House Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing On Mueller Report | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Even if you could force trumpanzees to listen to the contents of the Mueller report they would be way too stupid to understand.

  2. AFTER 2 & 1/2 YEARS & $40 MILLION DOLLARS ——
    Mueller & his team of Hillary lawyer find….
    DRUM ROLL…..

    democrats are heart broken.
    too funny.

  3. You know, what may be a good idea if Democrats want people to know about the contents of the report, is to hire actors to enact various parts of it, and put them out as a series of YouTube videos. Social media helped get you in this mess, so using it to get you out of it seems sensible, especially in this age of instant gratification, social media addicted people, so the traditional route of using hearings, isn't going to be nearly as effective as essentially seeing what was done.

  4. Mitch is holding up everything even to help southern States with flooding, no relief for them. He only wants to get judges in office for anti abortion sake but does not support child care, prenatal care. He has all his balls in trump so Russia can build a factory in his state plus the middle man who work this out after getting fired in congress for sleeping around got his wife who is not qualified to a federal judgeship – that’s forever. All a bunch of winners. Good example of ethics and morals. This is worst than a scary movie starring Orange man and a turtle face. Hope it is happy ending where they go to jail and get something in the back. Now our kids have to grow up with the poorest examples of men and human so they can keep their guns and right to life rhetoric. Don’t care if America is destroyed in the process. Low wages, no housing, debt, no infrastructure, education devalued, rise is food cost, worsen storms and environment, healthcare cost going up and a lack for Humanity for our fellow Americas including veterans who suffer with health care. Shifty money transfer so stupid people who care for power not Americans get elected. Please young Americans please learn from this – your our only hope.

  5. What aCouple.> Mika & Joe..> Almost cant belief its Mother-earth creation Too.
    What come out of these creatures mouth is More Toxic than all Gas on Jupiter.

  6. Woodall is the type of corrupt idiots they elect to congress in that state? 🤔

    Are they following the trump doctrine of "I was elected to tweet, not to read!"?

  7. The Dems need to have hearings on all the bills they have passed that Mitch McConnell refuses to let the Senate vote on.

  8. One conclusion from the Special Counsel, Robert Swan Mueller III report, puzzles me that there was no collusion between Trump's campaigning team and the Russian government in the 2016 presidential election. There was much evidence of Trump's team getting contact with Russian in this period of 2016 campaign. It made nauseating how the sarcastic and hypocritical GOP Congress members can keep silence and accepted the attack of an enemy country into the most sacred activities of the democracy.

  9. What has John Dean got to do with the Mueller report? The guys a convicted criminal with no exposure to politics in this era. I guess its a walk down memory lane for the deluded.If he can remember anything. This is now just getting beyond bizarre.

  10. Don't worry redfags the (real) full Mueller report of over hundreds of pages will be explained in 5 minute rants by your favorite entertainer Hannity

  11. Perhaps they can dig up some more fossils who have no clue what they are talking about to question. Nothing is getting done anyway. It is what the voters voted fro in 2018.

  12. Another committee with the illusion of oversight. Sorry, but this government has no oversight. We have a state-run media with government dominating the online conversation. The weaponized propaganda campaign has a purpose, it's to flush out Bush, Clinton and Obama era officials in government trying to advance an agenda. The agenda and the covert op to dismantle it is leaked if you follow my name.

  13. Why are all the nuts MSNBC analysts on John Dean hearing. Why because it is all crap. If they were honest they would have dug into Clinton, Lynch, Holder, etc. but there was silence. We need an objective look at all politicians this is just bipartisan crap. Nadler is obviously insane and possessed. I will not listen because they are political operatives not an unbiased honest people. Independents watch the lies unfold and do not even think about electing anyone behind this. Wait until the the info comes out on the other side.

  14. My hubby was like, Really, you want the Report?
    Yes! Of course, duh, everyone should read it!!
    It can in the mail Friday and I’m one happy American to have a hard copy of it.
    I’m a simpleton, so it’s a bit much to digest all at once, but I’m not gonna keep myself in the dark… neither should you.

  15. Why doesn't our government have a threat level warning for Russian bot/apparatchik activity on online platforms frequented by Americans for news and information? What are Trump and Republicans hiding about their election fraud?

  16. While Nancy Pelosi might have read it, I think, even among Democrats, only 40 members of Congress read it. It’s the same people who support impeachment. FYI, you don’t even have to read it. Audible has a free narration of the report available.

  17. Ironically if mueller and the very same doj team he used to investigate trump investigated Hillary. These republicans would not only have read it. They would be in fill support of and in praise of mueller. The double standard massively stinks here

  18. Let us say it clearly. If you are a member of Congress and don't read the Mueller report you are worse than the man who doesn't vote. If you are a member of Congress and don't read the Mueller report you are the person on a jury who decides it is ok to sleep through the testimony and then go into the jury deliberation room ready to vote for or against the accused on your whims. Or worse, on who you think will gain you the most advantage.

    People who think like that, who choose to act like that are a disgrace to the nation, to the Congress and especially to the men and women who die, even today, defending us with their lives, to ensure our sovereign citizenship.

    If Congressmen like this Republican have proof the report contains inaccuracies, he and they must take their behinds pronto to the Justice Department and show them their proof. Otherwise people who choose to stay ignorant, who admit they feel too weak-minded to expose themselves to the authenticated information in the Mueller report are aiding the same foreign adversary who entered our country using the undefended borders of the East Coast, set up computers using our undefended infrastructure and put their very large, bloated thumb on our lips, telling us we must vote their way or Armageddon would ensue.

    Rubbish is too good a word to describe this man's lack of personal courage.

  19. Since apparently, Americans are not much into reading the Mueller report, perhaps, those concerned that we learn the facts in the report should read 2 hours a day sections of the same on National Television at convenient hours trying to inform all Americans, since they love everything they get on tv, maybe someone should read it to audiences via the internet?

  20. How can the GOP defend something, when they haven't read it. It's like a defense lawyer going to court..and doesn't know what's being charged and what the evidence is. The GOP is involved in a conspiracy against our government, their mission to defraud, mislead, and obstruct justice. 2020 America…vote the GOP out, there are 22 GOP senate seats up for reelection, so be it, the only way we can get to the bottom of all this conspiracy is to place people in Congress who will perform their duty, and part of their duty is to know all the facts. The GOP have proven, they aren't interested in facts. They betray the oath they took to protect America…and instead protect Trump and Putin's interests.

  21. What happens to the family farms that go into bankruptcy? They are bought up by agribusinesses. Who is Trump helping?

  22. What happens to the family farms that go into bankruptcy? They are bought up by agribusinesses. Who is Trump helping?

  23. What happens to the family farms that go into bankruptcy? They are bought up by agribusinesses. Who is Trump helping?

  24. Congress should ask the SNL actors to read the Mueller report as Reader's Theater Robert de Niro has already played Mueller.

  25. IF YOU ARE IN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT – YOU OWE IT TO THE PEOPLE WHO ELECTED YOU (and Pay Your Salary) TO READ THE REPORT!! I am a "normal citizen" and I READ THE REPORT as soon as it was made available. Even with the redacted portions , I was barely through the first 10 pages before I was OUTRAGED at what had happened in our 2016 Elections.

  26. There is a problem with this effort. Democrats think that Republicans think truth matters. They do not. Democrats think it matters that laws were broken. Republicans don't care. Impeachment doesn;t matter, because the Senate Republican's don't care to adjudicate truth. Mitch Mc Connall is happy to ignore truth, and vote in more republican judges as fast as he can. Trump will nominate whatever Mitch wants. A government just small enough to fit into your bedroom to block contraception and abortion. Republicans are so desperate that they gerrymander to the point it's unconstitutional. In Texas, one district is 500 miles long by 30' wide.

  27. Who gives a crap about D T birthday and isn’t your husband divorcing you or ur divorcing him so why are you still on the train after he cheated on you

  28. You idiots need to figure out how to do investigative reporting. You didn't report anything but deceitful lies.

  29. There is about to be a sea change in 2020 such as we have not seen since Herbert Hoover was voted out of office. The Republican party is about to suffer great loses in 2020. Sure, Trumps bigoted willfully blind cult will vote Republican. Independents? Nope, no way and swing voters decide elections.

  30. Not reading the Mueller report is the Trumpism way of playing stupid. If they don’t see the facts they somehow believe they can deny them. It’s like the TRump financial records. Out of sight, out of mind. Unless the Republican Party cleans up their act, they’re going to damage their reputation for a long time. Siding with despots, disrespect to Military leadership, to our top law agencies. Not the Republicans of the past.

  31. As we all know the only people that broke the law is the dem party creating this fake story. I’m looking forward to their convictions.

  32. Educate us! We all would appreciate if a section of the Mueller Report was published every day. We don't have time to read it all at once, online. But most of us would read, say 30 minutes of the report, every day. I don't even know how we would get a copy to read, ourselves.

  33. Who cares? When will our government and the citizens grow up, quit hating and learn to work together? The Democrats pushed for a wall for Obama, the Republicans fought it Pelosi and Schumer, now that Trump wants one the Democrats are fighting it. The Democrats talk about the value of life while killing 600.000 babies through abortion, the Republicans opened the door to an amnesty plan for illegals and the Democrats want the citizens to support them both fighting against each other's policies. They both talk about work laws and rights yet do nothing except work on improving their own pay and benefits. If they fought the American taxpayer as hard as they do to protect the rights of illegals, criminals and big business, the citizens here would be living like kings. Life is about choices, sacrifices, and finding the middle ground. Our government works for themselves, couldn't care about compromise, it is about their side winning. The only problem is that it is not the citizen's side nor in the citizen's interest.


  35. @ 2:32 Well, There ya are folks, proof that Donald trump could have shot me in the middle of 5rh avenue and this dude would have no issue with it.Yikes!!.

  36. I have read the Muller Report AND listened to it on audio books. I’m a senior citizen and I feel it is EVERYONES responsibility to read it, ESPECIALLY our elected officials!! I pray our Congress does it job and holds trump accountable.

  37. Congress is getting paid an outstanding amount of taxs payers money ayear, they are voting in to do their job, the Republicans and voters should read it. Unless his base is really ill- literary, has it has been reported. Or just have an open mind while wacthing the real news. Democrat Congressmen have read it out loud, the news castor continues to read and discuss parts of the report. The hearing today, will be discussing it.

  38. The republicans are a wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industries… Trump is just another republican.

    The Koch Brothers are my Brother [HP]

    –Facing accusations of patent violations, Koch looked abroad, including what was then Stalin-era Russia, where he set up Russia’s oil refineries. After setting up Stalin with refineries, Stalin kicked Koch out of Russia. Back in the US, Koch went about fighting Stalin for payback.

    –The Koch brothers didn’t just inherit their father’s fortune. They also inherited his politics. In 1958, Fred Koch was a founding member of the John Birch Society, the right-wing extremist group that opposed civil rights and claimed that both the Democratic and Republican Parties were infiltrated by the Communist Party. In his 1960 self-published book, A Business Man Looks at Communism, Fred Koch wrote that “The colored man looms large in the Communist plan to take over America,” and that welfare was a secret plot to attract rural blacks and Puerto Ricans to Eastern cities to vote for Communist causes and “getting a vicious race war started.” The John Birch Society helped fuel a wave of hysteria against unions, civil rights groups, intellectuals, public schools, liberal clergy and others whom they considered a threat to America…

    –You can see their father’s words in David Koch’s 1980 presidential campaign platform AND in the actions of the republicans of today. The Koch’s spent a billion dollars to purchase and put the republicans into office. The John Birch Society was instrumental in Trump’s campaign (Politico)

    Here are just a few excerpts of the Libertarian Party platform that David Koch ran on in 1980:

    “Abolish Medicare and Medicaid.”

    “Abolish the Social Security system.

    “Abolish welfare, relief projects, aid to children and ‘aid to the poor’

    “Abolish government regulated schools and compulsory education.”

    “Abolish compulsory insurance/tax-supported health and abortion services.”

    “Abolish the regulation of the medical insurance industry.”

    “Abolish all taxation.”

    “Abolish minimum wage laws.”

    “Abolish the Postal Service.

    “Abolish the Federal Aviation Administration.”

    “Abolish the Consumer Product Safety Commission.”

    “Abolish the Federal Election Commission.”

    “Abolish the Food and Drug Administration.”

    “Abolish the Environmental Protection Agency.”

    “Abolish the Department of Energy.”

    “Abolish the Department of Transportation.”

    “Abolish the Occupational Safety and Health Act.”

    “Abolish all public roads and national highways.”

    “Abolish requiring safety belts, air bags, or crash helmets.”

    “Privatization inland waterways and control of all water

    “Abolish all lending laws.”

    “Abolish all branches of the service except the Army”

    Now, look at what the republicans are doing!

    'Hidden History' Of Koch Brothers Traces Their Childhood And Political Rise [NPR] –

    Fred Koch, the patriarch of the family, was an expert in building oil refineries, and he and a friend named William Rhodes Davis proposed building one in Germany during 1934, '35, that period in there. In 1933, Adolf Hitler became chancellor of the Third Reich in Germany, so this meant working under the Third Reich. And in order to get permission, they actually had to go to Hitler himself, and William Rhodes Davis did the "Heil Hitler" to greet Hitler, and finally they got Hitler to greenlight this proposal so that they could build an oil refinery in Hamburg. Koch still loved Nazism, so much so, he employed a Nazi party nanny to raise his children in the US.

    THE SECRET ORIGINS OF THE TEA PARTY [TIME] How Big Oil and Big Tobacco Partnered with the Koch Brothers to take over the GOP

    –“Over the years, Rich Fink, Charles Koch’s political adviser, and his various Koch protégés have occasionally talked publicly about what would be needed to take over one of the two national political parties from the outside and place Libertarian, free-market principles at its center.” The Kochs spent a billion dollars of dark money to purchase the republicans and put them into office. The republicans are a wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industries.

    Trump and the Koch Brothers Are Working in Concert They disagree about trade, tariffs and immigration, but don’t be fooled. Neither side can get what it really wants without help from the other.

    President Trump and the Koch brothers have made it clear that they don’t like each other. Politically speaking, they are in fundamental disagreement over trade, tariffs and immigration. Nonetheless, there is a functional Trump-Koch alliance, and the Republican Party has capitalized handsomely on it. Trump’s racially freighted, anti-immigrant rhetoric has been essential to persuading white voters to agree to Republicans’ long-sought tax and regulatory policies. These policies are inimical or irrelevant to the interests of low- and moderate-income Americans. They have been promulgated by the Trump administration, but many of them have been meticulously prepared and packaged by the Kochs’ massive political network.

    Take a look at the ALEC, The American Legislative Exchange Council another Koch Industries subsidiary. The ALEC writes legislation and gives it to a republican representative. Without even transferring the legislation to Official Representative Paper, the republican brings it to the floor to be voted on. Corporations are writing legislation via republicans.

    State Legislatures and ALEC: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

    Then there are the Republicans voting twice… in congress.

    Voting: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  39. The republicans are in bed with the russians.

    –Legal Experts Say Attorney General's Ties to Russia Are Troubling [newsweek]

    –Barr’s public financial disclosure report, he admits to working for the law firm Kirkland & Ellis LLP, where he was counsel from March 2017 until he was confirmed as attorney general in February 2019, represented Russia’s Alfa Bank. (Barr earned more than $1 million at Kirkland) and for a company whose co-founders allegedly have long-standing business ties to Russia. What’s more, he received dividends [$5,001 to $15,000 in dividends] from Vector Group, a holding company with deep financial ties to Russia.

    –Questions have also been raised about whether Och-Ziff Capital Management, a hedge fund where Barr was a board director from 2016 to 2018, may also be too closely connected to the Russia investigation.

    –The billionaire Ziff brothers, Dirk, Robert and Daniel, provided seed money to hedge fund manager Daniel Och to start the firm in 1992. They retained a small stake in the company after it went public in 2007.

    –The brothers are also a subject of interest to the Russian government because of their work with billionaire William Browder, a financier who ran afoul of the Kremlin.

    –Why is Giuliani supporting Trump?

    –Jean-Francois Revel wrote “Unlike the Western leadership, which is tormented by remorse and a sense of guilt,”, “Soviet leaders’ consciences are perfectly clear, which allows them to use brute force with utter serenity both to preserve their power at home and to extend it abroad.”

    This is what sparked a love-fest for Putin’s tactics from Republicans immediately following his invasion of Ukraine. “That’s what you call a leader” said Rudy Giuliani. Rep. Hal Rogers (R-MI), who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, said that Putin was playing chess while President Obama played marbles.

    [Torture, Russia, and Conservative Dictator-Envy by Jonathan Chait]

    –Mitch McConnell reportedly linked to Putin, Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska and Russian companies [DailyKos]

    –Right now, the point being made is that Mitch McConnell is benefiting from his direct and indirect ties to Putin and Russian oligarchs, which most likely guided McConnell’s recent vote to lift Russian sanctions. And it would seem he clearly voted in the interest of himself, his king and his Russian ties, when McConnell should have been working in the best interest of the American people. Alas, his Senate seat and constituents are merely stepping stones to more corruption.

    –Many have suspected for some time that smirky McConnell was looped into the Russian knot one way or another. Watching the GOP leader defend and cling to Trump like a tick, has been difficult and disturbing to witness for over two years. Will this news get us closer to McConnell’s political demise? Millions would hope.

    –Lindsey Graham Received Campaign Donations From Firm Tied To Russian Oligarch

    –GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham received $800,000 from a Ukrainian-born oligarch with ties to Putin's inner circle.

    –As President Donald Trump appears to sink deeper into legal trouble and special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation pushes forward, the relative silence of congressional Republicans becomes increasingly difficult to ignore.

    –But apart from the obvious reasons conservative lawmakers might steer clear of commenting on Trump’s situation — party loyalty and fear of inviting a presidential Twitter attack come to mind — it is worth remembering that several noteworthy Republicans have Russia links as well.

    –Senate Republicans Meet Lavrov in Moscow Ahead of Trump-Putin Summit

    –Shelby lead an all-Republican congressional delegation to Russia. The lawmakers were joined for the meeting with Lavrov by U.S. Ambassador Jon Huntsman. President Donald Trump is scheduled to meet formally with Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 16, in Helsinki… GOP lawmakers on the trip with Shelby include Sens. Steve Daines of Montana, John Hoeven of North Dakota, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, John Kennedy of Louisiana, Jerry Moran of Kansas and John Thune of South Dakota. Rep. Kay Granger, R-Texas, a senior member of the House Appropriations Committee, also joined the trip. On the 4th of July.

  40. The agreement indicates that the Trump administration is not stonewalling Congress, the committee's top Republican, Representative Doug Collins, said.

    Hmmm … Didn't Donald say …
    "We're fighting all the subpoenas." – Donald Trump, 04.24.19

  41. Ya let's listen to a convicted felon that is sooo biased(Dean)… that his leaky depends oozes the Democratic lead Congress intentions and blinded hate that has absolutely nothing to do with the blind sheep following them… and no I am not a Trump supporter or voter… but after watching and listening to both sides… Nader does not care bout the people of his party… even a 5 year old could see the right and wrong in any of this… sad and pathetic…


  43. Dems wasting more time, what a shame…..they should approve USMCA, get serious about immigration reform, and stop wasting time trying to re-litigate the Trump-Russia fiasco and changing their priorities every week (this week it's the Hyde ammendment which the front-runner, Biden, supported since it's passing. If Dems want to retain the house and take the presidency in 2020, they should start GOVERNING (not passing meaningless feel-good resolutions) and stop focusing on Trump – he'll certainly eat you for breakfast again.

  44. The GOP know that if they actually READ the report, they will have to DO something about Trump's crimes. And that's the LAST thing they want to do. They have covered their ears, closed their eyes, and they're screaming " LALALALALALALALALALALALALA" as loud as they can.

  45. They didn’t need to read the report because criminal Barr told his lies that suited the Republicans and let Trump off the hook,KARMA it will not end well.

  46. "A lack of desire to know anything that might be true." — this should be the Oxford dictionary's definition of Trumpism.


  48. You dumbocrats must be smoking weed or eating funny mushrooms. You all have lost your minds and Patriotism for America. Your all trators and scum.

  49. put it on Facebook and social media, lazy general public seem completely oblivious to the potential dangers threatening the country and their futures!

  50. Only in Jerry Nadler's court is a John Dean a credible witness. Hey John, the 1970's are calling – they want you back at the Probation office.

  51. Every time a Republican Congressperson or Senator criticizes the Mueller Report someone should immediately state that he or she hasn't even read the report so how does he or she know what's in it.

  52. Who's holding low IQ Mika and Democrat Joe up they have no audience to speak of🤣😂 the only people they get is all the TDS Afflicted dying to hear something bad about the president..
    Get some help people

  53. Stop this crap and do your jobs Democrats!!!! Fix the border and stop the homelessness in California. The state is a sewer…you talk about dereliction of duty? You’re joking!! Do your job – you should be focused on stopping the Bubonic plaque problem we now have – let more poor people into this country and the homeless problem will be in every state instead just the democratic run states

  54. Micky D's new menu option: The big "Congressional Nuthing Burger" with a half baked patty packed full of coarsely ground sinew-endos and heavily peppered with delicious lies and prevarications. Noticeably absent is Robert's secret sause. But, quickly replaced with a plentiful supply of absent mindedness and other obfuscations. You'll love it or… you may hate it. Maybe both.

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