Hong Kong’s high court rules anti-mask law unconstitutional

over in Hong Kong the standoff between
protesters and police continued while this is happening the High Court ruled
the government’s recent law banning mass of demonstrators is unconstitutional Kim
bo-gyung has the latest Hong Kong’s High Court ruled on Monday that the law which
banned protesters from wearing face masks was unconstitutional according to
the Hong kong-based South China Morning Post High Court judges said the anti
mask law was quote incompatible with the basic law which refers to the city’s
mini Constitution that came into effect after Hong Kong was returned to China in
1997 the law prohibiting protesters from covering their faces went into effect on
October 5th and gave police the power to remove the masks the protesters were
wearing the ruling came out as 25 lawmakers had challenged the law arguing
this emergency law gives Hong Kong’s executive unrestricted power to bypass
Parliament meanwhile at Hong Kong Polytechnic University currently
occupied by protesters police are trying to enter the campus and drag out the
remaining students overnight the university looked more like a better
fill than a school as police fired tear gas and water cannons they also used on
anti-riot sound device known as long range acoustic device which causes
vomiting great pain and dizziness when heard against this protesters said a
police vehicle on fire and shot arrows from the barricade University with one
arrow lodging in one officers leg although I needed to prepare for the
exams when I saw the unfairness of society I felt I needed to stand up
because I’m not just a Hong Kong student I’m more of a Hong Kong citizen
meanwhile Chinese soldiers stationed in Hong Kong have been spotted cleaning up
Hong Kong streets the presence of the mainland’s People’s
Liberation Army has prompted concerns that Beijing may exert his force on Hong
Kong sooner rather than later in fact according to China’s Ming pal newspaper
senior Chinese officials including Vice Premier Hans own too committed to
Guangdong Province on area whose to Hong Kong and discuss the
current crisis Kim bo-gyung Arirang news


  1. Face mask unconstitutional in hk, first time carrie get slap in the face left n right, ouch n ouch. let see what wumao will say on this topic? duh?

  2. A Dilettante Presumptuous Theorem: Remarkable Team Freedom Effort. Governments are not to Rule over the people as dictators, kings, queens, barons, lords etc. This Ruler of Law is always instigated by the Wealthy because they think they know the best for the masses of people, just because they have great monetary funds. Having money doesn't make the wealthy have great wisdom. How could someone of wealth be able to relate to the masses of people.

    The rich are out of touch with true reality. All the wealthy people in governments work for their own personal monetary gains. The wealthy people in governments work to keep the masses in line and downtrodden.

    The wealthy people in governments are all "Bullshiters." The word Bullshit is a good word. It is not an unwanted social swearing word. Bullshit is a type of Lying that means the persons talking "Don't believe in what they are saying." The wealthy think they are civilized, but it is the masses who are civilized.

    The wealthy want to go back to the roman days who Ruled by Law with an iron fist to enslave people, keep people in line and downtrodden. Let the Freedom that God gives everyone reign. Most people on the flat earth want live in peace with everyone else. We all just want to get along with each other, but that bothers the wealthy ingrates.

  3. Sonic and Ultrasonic Weapons (USW) are weapons used by police forces across the flat earth. The device is also referred to as a "Sound Canon" and what do canons do
    to people. The sound device on the
    vehicle can create sound waves to make people leave an area, harm people and
    even kill people.
    From: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonic_weapon Sonic and Ultrasonic Weapons (USW) are weapons of various types that use sound to injure,
    incapacitate, or kill an opponent. Some sonic weapons are currently in limited
    use or in research and development by military and police forces. Some of these
    weapons have been described as sonic bullets, sonic grenades, sonic mines, or
    sonic cannons. Some make a focused beam of sound or ultrasound; some make an
    area field of sound." From: "Military sound-cannon will be used to deter"
    at http://www.policestateusa.com/2014/lrad-vs-speeders/ "Since then, the
    LRAD was being delivered to local law enforcement agencies throughout the USA;
    many through federal grants aimed at militarizing police.  By 2009, the
    LRAD was dramatically used for the first time against Americans, when police
    mounted it on their armored vehicles and used it to disperse unwelcome
    protesters in Pittsburgh during the G-20 Summit."

  4. LoL, unconstitutional… Only Chinese people's Congress have the right to judge. British judge to rule Chinese constitutional law. Hongkong should expel all foreign judges. Those foreigners are CIA spy!

  5. Did the high court judges tell the Hong Kong citizens that these rioters are criminals? Next time please ask the high court judges.

  6. Nothing can challenge Constitution law. Constitution law is the Lord of the laws in a country. Hong Kong is not a country. Hong Kong is just a colony of China. That is no such thing as constitution law in Hong Kong local government. Hong Kong local laws cannot be more powerful than China Constitution Law. If mainland China make an announcement, Hong Kong high court will shut up.

  7. Anyone can see the problem when thousands have been arrested but none been charge since day 1. Crazy judicial system in HK.

  8. The high court of Hongkong has nonright to interpret the basic law by self!
    Article 158 The power of interpretation of this Law shall be vested in the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress.The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress shall authorize the courts of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to interpret on their own, in adjudicating cases, the provisions of this Law which are within the limits of the autonomy of the Region.The courts of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region may also interpret other provisions of this Law in adjudicating cases. However, if the courts of the Region, in adjudicating cases, need to interpret the provisions of this Law concerning affairs which are the responsibility of the Central People's Government, or concerning the relationship between the Central Authorities and the Region, and if such interpretation will affect the judgments on the cases, the courts of the Region shall, before making their final judgments which are not appealable, seek an interpretation of the relevant provisions from the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress through the Court of Final Appeal of the Region.When the Standing Committee makes an interpretation of the provisions concerned, the courts of the Region, in applying those provisions, shall follow the interpretation of the Standing Committee.However, judgments previously rendered shall not be affected.The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress shall consult its Committee for the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region before giving an interpretation of this Law.

  9. My God, even the Hong Kong High Court judge is on the side of the protesters !!!! How to bring peace to Hong Kong . Guess all the protesters in the police custody are all PEACE LOVING STUDENTS; so please release them and blame the police for wrongfully detaining them !!!! What A JOKE IN HONG KONG !!!!! Why can't China adopt the same action as what India did in Kashmir !!!!

  10. They are afraid that if they ruled against the rioters the rioters will throw petrol bombs at them and harass their families like they harass the police officer families.

    I think HK gone. How the court going to uphold the rule of law when they cannot distinguish between rioters wearing masks to commit crimes and those who need to wear for legitimate purpose. So if banks prohibit customers to wear masks when going into the banks that is wrong. Robbers have right to wear masks to go into a bank sit there and observe for the right time to rob the bank

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