Google under scrutiny by House Judiciary Committee


  1. The House Judiciary Committee. You like that? You'll LOVE this. We also have an ETHICS COMMITTEE. SMH. Stolen Elections / Caravan / Fusion GPS / FISA Abuse / No Hearings? / No Judges? / No Applications? / Rosenstein / Brennan / Clapper / Mueller / Rice / Power / Rhodes / ILLEGALS over American Citizens / UNMASKING / Obamagate / FBI / Immunity / Bleachbit / perjury / Huma / Mills / Weiner / Laptop / Blackberries / IRS Hard Drives / Smashed. / Foundation / Caravan / MS 13 / Open Borders / Abolish ICE / Socialism / UNSECURED servers / Voter Fraud / Scope Memo??? / Uranium One / Pervert Island / Blumenthal / Bergdahl / Steele / DOJ / Strzok / Ohrs / Page / Yates / McCabe 700K$+ / Comey / Memos / LEAKERS / Lynch / Soros / Tarmac / DNC server? / Awan IT / Seth Rich / Taliban 5 / Benghazi / Holder / Consumer Protection Agency / Fast and Furious / Las Vegas? What Las Vegas? / DNC Fraud / Podesta / Mook / Palmieri / Fallon / Jarrett / Obama / Hillary / McDonough / Priestap / IG Report / TREASON / MSM Censorship / MSM Soft Civil War / Awans WALK !!! / Benghazi / Taliban 5 / Berghdal / VOTER FRAUD / Feinstein China SPYING 20 YEARS / Iran Ransom

  2. Google has already resolved some minor issues in the EU .US congress members ( most members are over 85 and don’t know how to open the most basic laptop )are completely tech incompetent and do not not understand a basic word like platform and other basic vocabulary ,Googles executives DO NOT have to show up and waste endless time on ignorant old hostile US fools in congress. since any Google user agrees to a user agreement and can leave the service anytime and Google has broken no laws at all and that there are countless US extremists posts on their sites is up to US law enforcement to handle and they are completely NOT doing anything so that’s a separate issue that will never be solved Congress should try and do just some basic work ( that will never happen ) instead of trying to copy the EU especially because the Google hearings are long over and the case is closed

  3. once you pass 1 billion users and are used planet wide, you are no longer a private entity. you are now a public utility or platform if not both. you should be taxed a regulated accordingly. the private argument no longer holds water .

  4. So judge are saying they are a platform or not? If they are a platform they have NO right to censor I thought??? If they are a publisher then they can censor right?

  5. Google won't admit anything, they don't respect the American constitution and they believe what they are doing is virtuous. It'll be obscure answers and lots of "I don't have any information about that"

  6. Congress should cede their questioning to experts who know about tech, coding and search algorithms instead of grandstanding and blasting about stifling "conservative" thought. Then get some former prosecutor congressperson (who in knows their stuff) to ask about the antitrust and privacy stuff. You cannot let this google person wiggle out of any box you trap him into.

  7. Time to hit the tech giants with anti-trust lawsuits and split them up. They have purchased all their competition…that is not "free market". Google and Facebook weild an unprecedented amount of power. We have not seen such a stranglehold since the days of Standard Oil and the Bell Telephone company…(both split up thru antitrust laws).

  8. Google and Facebook shrug their shoulders and don't care about Respecting people's privacys and disregard and disrespect!

  9. They need to start fining these companies like Europe does. A couple of more billion dollar fines and they will straighten their asses out.

  10. Fake wage the dogs tail fox news … JUge iss fake…. all judges suck all in on the distruction of the USa thru the SES whhcich was basically the NAzi SS ,.. Google spys on children and monitor our children Google is evil and needs to be stoped from a mission that appears to be something like becoming the brog.

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