Hannity: Nadler has jumped the shark with John Dean


  1. John Dean is a half-dead, old man now who just wants to be left alone. He probably was wondering why he was even there to begin with?

  2. Battle of the Bulge Voice's of History YouTube Richard H Wheeler NEVER Give up! Shàlom! Shàlom🇺🇸✝️✡️🕎

  3. Sean, I find your cadence and speed of your speaking to be uncomfortable. I have to easy my discomfort by turning you off.

  4. Jerry Nadler is a pathetic fraction of a man and I object to his very existence… that Rogue Oompa Loompa is trying to steal the chocolate supply

  5. Typical Clintonian diversionary tactic. Hypocritlary's last ditch effort to draw an imaginary parallel between Trump and Nixon.

  6. Ouch. This is a painful episode to view. Nadler… Good Lord….The waste of time and money is criminal….

  7. The Democrats are desperate fools Grasping for straws, and everyone in America can clearly see it except for them.

  8. The congressional dems are seriously mentally challenged and incompetent. Why on earth would they put a known felon and liar to testify on something he has zero relevance to. They're so darn dumb and out of touch with reality that they thought it was actually a good idea, they continue to prove how ignorant and delusional they truly are. They need to be institutionalized instead of earning a living off our tax dollars. Vote these demented sickos out FFS! They've done nothing productive for the past 2 1/2 years, they've only wasted more of our hard earned tax dollars. Get these Neanderthals out of Washington!!!

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