1. Been watching you guys since inside gaming and watch your videos everyday when you were done with inside gaming I was genuinely sad but I'm glad to have been on this journey with you all seems like you guys are happier here nice work guys. And elyse!

  2. For a second i thought Lawrence was making El Diablo and was like wow, thats actually accurate af (as you can get ofc), but obviously no, was just just shit version he made up to TRY and be funny. Well it worked….good job Lawrence.

  3. i thought for sure Adam is gonna be the CN Dark Knight Batman, James is definitely gonna be Jared Leto's Joker, Bruce is obviously Wonder Woman because he likes hot chicks and Lawrence is Superman i mean he has the alter ego and everything.

  4. Lawrence missed the opportunity to change his character's hair and facial hair to be aqua man. I'm disappointed in his ability to produce short term comedy bits that could produce a tiny chuckle.

  5. To Lawrence: In the animated series of batman, i think he was called Bruno Díaz, here in México. For some reason the translate name was like that in the 80's. You can call him Bruno Pérez or something like that, i'm from México and i don't mind (even if i do i guess you won't give a fuck so…)

  6. The whole point of the Comanche is that it a stealth helicopter. Rockstar puts it in the game with large turbines and makes it ugly as hell.

  7. Funhaus has this problem of mocking DC movies, most of which are valid, yet never putting those same criticisms on Marvel films that do the EXACT SAME THING. They're just on the hype train like all the other knuckle draggers.

  8. goddamnit lmao , i thought Lawrence was The Flaming Aztec Cholo from Suicide Squad , James was Mr. Freezer Gun from Injustice game , Bruce was Batman and Adam was fucking Steve Jobs for some reason haha

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