GUGU Nerf War : CID Dragon Nerf Guns Fight Criminal Group XICMAN Unequal Battle

Why are you here? Who sent you here? Xicman Your friend is in my hands Xicman Xicman You will have to regret this You will wait here move away and you You will go to this place and block Swat Long’s path You will wait. When there is a signal, shoot him ok. lets go Hey you today you will have to pay for what has passed everything in the past is now a past today. You hurt my partner I will let you be punished by law That will be your ending move on put down the weapon My friend left for you today. I will avenge my friend run right away boss are you ok I’m fine is the boss ok Let’s solve them there they are split up boss What should we do now they are too crowded Get out of here Hurry up and get weapons good job Get out of here

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