House Judiciary Committee Launches Probe Into Donald Trump, 80+ Others | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. No matter what proof of what crimes, republicans will just say it is a hoax. And in the end they will use any kind of violence to reject justice – the World have seen it all before

  2. Cohen is going to prison for the felony Trump directed and benefited from. Trump should go to prison with Cohen.

  3. You people on the Left are the most disgusting people on this planet. You will NEVER IMPEACH our president no matter how many bogus accusations you make about him.

    Your disgusting hatred for this incredible president trying to save this country from you trying to dismantle it piece by piece WILL BE STOPPED. FAKE NEWS!!

  4. The justice department need to open at least two special investigations to counter all of this. It is a smokescreen to smear Trump, stall his progress, deflect away from a Democratic congress with no ideas, and stall investigation into the Democrats. There needs to be an investigation into the 2016 Democratic actions and investigations of Democratic politicians as well as their associates. There are no innocent parties in Washington, just those that haven't been investigated yet! It would be nice to see a thorough investigation of some of our congress people!!

  5. You know what is funny & ironic? … tRump thinks he or his family will have / be at the white house forever …. they should be worry because the end is getting close … and he may be thinking all these investigations will stop or let him get away after his mandate ends? … there is his huge mistake .. God, I only ask you to let me see justice taking place against that criminal family before my time ends !!! Please.

  6. I am so grateful to a president that is effective and is doing great things for America and world. Trump 2020

  7. You name all the potential crimes, the president is alleged to have committed all of them. Who else can be much the better person to whistleblow all of crooked corrupt criminal cheat Trump's illegal acts if not his former fixer / personal lawyer ? Remember Trump once even remarked on the aero stair to Air Force 1 "I don't know, you have to refer to my personal lawyer". And now he even refer to him as a rat which meant he had a lot of secrets to be "ratted" on. If Trump is innocent, there is no need to call Michael a rat. Incidentally, the proper name for a rat is whistle blower, just in case that crooked corrupt con-man criminal cheat aka Trump doesn't even understand simple english !!!

  8. Strange how you liberal media people aren't talking about New York Mayor Bill de Blasio whose wife stole 850 million dollars from the taxpayers of the People's Republic of New York

  9. Trump has committed so many crimes that it will take investigators 20 years to sort them all out lol so he will never go to jail. Trump won by pure volume lol.

  10. This is a different time. Even if you show HORRENDOUS crimes about Trump, nearly 50% of the USA will forgive him, cheer him on and let it slide. And that's a fact. 50% of the USA is comprised of imbeciles.

    yes, i like her, very much.

  12. LMFAO, the true "red line" is the orange turd's wet dream Ivanka… the Dem's chose to exclude her in order to prevent spoiling that wet dream.

  13. Anyone who thinks that people in the Trump orbit aren't corrupt must be: 1) Minors under the age of five; or 2) Green aliens visiting from the planet Who Gives a Crap.

  14. Like father like daughter, Ivanka ought not be left out of the investigation, unless she’s the target 😵 of the investigation like Donald J. tRump

  15. At this stage of the evidence collusion is the very least of Trump's problems. He should have stayed a small time rip off artist in NY. No one would know anything about all of these crimes. Like they say you don't go bankrupt 6 times because you are a smart guy.

  16. That would explain why he went on air with ari that day drunk in a panic about not willing to testify. And then later somewhat admitting that mueller knows a lot more than trump thinks he does.

  17. It is funny how GREAT the ORANGE FACE feels when he stands in front of the press and Standing behind him all these supporters and partisans…then you notice how GREAT he THINKS he is…a real COWARD…because alone he s jut a NOBODY….

  18. Didn't Sam Nunberg or was it Jerome Corsi that said he had an epiphany on the plane on his way to Italy with his wife? so many crooks so little time.

  19. Who wants to be president if this is what you have to deal with! if people don’t like it when you actually win what’s the point you can’t get anything done you goin to jail 😂

  20. Donald Trump's ONLY lasting legacy and the ONLY positive thing he will have ever done in his disgusting, immoral, criminal life… the complete and permanent destruction of the Republican Party.

  21. My God msnbc is still on the air. This station belongs in the kremlin. I do hope they start these phony investigations, it will make Trump more popular.

  22. Something is very right here! Balance of power has shifted and the government is beginning to heal and function as it should. It’s great to see! 👍🏼

  23. The Emoluments Clause says that a President, any President, must not give or receive items of value to or from a foreign entity, for instance Russia.

  24. This dram is gonna continue till 2024, as i dont see democrats defeating President Trump in 2020 Presidential elections.

  25. The Congress should have the same authority as law enforcement and lawyers, more so, when a so called President is openly thwarting the rule of law, meeting privately with foreign adversaries, his family members meeting privately with foreign adversaries exchanging information for money or dirt on an American citizen. This corruption in the White House can not be allowed to continue…McConnell needs to be removed from office for dereliction of duty for not bringing votes to the floor of the Senate….Save our country Democrats….this is getting tiring and disheartening.

  26. sorry guys, I listened to Nadler and could not figure what was going on – it sounded like the witness was in control. you have to wonder why Democrats put such an ineffectual person in that position: I have some theories – it's just popcorn for the base, the Mueller show is over but we mustn't let the kiddies catch on. Apparently nobody qualified wanted the position: Nadler is disposable. Wonder what his per diem is though? MSNBC is so cute. Enjoy!

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