Graham challenges whistleblower to appear before Senate Judiciary


  1. Democrats may have to taken things to a level they will never recover from. When this nosedives and yes it will, their reputations will be irrevocably harmed. Read a story in Aesop's Fables called, "A boy who cried wolf." This story was written over 2,500 years ago and the effects of chronically lying is ancient knowledge. Is this part of a grand strategy by the Democrats or complete and total desperation? I know the answer to that question and that is why I choose to stay positive about this situation!

  2. Projection… Biden / Hunter Ukraine 🇺🇦 corruption… FACTS (video) already in public arena show Biden used Vice Presidency and Billion dollar Aid-package if prosecutors investigating his son wasn't fired… hypocrisy and double standard by the democrats pretty obvious.

  3. No need, it's James Comey.
    Tomorrow the transcripts will be released and Nancy Pelosi will retract her call for impeaching President Trump.
    She admitted that the democrats do not want him to run because he is unbeatable in 2020.
    Also the FISA declass is coming up. Next month is red October

  4. Yep and America wants to Remove all Democrats from Our Government there Agenda is not that of the American People They are only interested in Destroying our President and America . No Remove the Democrats / Deep State From our Government Offices there interest is to Oust our President so they can continue to Commit Crimes against the American People and Our United States. Remove the Democratic / Deep State Party from Our Government.

  5. why don't they impeach his telephone thats what it boils down to in a funny sort of way cause they ain't nothing else.dummies.🤣😁

  6. Demos won't win 2020 Americans won't put up with it. This shows me that we need to keep our rights, and not give it away to AOC. AKA the happy Communist. Who I'm sure is screwing everyone on the hill. 2 people got this going Obama, and Hillary that C did not want to loose. But you did Blache. She would have sold her mother We should not trust any Demos. Just like Hollywood, no one cares what these drug users think, HIV doing each other, even farm animals. They don't live in the real world. When was the last time you made 10,000,000 in 1 or 2 years Fu. Them.

  7. graham challenges who? the whistle-blower legal counsel already demanded to be heard in congress.
    the senate voted unanimously to see the official complaint….
    but trump and graham like to hide the facts..At the end of the day if we are to believe that trump is a genius, super rich, innocent of committing any crime
    We are going to need his school grades, his tax returns, the un-redacted Mueller report and the whistle-blower report….

  8. Ugh, the Biden story has been investigated. Stop giving us the "oh squirrel!" treatment regarding Trump and the whistleblower complaint. Stop blocking Congress' work. All this speculating is talk, but the reality is that Trump's administration is once again obstructing an investigation.

  9. Why is the President investigating old news? Chief of the executive branch. DOJ is independent. Oh yeah 2020. There is only one reason to even talk about Biden. What other evidence is necessary? Nothing. You don't have to prove intent in this situation. Only the obvious nature of admitted withholding of aid. Good try Graham. In the end you will look back and say, "I was just doing my job." Every president has had everything he does recorded by multiple entities. Why is this president constantly in trouble? Why are the DEMs so unhappy with him? Oh yeah, the president's conduct against them. Not the party against fellow Americans that did not vote for him. Don't blaim the media unless you point out FOX constantly attacking the DEM. Lots of people lied about Obama and hated him. Media didn't even acknowledge it. Except election season to call out obvious racism. Sure hate Obama and Clinton for their policies…fine. Don't sell lies. Let policies speak for themselves. Don't bandwagon alternative news sellouts in favor of the real thing.. MSNBC is better. Horrible but better than you and Tucker. You are the reason Trump will lose. And why the GOP lacks credibility.

  10. Sean
    How about the $40 million HRC got from the middle east that Trump told her to give it back during 2nd debate . How about all the millions Bill got from Russia. Or how obama increased his net worth to $150 million on presidents salary coming from poor family to Chicago civic organizer. We need answer. Or Feinstein voting machine business or Pelosi winery . Cali been in drought Gor 10 if last 12 years tax returns of all family members and kids

  11. I wonder what kind of dirt the deep state intelligence folks have on Adam Schiff? He acts like a craven dog, barking ever more desperately while trying to make something happen for his masters. The constant look of desperation and fear in his eyes makes me think they must have something pretty evil on him.

    I'm pretty sure he understands how increasingly unhinged he looks with these constant BS allegations, sort of like a modern day Joe McCarthy. Even so, it's not stopping him from continuing to push the false narratives, perhaps because he doesn't actually have any choice in the matter. I hope there are some well qualified people looking into Schiff's background to see if they can find out what's being held over him.

  12. I blame on atty general Barr for not putting anybody under arrest for the crimes committed. Somebody needs to be indicted.

  13. BS… about having Don McCann appeared to Congress?
    How about dirty conversation between nasty corrupted Hannity and dirty gangster Trump?

  14. Come on quick crying and get to work I’m never seen so many lazy people standing around . Sorry about that a politician they sit around and do nothing . And yet the American people still pay them . Why again ? As the new socialist Democrats push out the old cronies . A new group of misfits takes the stage . And by the way I wonder what Obama talked about when he was talking with people from Cuba . Actually their socialist to I Believe . Just kidding . I wouldn’t want to pay for that one too .

  15. Somebody might appear that has been payed off to appear,but it don't mean nothing.
    It'll just be another ploy by the idiot lefty demos!

  16. It's past time for Graham and the other republicans to grow a set of balls and start going after the anti American progressives.

  17. Golly, it would have been really unethical of me to dump all of this evidence and dirty laundry I have on Biden on the media with a Democrat primary going on, but since you guys are INSISTING that the transcript of my confidential call be made public I guess I have no choice. 😂😂😂😂

  18. First time I heard about this whistleblower ,about My President, I knew in my Heart that this is just another one of those ,make-believe Democrat ,fake media , joke on the American people .All they do is lie ,destroying peoples lives ,with NO PROOF !! All the Democrats do

  19. There's a "plant" in every room, at every meeting, at every table. Even the walls have ears. And then there are just flat out bald-faced lies.

  20. Dems are gonna lose the House, and lose seats in the Senate too! So, who will be the new Republican speaker of the House??? Start planning for this big win in 2020😂😉

  21. Dang Lindsey Graham…I used to really like you. I did not always agree with you, sometimes we were even polar opposites on issues, but I always enjoyed how you went about yourself…which makes this hard to watch. Time will tell, but if it turns out all this postulating was to distract us with Biden, knowing the situation had nothing to do with it the whole time…well, i'd say that says a lot about you sir.

  22. Oh don't you worry Lindsey, the whistleblower has already requested to meet with both House and Senate Intel committees. It's not just about a phone call with Ukraine. The complaint describes "a pattern of behavior that is endangering the national security." The oversight committees will no doubt request transcripts and tape recordings from Ukraine officials. Maybe even ask them to testify. Don't forget, Trump's life-long family accountant Alan Weisselberg, David Pecker of the National Enquirer, and Rick Gates (Manafort's right hand man) have all been granted immunity and are co-operating with prosecutors. Then there is Michael Cohen & Stormy Daniels and the indictment waiting Trump in NY for hush $$ campaign finance law violations . Soon we're going to be hearing lots of canaries singing. It will be fun to see the rats jumping ship. It's going to be epic. @Matteo C, @All Well, @eric hernandez, @sun dial, @bart22x1, @Mark O, @Ross Meldrum, @farmer 1 1, there are 2 ongoing grand jury RICO investigations (SDNY & Eastern District of Virginia) into Trump family tax-insurance-mail-bank fraud and real estate money laundering schemes that caused Trump's sister Mary to give up her judgeship. Trump University & Trump charity foundation were both found guilty of pattern & practice of fraud & self dealing. They were both shut down and made to pay huge fines & settlements, just google the court documents and read them for yourselves. Trump is in serious doo doo. Really.

  23. When this sort of bickering and slander goes on over 'what'? Does anyone know? Biden should never made a run for President….he has a very shady past concerning his son! Why bring the worlds' attention to this story?…Why call for impeachment over a 'nothing burger'? It's hard not to believe that there is something fishy going on. Distraction is always a good way to get something 'big time' pushed back away from the front lines. I guess only time will tell….hopefully it will be worth the wait. The Democrats are on their last legs! Put up or shut up!

  24. The whole premise behind being a whistleblower is that you can be free from retaliation by way of anonymity and protection. It’s the law. Graham is stupid to believe he or she should be outed.

  25. the only thing they said that's true is that America is less safe tonight because a president is clouding with another country for his own benefit to expose a corrupt vice president who enriched his son.

  26. I sincerely believe there was never a whistleblower. The media /DNC machine conjured it up because they dont know what else to do. They never had an outsider in office before.

  27. Biden by his OWN words, is Guilty of using his Public Office for EXTORTION for the financial gain of his idiot son.
    As USUAL The Democrats are CORRUPT and the Republicans are LILLY-LIVERED. Thank God for DJT

    🇺🇸VOTE TRUMP 2020🙏🇺🇸
    GET OUT VOTE 2020🙏🙏
    🇺🇸VOTE REPUBLICANS 2020🙏🇺🇸

  29. Democrats become more repulsive daily! They and, any corruot, need to be removed, tried and punished! Look what they've done! Contempt for much of our Government tonight!

  30. So why waste our time when they could just get this whistle-blower to appear before the Senate and provide evidence. We don't need another crazy witch hunt in the midst of great accomplishments under this administration. The dems are trying to take people's minds off the real news. Get the whistle-blower quickly to testify and let's be done with this. And whiles we are it, get the Bidens investigated.

  31. people defendeing trump are on the wrong side of history. getting ready
    to learn the difference between biased opinion and evidence based fact

  32. people defendeing trump are on the wrong side of history. getting ready
    to learn the difference between biased opinion and evidence based fact

  33. people defendeing trump are on the wrong side of history. getting ready
    to learn the difference between biased opinion and evidence based fact

  34. people defendeing trump are on the wrong side of history. getting ready
    to learn the difference between biased opinion and evidence based fact

  35. Yeah….. That's how the president operates…. He uses bullying, coercion and retribution and other underhand tactics … He even diverts national aircrafts to his properties, just to enrich himself…..

  36. Trump keeps colluding because that is the only way he knows how to make deals: by cheating. Hannity, you are colluding with a traitor… that makes you a traitor as well.

  37. Why doesnt the Senate just investigate the House ? It's time the Republicans take down the Democrats once and for all .
    So sick of the games .

  38. I love our President Mr. Donald John Trump, because he is making our country American again.
    And our President Mr. Donald John Trump, has showed Americans, that our worst enemies are the Demo’s, and others in the swamp.
    Our President Mr. Donald John Trump, knew how to bring the snakes out, so the world could see.

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