie’s stolen Primary.🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🙄😢

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