House Chaos and Senate Judiciary is all about Bill Barr’s grandson: Congressional Hits and Misses

PELOSI: I’m not for wall! I’m not for A wall…. REPORTER: Now what’s your favorite thing here Mr. President? TRUMP: I like it all. I like it all. HOYER: I’m not sure what’s going on but I object. BLACK: As this partial government shutdown
continues YOHO: 25 days! GARAMENDI: I think I just heard the 25th day. BLACK: Help our lawmakers to open
their hearts to your love HARTZLER: No BLACK: And to surrender PELOSI: the State of the Union it’s
not a sacred date it’s not constitutionally required it’s not any
but president’s birthday BLACK: Their desires TRUMP: We have pizzas, we have 300 hamburgers. BLACK: In this tangled world GARAMENDI: Can anybody find any good
reason for the shutdown? BLACK: we are conscious of our woeful inadequacies HARTZLER: There we are, we found the poster. GRASSLEY: Benefit of the public
watching on C-SPAN I should have had this blown up INHOFE: Okay you you’ll get their
attention in a minute madam president. GRASSLEY: I doubt it but it’s gonna do much good for
me just to hold up a small sheet of paper. BLACKBURN: The Senate will be in order. INHOFE: Good job! And that’s coming from a brand new senator. ISAKSON: Now like pink better
than purple but I didn’t let that stop me from buying a black shirt it’s the only
shirt I can get. INHOFE: I was talking about Bob Byrd. We remember Bob Byrd. He’s deceased now. GRAHAM: I want us to do better and I’ll be as measured as possible. The immigration Lindsey will show up but the other guys there too. I don’t like him any more
than you do. HIRONO: Mr. Chairman I welcome the arrival of the immigration Lindsey
Graham of 2013 the other Lindsey Graham we shall see CRUZ: We’re looking forward to
the Lindsey Graham chairmanship of judiciary and I’m sure if GRAHAM: They’ll make a
movie about it I’m sure! BARR: I talked to his staff and I said you know I want to
follow up and send some something to Rod [Rosenstein] in writing but is he a one-pager kind of
guy or—? GRAHAM: Don’t you think president Trump is a one-pager kind of guy? BARR: Excuse me? GRAHAM: President Trump is a one-pager kind of guy. BARR: I suspect he is. GRAHAM: Okay just remember
that, go ahead. KING: Can tell you this: that ideology never shows up in my head JACKSON LEE: I thank the gentleman I beg to differ BUTTERFIELD: I didn’t hear a request for the — CROWD: Noooo Boooo HOYER: You don’t usually have to ask for a recorded vote because when you were in
the majority it was always us than that and record the bow cuz we were losing! Frankly I think that’s what happened BARR: Their son, Mary and Mike’s son Liam, who will someday be in the Department of Justice GRAHAM: Think about medical school Liam. Somebody needs to make money in the family. CRUZ: You know I would note 27 years ago when you did this previously when you were last nominee to
be Attorney General and I think you may have been about Liam’s age at the time KLOBUCHAR: I take it as a positive that your grandson has gotten out of pen a pen and a pad of
paper to take notes during my questions SASSE: Liam I have career advice I won’t do it
on camera we know we want to know if you’re taking notes for your cousins
about career advice though well that we’ll ask you later BLUMENTHAL: I hope I am perhaps
the last to make reference to your grandson by saying that if he makes it
through this hearing today he can have any job he wants in this building BLACKBURN: I told Liam that grandpa ought to give him whatever he wants to eat for dinner
tonight He has behaved very well and done a great job FEINSTEIN: I’d like to send a little care package down to him. He deserves a medal. LEAHY: He doesn’t have to share it with the rest of the family. KLOBUCHAR: Thank you Mr. Barr, thanks to your grandson for the mint that was very nice McCARTHY: Yes I was here this weekend and yes there were a lot of Democrats in
Puerto Rico and going to “Hamilton.” ♪ I hope they learned within that musical yeah Congress has to compromise ♪ Not to take deadly aim it’s him or me the world will never be the same. McCARTHY: So what is their offer? ♪ Diametrically opposed ♪ ♪ Foes ♪ McCARTHY: Because the
only thing I see on the floor this week is political theater. HOYER: We have just been
through a very difficult week ♪


  1. Well the real issue is his unconstitutional positions on gun confiscation via red flag laws.
    Trump picks another traitor.
    Kavanaugh was pro Patriot act.
    This is becoming a pattern.
    Trump's got to go.

  2. How have I not come across you before?! I just started a new Instagram page called "the_people_of_cnn" and would really like to post your videos there if that's ok. You are amazing, by far my new favorite channel! Thank you for existing!

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