Honestly Judge and The Party

(slow bass and drum music) Sir? (defendant clears throat) Good morning. Good morning, sir. Your name, sir? Adegoke Adelabu. Okay, here I have two parking tickets. They’re both on Putnam Street. Sir? What do you want to tell me about these? One is overnight parking. The one I recognize is during the snow. Was your car towed? My car towed? Where’s the bill, you got the receipt? Yeah, I didn’t know it was going to be issued like this. I paid one ordinance. No, the receipt for the tow, you have that? No, I don’t have the receipt. No, of course not. They tow my car, then I pay at Johnston. I call the cops, say Where’s my car- The vehicle was towed, Your Honor. He called the police looking for it and they advised him that it was an emergency snow tow and they towed the vehicle. It was towed? Yeah, based on his explanation he just started saying, he called the police to ask where his vehicle was. When I- Where was it? They towed it to Johnston. They directed me to Johnston, then I went there to get my car. Then, I pay $106. $106? Yeah, so I- I believe it’s Allendale Tow. It’s Providence, but you have to take the Johnston exit to come back into Providence, north of Kelly. Everything you’re telling us, Inspector Quinn says you’re telling the truth. Yes, sir. I am telling the truth. I cannot lie. Of course not. Nobody- We’re taking liberties with the verbage right now, but the first thing you were tellin’ the truth, I don’t know about the second one, Judge. Nobody lies before this court. (Quinn laughs) We have never had a lie before this court. Everybody that comes in says, Judge, honest to God, I’m telling the truth. I’ve never had anyone come in and say, Judge, to tell you the truth, I’m lyin’. (Quinn laughs)
Nobody ever said that. But you’re tellin’ the truth, we know. Yes, sir. (Judge laughs) So, because you paid the tow fees, tow fee, so much money, I’m gonna dismiss that case. Thank you very much, sir. But you have an overnight parking ticket on Putnam Street on April 23rd. April 23rd? Yeah, three days ago. Three days ago. I never saw any tickets. Never saw the ticket? I just came for this one. Is your car outside? My car’s outside, yeah. When you go outside, you better check on the windshield. You’re gonna see the ticket. (laughs) (laughs) I didn’t see the ticket, sir. It’s gonna cost you $20 for overnight parking. The other ticket is dismissed. Thank you, sir. Good luck. (bass music) The Judge is correct. Honestly, Your Honor, is the most overused and abused phrase uttered in our courtroom. Comin’ in at close second is, I swear to God, I never saw the ticket. And rounding out the field is, to tell you the truth, it wasn’t me. And just so you know, swear to God, we know when you’re lyin’, honestly. We do. (bass music)
Beauty Bucklenberg. Good morning.
Good morning, Your Honor. Good morning. You have one speeding violation. Is there anything you want to tell me about this? Yeah, actually, it wasn’t me. My sister and I rented a U-Haul and I asked a neighbor who had volunteered that he was gonna do some work for me. So, we got the U-Haul and… My kids always say I trust too much. So, he was taking out stuff from out of my yard and throwin’ them away, but most of the time I went with him and we would go to the landfill and dispose of the garbage. On this day, I had to take my son for a doctor’s appointment. So, he kept pushing me to leave. But I had to go for an appointment. He said, I want to get this done, ’cause I got another job to do. So, reluctantly, I handed him the U-Haul keys, and he went and, Your Honor, this young man went and he stayed over four hours. I came back from my doctor appointment and he wasn’t still there. So, I got extra charges from the U-Haul, I had to pay over 200 and change and I just got so many different charges. So, when I got the ticket, I wasn’t surprised. No. No. (Judge laughs) Alright, that’s the bad news. Now, I’m gonna give you the good news. Alright, he was doin’ 11 miles- Oh, thank God. Which was one mile… (Judge laughs) You just were telling me how terrible he was, now you’re thanking God for him. Okay. (Beauty laughs) He was doing one mile over the limit, which we are dismissing. Okay, thank you, sir. I appreciate it. So, it’s not gonna cost you anything further. It cost me a lot already. Thank you.
All right. Good luck to you. (bass music) Okay, Kyle. Morning, Your Honor. You’re a student? Sorry?
You’re a student? Yeah, Providence College. Alright, this is loud music at midnight on Eaton Street. Were you havin’ a party? We did have some friends over, yes. How many friends you have? How many? It was about 50 to 60. It was a two room apartment? Yeah. There’s two different floors, two different apartments. 50 to 60 peoples up there? So, yeah, like 20, 25 on each floor I would say. (Judge laughs) Are you on the lease on both apartments, or just one? Just one. They charged 10 people? They charged, well, I went and was talking to the police officers, so they put the ticket in my name, but I’m just assuming that was with the intention of charging all of the roommates. Is there a report number on that, Judge? Yeah. Just hold on, I’m… Alright, police were dispersing a large crowd in this area and they could hear loud music coming from down the street. So, they went to the address from where they were hearing the music. They were 400 feet away hearing the music. As they approached the residence, they could see a large number of individuals on the front porch. This was at midnight. They tried to get in the front door, but they couldn’t get in. So, they asked people on the porch to open the door for police, which they refused to do. At this time, police entered the rear yard of the residence. There were about 60 people in the rear yard drinking alcoholic beverages and yelling as the police approached. Police were able to gain entry into the rear common hallway at 70 Eaton Street as someone was exiting. At this time, police were approached by you, Kyle, who informed police that you lived at this residence. Police could see about 150 individuals in the house. According to this, I’m reading the report.
Yeah. Due to safety concerns and the loud and boisterous nature of the party, police requested that Kyle disperse the party. After approximately 25 minutes, Kyle was able to disperse the large crowd from inside the residence. Oh, so.. Usually, we read that they don’t do it. So, he was pretty compliant. What do you think, Inspector? Your Honor, I took a look at it. Kyle has not received any other loud music violations. After reading the report, Your Honor, that he did comply with the police commands and orders, the city’s willing to reduce that to a $100 fine, or we could set that matter down for trial if he doesn’t want to resolve it. Alright. The fine was 500. Inspector Quinn, based on the police report, which indicates that you did cooperate, so he wants to reduce the fine by 80%, charge you $100. This is not a chargeable offense, so it’s not a record that you will have. So, he suggests a $100 fine, which I’m prone to do. Do you want to pay the 100 or come back and have a trial? I will take the 100, thank you. You got a good deal. It’s 100, good luck to you. Thank you. All rise and hit subscribe, so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases. You be the judge. Subscribe now.


  1. I love Inspector Quinn, don't think he gets enough recognition here. His comments after the first guy were so funny but also very much a warning to anyone who thinks they can lie to the judge. God help those who would lie to Judge Caprio. Not only does he not deserve it but he seems to have a sixth sense about it.

  2. I like the kid at the end but I wish all loud music playing people to be fined to the fullest extent of the law. And oh yeah, when they are old, to be living next to a loud music playing person.

  3. I love you you Judge and Quinn. Thanks for helping my brother out, when he was in college at Johnson and Whales in 1998. It helped our Mom out so much also. Xoxo 🤗💜💜💜

  4. Perhaps CIP could allow the public to caption in other languages?
    As always, love the Judge and the last guy’s conduct.

  5. Hahaha in my partys i don't get more than 10 friends, and he was having 150 people in the house for party, must be a popular guy.

  6. I woulda charged the kid the whole $500. At $100 he will do it again. Loud music at midnight = no respect for anyone else. Throw the book at him!!!

  7. QUESTION: I don't live too far from this court, are we allowed to go and watch him live in his court room? Just curious

  8. Judge Frank Caprio and inspector Quinn – you are a role model to many and beyond the borders of US … They both have a good heart, if I live in America would deliberately made the punishment that would come to you and met you personally…God bless you all….Greetings from MONTENEGRO!

  9. Both of these guts ..the judge and bailiff are totally ..REAL…Although I like these men I believe ill stay on the West Coast ..where I know what's what…

  10. Excuse me your honour,
    Can someone put more caption (i mean add other translation)?
    Coz i've watch this all together with my family at home as a lesson but sadly we don't understand english much.
    If possible please add malay language at caption.
    TQ your for your concern your honor.
    Regard from us in malaysia.

  11. Courtrooms worldwide are intimidating, ridden with tension, depressing and a downer…
    But not Judge Caprio' courtroom… Where most people come in not knowing what to expect and most leave relieved and smiling…☺
    Having understood and learnt what they needed to…
    That's what makes his courtroom so very unique!

  12. Do they try to get the parking ticket, speed away and jump the signal just to meet him by any chance? He is such a lovely human being.

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