Hadid Goes Rogue to Save the Case – Law & Order: SVU


  1. Great. So if the rest of the season involves Rollins and her family, wake me up when it's over!! I like Rollins, but if I have to spend anymore time on the junkies and her not having the balls to stand up for herself, I might as well erase SVU from my hulu cuz that storyline is straight up, a waste of time.

  2. Although many people say Hadid did this to "save the case", i think that she was really trying to save herself, because Trey knows something. Hadid is part of a larger conspiracy for sure

  3. Was hoping Carisi would cut Kim's brakes and take Rollins on a date 3 seasons ago…. Here's hoping for next week. 🍷🍷🍷

  4. Oooohhhh me and my wife were so hating on her when she did this until a bit later of course… I still don't trust her 100%.

  5. alguém pode me dizer quem é esse Hadid? Não me lembro de alguém como ela nos dias de Barba (parei de assistir quando era Stone) e agora ela é a chefe de Carisi? Ela tomou o lugar de McCoy? Quem diabos é Hadid ????

  6. I actually felt bad for her after the end she looked heart broken. We all want the man we love to be a better human being. And she also thought that. How scared she must have been wondering if he is actually doing all that horrible things. Not that she wants someone holy or Saint but this guy is scumbag. She was sad I felt bad for her.

  7. This lady IRKS me . But also so does everyone on the cast now except for Fin … Olivia is borderline aggravating at this point as well. Sheesh PLEASE bring Stabler back!!!

  8. Basically she said if he said he wasn't involved and lied to her about it she was going to throw the case out

  9. So much for trust between SVU and Hadid. It seems like both Benson and Hadid both like to do things their own way. I wonder if they will butt heads in future episodes.

  10. They have there man but what for exactly, find out the case details for this episode at https://youtu.be/i54Nf_wFLKE

  11. In the beginning of the episode, she was starting to work better with the crew, then did this stunt. It's like how Kat started out; almost messing up the case but "I made it work though". I miss Peter Stone who was here for like one year. I miss Judith White being on the show too. I know people come and go, but I miss the Golden Years of Live and Stabler (2002-2012). I love the show still, but you get tired of so many actors quiting and their characters getting killed off. :-/

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