Grandmothers Duel Over Paternity Doubts (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Johnson v. Taylor.
Thank you, Jerome. Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Johnson,
you and your mother say, even though the father
of your 2-year-old son Jayden Taylor,
is a deadbeat dad, he has never denied him, up until a
couple of weeks ago. And today, you claim
to have medical evidence that proves Mr. Taylor
is the father of your son, is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Taylor,
you and your mom say, you have valid reasons why you believe you are not
Jayden’s biological father and you now refuse to be in his life
because he’s not your child. JAYLON: Yes, Your Honor. Is that correct? JAYLON: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. So,
Ms. Johnson, explain to me, what happened
a couple of weeks ago. DAJANIQUA:
My son was over his house. He was only over there
five days and he texted me like, “You need to get your son
and I’m not getting him “until I get a blood test.” Like… Out of the blue? DAJANIQUA: Out of the blue,
yes. And I have here
some evidence, too. JUDGE LAKE: What kind
of evidence? A message that I would
like to show you. Jerome, let me see this. So wait,
out of the blue, you all are
this little boy. How old is Jayden? DAJANIQUA: Two. Two years old, you’re co-parenting him
and out of the blue he said, “Come
and get your son?” Yes. What is this evidence
you handed me? DAJANIQUA: The message. This is the message? DAJANIQUA: Yeah. Oh, he sent you a text? Yes, on Facebook. JUDGE LAKE:
Oh, on Facebook.
All right. It says…“Get your son.“I’m not getting him
till I get a blood test. “Somebody told me
what you said, “so I don’t want him“’till I get
a blood test
“rs,”I won’t repeat that.“I don’t need him
another day.” You sent this
message, Mr. Taylor? Yes, Your Honor. Why did you send this
out of the blue? JAYLON: It was
actually a week ago. Uh, me and my son
was in the… In the house
playing around. Um, I was told someone
was outside for me. I went outside, a girl told me she has
something to tell me about my baby…
My baby mother. She said Ms. Johnson
told another girl that, uh, that Jayden wasn’t mine. So, I inboxed
Ms. Johnson and told her I don’t
want him another day. And I don’t want him… JUDGE LAKE: So you actually had Jayden at that time? Yes. You… At that point,
you’re thinking, “This is my biological child, “I’m spending time
with my son.” Yes. JUDGE LAKE: And then
somebody just comes over your house,
knocking on the door? JAYLON:
Yes. I mean, I believe it because she always
say stuff like that. Like, she always say
that he’s not mine.Um, I have… Actually a…DAJANIQUA:Can I…JACRISHA:
I’ve never heard her say that.
JAYLON:I actually haveJACRISHA:
Not one time.
a recording saying
she said he’s not mine. So if you could
hand this up? JUDGE LAKE: You have
a recording? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Oh. JACRISHA: And she said that… JUDGE LAKE:
Jerome, let me hear that. Where is it,
in the voicemails? JAYLON: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: So I just hit play and I’ll hear the voicemail? Yes, Your Honor. Okay. DAJANIQUA: (ON RECORDING)
That’s not your baby.
That’s not your baby.
That… You right.
That’s not your baby(BLEEP).
Somebody else’s the daddy.
Somebody else
is the
(BLEEP)daddy.Take him off of your(BLEEP).
That’s what you can do…
Take him all the way
completely off of your

(BLEEP)period.Take him off.Now, I’m now gonna
come get my own baby.
How about that?(BLEEP)Because that’s min
That’s my baby.
is that you? Yes, it is me. JUDGE LAKE: This is you
telling him it’s not your…
His child? Yes. This is after
he messaged me that. Right.
And that’s… That’s all out the blue on my… If he’s denying it, I mean, why wouldn’t
she say it? You know, I don’t blame her.
You tell her… Why you… Yeah. He said,
“Come get your baby.” So of course, they’re young. You know, she’s gonna say
whatever to make him mad just like he’s saying
stuff to make her mad. JUDGE LAKE: So you believe,
Ms. Johnson, that she’s just
talking out of anger? JACRISHA: Yes. I think
that was all out of anger. JUDGE LAKE: But wait a minute.
You didn’t just say, “Let me come get my baby.” You said, “You right,
it’s not your baby.” DAJANIQUA: Yeah.
Because he don’t have to be, that’s what I said. JUDGE LAKE: So let me
ask you this, Ms. Johnson. Why do you think
someone would just randomly come up to him
and start talking about how
you told somebody, that he’s not, uh, Jayden’s biological father? DAJANIQUA: He… I think he made it up,
me personally, Your Honor. Why do you think
he’d make it up, Ms. Johnson? JACRISHA: Because he don’t
wanna step up to the plate
and be a dad. He does nothing,
he just, you know. Nothing. JAYLON: That’s a lie. What do you do? JAYLON: I do everything
for him. What proof?
Where’s the proof? JACRISHA: You ain’t seen him
in five months,
so what do you do? Um, I have a lot of proof.
I sent you that. Okay, where is it?
Can you see it? Can you let them see that? JACRISHA: Do you have
your receipts? No. You ain’t got that? JUDGE LAKE: So, wait a minute. What I thought. YOLANDA: He don’t have
to have receipts. She know what we do for him. DAJANIQUA: No, for free. They have done nothing. What do you
do, Yolanda? YOLANDA: I buy him stuff. You’re not being at home. YOLANDA: It doesn’t matter. As long as he’s
being taken care of. Right. YOLANDA:
At the end of the day… JUDGE LAKE: All right.
Let’s… Let…
Let’s get some order. YOLANDA: At the end of the
day, when he’s at my house and Jaylon has
something to do, Ms. Johnson will not
come and get him. I text her one time, my daughter text her and say, “Can you
come and get him? “My momma need to go
to the hospital.” She never showed up.
Never showed up. So you’re saying Ms. Johnson
leaves Jayden there and doesn’t come back
and pick him up? YOLANDA:
Don’t come back and get him. That’s usually why
I don’t get him, because she never
comes back and get him. It took for my son
to have pneumonia. And if… Pneumonia in the hospital. Mild pneumonia
in the hospital, for them to even
answer the phone, like, you don’t
even know.
That’s irritating. Like, he don’t even…
He’s lying. (STAMMERS) Lying. JACRISHA: (MUMBLES) To watch. To cut off the phone.
If you got to hunt somebody down to get
the baby first of all, and then, you know, you finally
get the baby, you know,
then you wanna call,
“Can you come back “and get him”.
Make up
all these stories. You hadn’t
had him in a while.
He just, you know, it ain’t even the truth
that she’s probably went to the hospital. JUDGE LAKE: Okay.
This is just a… DAJANIQUA: I’ve sent messages.
I said to him… JUDGE LAKE: Is there
any communication? DAJANIQUA: Not for… JAYLON: There is. No, it’s not. JAYLON: We are…
We hardly talk because I don’t like
talking to her. As you see, through
the voice message. That’s how she
talks to me
on the regular. DAJANIQUA: No. That’s how she talks to me on the regular. JUDGE LAKE: All right. Up until this point, Ms. Johnson, he
never denied Jayden up until this point
about a week ago. DAJANIQUA: I’ve… You’ve never heard that come out
of his mouth? I’ve never heard it.
I just heard rumors that he said it. You know, that’s why
he went five months without seeing him. JACRISHA:
When the baby was born, they had their
whole family there. Daughters,
with the baby’s father there, and everybody is there.
Was the whole family there? JACRISHA: Whole family. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Taylor,
Ms. Taylor, were you all anticipating
the birth of this baby because you truly thought
it was your biological child? Yes. JAYLON: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Do you remember
when your son said, “Somebody told me
that the baby is not mine”? Actually, I didn’t hear
that until just recently. Mr. Taylor,
something that important, you never told your mother? She’d be a little too busy,
so she’ll never be at the… At home. JUDGE LAKE: Too busy to
find out that the grandchild
she thinks is hers… JAYLON: Like… …is not her
biological child? (AUDIENCE GASPS) JUDGE LAKE: Have you ever
asked for the DNA test? Yes, Your Honor. I have
proof of that right here. JUDGE LAKE: You have? I was summoned
from the court… JUDGE LAKE:
I’d like to see that. Jerome? JEROME: Let me have that. JUDGE LAKE:
You asked for a DNA test. JAYLON: Yeah. Tell me the story. How did that happen? JAYLON: Actually, the court sent in a paper saying
I had to go take a DNA test. I went down there
to take a DNA test after I left a message,
Ms. Johnson had told her that she was supposed
to come with me to take the
DNA test for my son. Um, after that,
she said… I told her she
had to down… Go down there
and reschedule. I scheduled one
for him.
She never went down there… He only went
because the
child support started sending him letters
in the mail. Yeah. That’s why he went. Be truthful… JUDGE LAKE: Okay. So, he was ordered
to submit… He didn’t want to be on child support. JUDGE LAKE: So, you’re…
What you’re saying is he didn’t ask
for the DNA test, he was
ordered to submit? DAJANIQUA: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Okay.
And so, this paperwork confirms that you did go and submit to the DNA testing. JAYLON:
Yes, Your Honor.
JUDGE LAKE:You had it done.But what you’re saying
is she never showed?
Yes, Your Honor.
DAJANIQUA:Mmm-hmm.Did you not show up
with Jayden,
Ms. Johnson? Not intentionally. JUDGE LAKE:
But Jayden was about
nine months old, when this
happened? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: That’s,
like, over a year ago. Mmm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE:
Have you ever had… You never showed up
to get the DNA test done? No. JUDGE LAKE: Why? Because I felt that
it wasn’t necessary. He wasn’t denying him, then. I knew he was the… JUDGE LAKE: So you’re saying, he was not denying Jayden. DAJANIQUA: Mmm-hmm. So you felt like, “What’s
the use of going to have it?” DAJANIQUA: Right…
I mean, yeah. He… It wasn’t no question,
supposedly, then. He all over his Facebook and everything, yeah. JUDGE LAKE: So, Mr. Taylor. Did her not showing up, somehow, fuel your doubt? A little bit. A little bit. I mean, I always been
around him, like, he was always…
He was always with me. He… Like she said, she…He’s always…
He all over my Facebook,
videos, pictures,and, like,
little conversations we have
I post them on Facebook
and stuff like that. So how is it
that some one person out of the blue
can walk up to you and just say… JACRISHA: Exactly. “You know what?” JACRISHA: Exactly. “That baby you’ve been with
for two years, “that’s not your child.” JACRISHA: Exactly. She always say it. JUDGE LAKE: How… She always says it when
we get into an argument. JUDGE LAKE: Well,
the point is, is because when you get into an argument, Ms. Johnson confirms it? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Have you said it, more than one time,
Ms. Johnson? Mmm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE: So you know, you can’t unring that bell. Mmm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE: You know that? Yes. Okay. JUDGE LAKE: I mean, you know
once you say that to a man, he’s never gonna forget that. DAJANIQUA: Mmm-hmm. They… Men forget
a lot of things. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Right, Jerome? But they don’t forget that. True. JUDGE LAKE: And honestly,
how could they? So you know
you have a part to play in fueling this doubt. Right, Ms. Johnson? Yes. I do have one paper that I would like to show you. JUDGE LAKE:
I’d like to see that. JUDGE LAKE: Jerome? What is this evidence showing? DAJANIQUA: This is just
basically his eczema that he has. Okay. The child has eczema? DAJANIQUA: Yes. Okay. DAJANIQUA:
And a heart murmur, yes. JUDGE LAKE:
And a heart murmur? And if you look at… Just like Mr. Taylor has. Mr. Taylor also… JUDGE LAKE: And you believe that these are
two medical issues that the child
has in common with Mr. Taylor? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Taylor,
do you have a heart murmur? Yes, I do. JUDGE LAKE: And Ms. Johnson, you say, Jayden was born
with a heart murmur? DAJANIQUA:
Yes, diagnosed
at the hospital,like, one day old, yes.JUDGE LAKE:All right.I’m very curious
about this heart murmur issue
and I would like to hear
from an expert on this. Jerome, can you please escort Dr. Tasneem Bhatia into the courtroom? Thank you. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) We’re going to have you
go up to the witness stand right next to
the judge. Okay. JUDGE LAKE:
Hello, Dr. Tas. TASNEEM:
Hi, Your Honor. Thank you so much for joining us today. Uh, Dr. Tas, I have
a few questions for you. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Number one,
heart murmurs. The plaintiff
has asserted that the child suffers
from a heart murmur, also our defendant. What exactly is
a heart murmur? So a heart murmur
is really just
an abnormal sound in the heart rhythm. Normally, you’re used
to listening
to the heart and it goes,
“Lub dub.” With a heart murmur,
you may have
an extra sound or some sounds
that are not classic, to the normal pattern. JUDGE LAKE:
Okay. And so, are they hereditary? TASNEEM: That’s a great… JUDGE LAKE: Is there
a genetic link? There is not
a genetic link
with heart murmurs. The majority
of heart murmurs are innocent
heart murmurs, meaning, they’re
just changes in flow. They come on with
either a newborn, right at birth,
or they have… In an adult, they
have something to do with pregnancy
or things like that. So heart murmurs,
you know, for all of us
that practice, day in and day out,
are not
genetically linked. JUDGE LAKE: Understood. Ms. Johnson, after
hearing that testimony, are your feelings
still the same? Is it the same belief? Mmm-hmm.
He know what… He knows that I… Who… I’ve ran away
from my mom’s house. DAJANIQUA: He knows it.
We had to play the truth, uh, game,
a truth or dare one time which led
to us having a baby. JUDGE LAKE: Oh, Lord. JAYLON: It wasn’t that… It was…
We didn’t have sex that day. We had sex the next day. So what? But you just…
And you were already told the conception day
and everything. You know this.
I don’t even know why you’re standing up here
playing with me. JACRISHA: Well, I didn’t know
that part, Your Honor, but… Well, did you know
that he ran… That she ran away
to his house? Yeah. She… Well, she actually ran away, but whenever I found her,
she was over at his house. See, Yolanda’s
never at home, so she didn’t know
who’s in her house. So whenever I would come by
and see daja, you know, I would always
know where she was. I didn’t just abandon… YOLANDA: Apparently,
I was there, I didn’t abandon… When Ms. Johnson
came over there. I never would, you know. When she came walking
through my door, I was there sitting
in the dining room, so if I’m never there… JACRISHA: Well, everybody walks through your door. I wouldn’t
have never saw her. And hang out with… JUDGE LAKE: Listen, listen,
listen. At the end of the day, these were two young people that needed
a little more supervision. YOLANDA: True. JUDGE LAKE: Right? YOLANDA: True. True. JUDGE LAKE: But a game
of truth or dare has led you to
Paternity Court.
And now, we have
yet another young person in the middle of this thing. Then in a minute, he gonna be
standing in front of me, if we don’t stop
this train from rolling. So let’s get back
to the issue at hand. Were you intimate
during that time with anyone else
besides Mr. Taylor? DAJANIQUA: No. (YOLANDA SCOFFS) (IMITATES SCOFFING) JUDGE LAKE: Why do you… JUDGE LAKE: Why that response? How would you know? She was not, Your Honor. How do you know? Because she was out there… How do you know? I was not there,
so therefore I don’t know. But you were there. You were out there. JUDGE LAKE: One at a time… JUDGE LAKE:
One at a time. You were out there. JUDGE LAKE:
One at a time. When you say
she was out there… YOLANDA: She was out there. Respectfully, what does that mean?
You… She was promiscuous, she was known to be… Yes. JACRISHA: Like you, huh? Yes. (CHUCKLING) This is a difficult situation. Even more difficult
because we’re dealing with very young people. (SIGHS) JUDGE LAKE: What
are you hoping for? JAYLON:
To be honest, I’m… I just want
to get it over with. I want to know
if he is or isn’t. Because if
he isn’t then, you know, I won’t…
I won’t be there. But if he is, I’m…
I’ll be there. I’ve been there
his whole life. YOLANDA: That’s right. JUDGE LAKE:
And Ms. Johnson,
you’re emotional. What are you feeling? DAJANIQUA: I don’t care. I don’t even care.
I don’t care about this. I’m ready for this
to be over with. I don’t care.
I don’t even
care no more. JUDGE LAKE: You don’t care
if your child knows his
biological father? No, I don’t care. DAJANIQUA:
He don’t need him. He does. No, he don’t. JUDGE LAKE: If he’s…
If he’s his
biological father. JUDGE LAKE: Maybe… No, he don’t. Or you. JUDGE LAKE: Maybe… YOLANDA: Yes. Yes, he does. JUDGE LAKE:
He needs his father
and you need yours. YOLANDA: That’s right. Let me tell you something. YOLANDA: That’s right. JUDGE LAKE: Let me
tell you something. I’ve been doing
this too long. I know those tears.
I just wanted you to be able to say it
for yourself because that’s
one of the reasons why this courtroom is here, is to give people a voice. I don’t care how young
you are, how old you are, everybody deserves
a moment to be heard. If you don’t
want to express it or you’re not ready
to express it, that’s fine, and you
may not have the words, but what you’re not
gonna sit up here and do is talk for Jayden,
irresponsibly and say what he doesn’t need, in the form of a father. Because he does. And because of that, I’m gonna get these results. Not just for you,
but for this child as well. Jerome, I’m ready. There you go. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. In the case
ofJohnson v. Taylor,when it comes
to 2-year-old, Jayden Taylor, it has been determined
by this court… JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Taylor, you are the father. JACRISHA:
Exactly, Your Honor. JACRISHA: Thank you. DAJANIQUA: Like I told you. Thank you. JUDGE LAKE: No, no, no. JACRISHA: Like I’m wrong? JUDGE LAKE: If you’re not
going… Uh-uh. Don’t start that nonsense. JACRISHA: Thank you. Don’t start that nonsense. DAJANIQUA: Can I go to the… When I gave you a chance
to say something, you had nothing to say. Now I read the result, you’re gonna pop off? Not in here. That’s what
we’re not gonna do because this is
an important moment. (SNIFFLES) Okay. All right.
It’s all right. JUDGE LAKE: I’m going
easy on you both, because you
ain’t nothing
but young people running around here, engaging in activities that produce
human beings, human life,
and you can’t
take care of yourself and you can’t
take care of them. You’ve got to
grow up now and we’ve got to pull
this thing together for this child. I mean it when I say, “I don’t want
to see him in here “twenty years
from now.” I can’t tell you
how many times I sit in this seat
and someone stands, right where
you’re staying and says, “I didn’t know my father. “My mother didn’t
know her father.” This will continue
unless you stop it. And the way
that you stop it is to figure out
how to co-parent, how to allow this beautiful,
innocent child, the opportunity to experience the best of both of you. And that’s hard
to see right now, because, you all
are so young. But you have to do it. You brought him
into this world, now you’ve got to raise him. Moms, we need you there
for support, not instigating. So you all got to stop all this fighting
back and forth now, because we have clarity. We have counseling
and resources for all of you. I want you
to take advantage of it. He is worth it,
do you understand me? BOTH: Yes, Your Honor. I wish you all
the very best of luck. Court is adjourned.


  1. The young lady is very pretty but super silly. If the father had paternity doubts he could have handled the situation better. That email was super nasty.

  2. So, she has so much attitude. This could have been avoided if she had went and completed the DNA when they had the opportunity.

  3. That boy and his loud lying mother said she was sleeping with someone else and had no evidence. These mothers are something else!

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