Gordon meets League | Justice League

Eight kidnappings.
Six in Metropolis, two here. All the vics worked for STAR Labs. “Attacked by a flying vampire.” “Suspect was a giant bat
with huge fangs.” One of them was a little kid. Scared.
Won’t say a word, but drew this. – Looks like—
– I know what it looks like. Come on. You think he fights
criminals for 20 years here, and then he goes to Metropolis
and kidnaps eight people? I’ll talk to him tonight. World’s gone crazy, Jim.
Maybe he did, too! [hydraulic lift whining] [Bruce] Find the cyborg? [Diana] We spoke.
Give him time. You must be Barry. I’m Diana. Hi Barry, I’m Diana.
That’s not right. – Great.
– So this is us? [Bruce] Yeah, this is us. Oh! Awesome! That’s the Bat-Signal, that’s your— Oh! [whispers] Sorry. That’s your signal.
That means we have to go now. – Yeah, that’s … that’s what that means.
– That’s so cool. [ominous music] [thunderclap] [tarp flapping in the wind] [electric sizzle] How many of you are there? Not enough. Eight people abducted
from or near STAR Labs. Here’s the potential perp. Parademons. Okay. The demons must have caught
the scent of the Mother Box. They carried people away
to find out what they know. So the eight may still be alive. – [Cyborg] Nine.
– [Flash] Oh! The head of STAR Labs
was taken as well. [Wonder Woman] You made it. So, then … there must
be a nest nearby. I plotted all the sightings
of Metropolis, Gotham. No pattern I can see.
The lines on the map don’t converge. On land. These lead back to Braxton Island,
between the two cities. [Batman] Gotham Harbor. These are air vents. They all lead down
to the tunnel to Metropolis Project. It was abandoned in ’29. Do you really think that— Oh, wow, they just—
they really just vanish, huh? Oh … that’s rude. [electric sizzle] [distant thunder]


  1. Everybody: check out the thumbnail

    Me: I wonder why Bruce Wayne flies his car around. With his money, why doesn’t he just buy a new one everywhere he goes.

  2. lmao Flash is the most capable one of making a quick exit and the only one still there…I don't see how the rest of them vanished like that. cyborg has all those servos or w/e, he'd be pretty loud. Wonder woman could just kinda jump, and batman has his ninja stuff going on (although he can't seem to turn his head so I would expect him to run into something or make some noise by accident)

  3. Diana (Wonder Woman): "You must be Barry, I'm Diana."

    Barry (The Flash): "Hi Barry, I'm Diana…..that's not right."

    Nice job, genius

  4. "Kent! Make sure this time you got pictures of that Superman! If he doesn't want to be famous, I'll make INfamous!"

  5. I would’ve loved 2C more of JK Simmons as Commissioner Gordon but too bad WB wasted so much potential in favor of catching up to the MCU.

  6. Too many ass shots for the wonder woman character! Unlike captain sjw marvel, not like that ugly lesbian Brie can show anything hah

  7. They rushed this movie. Should’ve done a couple solo movies maybe one with a small team up with one other hero, to set up each character. They kind just throw them all at you in JL

  8. En Justice League War, lo hicieron mucho mejor, conocimos a los héroes que luchaban individualmente contra el problema, en sus respectivas ciudades, y se unen solo porque el problema tiene una causa común. No hubo necesidad de una reunión forzada, como aquí.

  9. Batman: "What do you think about superman?"

    Jim: "He's a criminal, A THIEF, HE'S A MENACE TO THE ENTIRE CITY!"

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