House Dems Confront Trump Aide Lewandowski Over Lying On MSNBC | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. This is where we see how weak these supposedly powerful men actually are. No better than a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Are you a man or a mouse?

  2. Lewandowski was not cited for contempt although he clearly was.
    Ari's guest suggests here that it is a question of the proper scope of executive priviledge and that Trump has stretched its limits. Ya Think!?

  3. The Little Flie, trying to impress the Big Turd. You only have to look at this guys face to see what a lying creep he is, who idolizers Trump. His family must be so proud of him for throwing away his family name into the gutter, for a Turd who will attack him sometime in the future. Don't you just love the stupidity of Republicans.

  4. I cannot imagine but I guess he will be running to be a senator, this guy US senato??, oh my God, just the thought makes me want to throw up

  5. Corey Lewinsky mopt the floor with this hearing again democrats make themselves look like ignorant donkeys what a joke democrats so desperate and disgusting msn cnn rateings are lower than Nickelodeon look it up your self so sad fox news rateings of the charts look it up your self turmp 2020baby

  6. Can we handcuff this lawless Trump's crony and drag out of the room? How long we, citizens, have to tolerate seeing person like this crony contemptuously violating our rules of laws?

  7. Nothing any of these talking heads or teir guests have said has come true. Nothing. If a person tell you lies over and over again will you stop listening to that person?

  8. i still don't understand what goes on in their head when they look people in the eye and lie about things that everyone knows about. Am sorry Americans, but your president and his aids are indirectly calling you guys fools.

  9. I agree with another commenter: these low-life thugs and jerkwads do NOT intend to play by the rules. Wherever and whenever they can obstruct, obfuscate, derail, confuse, delay, etc etc….they will. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE GUILTY!!!! Stop the pussyfooting around, dems, go for the jugular on this swineherd.

  10. he still goes on tv to show his ugly face and defend the lies. these people have some nerve. with this type of mafia-like loyalists, the damage this russian wanna be president has visited on the american system of government will take a very long time to undo. perhaps never.

  11. Rational Americans should be very concerned about the 2020 election. If the Dems cannot summarily nail a weasel like Lewandowski for contempt based on yesterday's disgraceful performance they have not got a hope of defeating Dear Leader Trump in the coming election, let alone impeaching him.

  12. I find it hilarious that MSNBC was lied to. MSNBC has been lying since president Trump was elected by Americans. President Trump is doing his job ignoring and laughing at MSM baloney. Levondoski can say anything just like MSM he wants he's not under oath. Hahaha. Keep lying it's hilarious.

  13. If there is a divine institution in this country it's MSNBC. Okay Corey for your penance say Barrack Obama 10 times, and Hilary Clinton 10 times.

  14. Lock up the donkey and his whole family or just shoot them. They are world nuisance. This donkey is a human one and the most stupid and disgusting and above all knows nothing but claims he knows everything.

  15. The Trump crime family at work again. We need to start arresting these people that obstruct and/or conspire against the people of America. Barr, Pompeo, Pence all need to be arrested and charged with conspiracy to defraud America by using Trump properties knowing Trump would benefit financially. All of the Trump appointed department heads that suppress, obstruct, cover-up and conspire need to be arrested and charged. "PUBLICLY". Congress "GET" a backbone, use your powers and the U.S. Marshall's to arrest these people, let them sit in a cell for a while, assign them a cell mate named Bubba backdoor Bob, I'll bet you'll have cooperation before the cell door closes!!!!

  16. How is Lewandowski viewed any differently than Cohan who's in prison and considered a liar and cannot be believed in any regard?


  18. Did Atty. Joyce Vance say, " I mean them no respect", at 5:47/5:48, speaking of the Committee Council? Maybe she misspoke?

  19. Jeez, can you imagine being a Trump criminal defense lawyer, preparing for Trump's federal obstruction trial not all that far off, seeing the devastating effect of Lew'ski's testimony on a federal jury? Oh man, this was brutal, and it will be far worse on Trump at trial.
    And if you think Lew'ski is bad, there are others . . .

  20. Most criminal, incompetent, divisive, corrupt, unpatriotic Presidential administration in U.S. history. No joke! The big joke is Republicans pretending nothing wrong.

  21. Cory Lewandowski: portrait of a cowardly, corrupt, racist white nationalist weasel. Feel real sorry for his kids, hoping they don't turn out anything like him, brainwashed into the Republican cult.

  22. Mr. Lewandowski is giving back what he's getting. Attitude. Every question Is laced with the idea, he is guilty before proven. Mullen had every freedom and assistance that he asked for. He was NOT intimated by removal nor was there any obstruction. Those are the facts. All this other stuff is hipuorbaly, innuendo, and conjecture. CNN at its worst.

  23. If these people were black you hypocrites would have impeached and put all of these crooks in jail long before now😂😂😂 all of you appear senseless trying to protect white supremacy. 😂😂😂 just ridiculous! Leave Trump alone!

  24. What will HAPPEN regarding the request to hold him in contempt.? This guy should be put in jail overnight. This is destructive of our basic institutions, and will make them crumble, nless he's punished for this crap.

  25. All these media channels are a joke. Despite the guy admitting to lying to news agencies, these agencies like FOX and others will STILL put this guy on television.

  26. I urge Americans to IGNORE the PLANNED distractions and address concerns about a FUTURE that may soon
    be denied to their CHILDREN. To DUTY! 🦊  🦊

  27. Imagine these "people" raising kids… "son, lies are the way, until you're found out… if so, start calling everybody derogatory devisive names… if that doesn't work then claim fake news"… =sh*tty kids 🙉🙊🙈

  28. He should be held in contempt. Trump and his talking heads have been lying to the press and the American people for years. They should not be allowed to get away with refusing to tell the truth to a congressional committee.

  29. Hide it all,I have the goods on you to stop you speaking,question needs to be asked did someone make that point to this lying person under questioning,that question needs to be asked has he been threatened,or his Faimly threatened,

  30. Lewandowski's kids: "I have no obligation to be honest with you, dad. You weren't honest with Ari Melber, the American people, Congress or the FBI"

  31. Contempt : willful disobedience to or open disrespect of a court, judge, or legislative body
    If it looks like duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck, it's a duck. Jail ALL of these people claiming privilege "presidential privilege" starting with AG Barr

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