Gillette attempts to score points with social justice warriors in new ad on toxic masculinity


  1. the SJW have created a campaign to 'Like' the Gillette Ad and are actively building the Like numbers up – go there and down the video on You tube

  2. Gillette is owned by Procter & Gamble they want to be a activist company so we should all boycott them. If you buy anything from Procter & Gamble the money goes towards radical leftist groups. Some of the other shaving companies we're trying to do toxic masculinity campaigns to and they deleted everything as fast as they could. We all need to send a message to these idiots and let Procter & Gamble fail. Quit buying everything they sell.

  3. How com no one is mentioning the fact the in the Gillette ad the all the men ‘being corrected’ are white and they are ‘corrected’ by only black men?

  4. You do realize the whole point of the ad was to get free publicity by getting people offended. Just like with the Nike ad where Nike went up S6 billion after the ad.

  5. Gilette, a plastic piece of overpriced crap – not even close to the best in shaving hardware, much less the best a man can get.

  6. The Gilette ad was a misandric abomination, but the parody ad kinda iritated me as well. There are soooo many more important toxic femininity aspects they could have been addressed, bullying men with misogyny shaming, removing due diligence, women abusing divorce courts, wives falsely accusing their husbands of abuse to gain leverage in child custody proceedings, the gazillion ways girls can bully boys since kindergarten etc. Even FOX news is scared to really hold women accountable anywhere near the level we hold men. Ironically, feminism is the epitome of traditional, patriarchal femininity. People think its about women being like men…its not. Its about women asking men to be ultra masculine by 1. putting women before them perenially 2. fixing societal disparity by taking responsibility for EVERYTHING and receiving the onus of blame on EVERYTHING, period. Feminism is really just a group of ultra feminine women fighting with full spirit to ensure that modern society remains one that revolves around male to female chivalry. There is NO force in the modern world more centered and reliant upon standard patriarchal chivalry than 3rd wave feminism. They are the 'full chivs' of current society.

  7. Breaking News: In a desperate attempt to stem the bleeding caused by a ten year downward spiral in market share, Gillette has begun a new policy of Misandry in order to shame men into buying over priced and overhyped razor blades.

    In Other News: Sales are up at razor blade sellers who don't engage in SJW politics.

  8. Women are never attacked to the core of their being like this garbage Gillette add attacked men and masculinity. Notice the only thing she could think of is body image beauty standards stuff. Yes, a makeup company is going to try and sell makeup by convincing women that they need makeup. Commercials for women’s products aren’t attacking femininity and telling women that they are bad because they are women. The Gillette ad treats masculinity as a pathological disorder to be trained out of males. Women’s product commercials don’t tell women they’re terrible people or how to live their lives.

  9. You know what would be great, if somehow the patriots ended their partnership with Gillette and BOOM there done from OUR BOYCOTTS

  10. All I see here is a bunch of people who can't tell the difference between an actual real man and being a macho douchebag. Thus, they think attacking the kind of "masculinity" in the Glilette ad with masculinity in general. I'm sorry we no longer live in a time when the manly bros have veto power over what's respectworthy and not, but hey, times change.

  11. people should just go into a store grab all the Gillette stuff put it in a trolley and hide it out of the way. no sales = no cash no cash = no power. Simple fix

  12. Proctor and Gamble
    Bounty, Charmin, crest,dawn,downy,febrease, head and shoulders,Olay,pampers, pantene, tide and Vicks. I will be boycotting these brands.

  13. Gillette is a brand of men's and women's safety razors and other personal care products including shaving supplies, owned by the multi-national corporation Procter & Gamble (P&G).

  14. Good!
    All the rapists and Potential rapists would not be using Gillete products.
    How original. Conservativism is really devastating for one's mental health

  15. The interesting this with Cat's response is this, who is telling women to change all those behaviors and appearance things? Is it men? 95% of that stuff are things that men would barely ever notice! That stuff is mostly the result of one of the sins that haunts so many women: a judgemental spirit. The other thing Cat (Or Kat, not sure which sp) totally fails to point out is, that to be fair we need to tell women it is Never ok to ever slap a man no matter how angry you are. Even though you will likely get away with it, it's still wrong. It's never ok to gossip about others. If you have a problem with them, go talk to them or else deal with it. Don't recruit everyone you know to hate the one's you hate. Don't be so judgemental towards others. IE. Just because her house is not as clean as your house, she does not dress as well as you do, her style is a decade old etc. etc. does not necessarily make her a bad person.
    And then we also need to not that both the Gillette add and the list above both deal in stereo-types. I believe we can learn from stereo-types at times, but to hold those out as how every man or every woman acts is ludicrous.

  16. Why would anyone want to score points with social justice warriors what are you going to gain from that? Maybe instead of trying to be a people pleaser it would be best to do what is right. Making advertisements attacking your main demographic is a fools move. The marketing team behind this should be fired

  17. YouTube manipulates likes and dislikes ratio for this video (the gilette add) like no tomorrow, the add got like 1 million dislike in the first couple of hours hours, and then YouTube manipulated hahaha Fu*k YouTube and Gilette!

  18. There is a part in that ad where an attractive woman is walking down the street, a guy starts to walk over to meet her, and his friend gets in his way and stops him insinuating that stopping him is the right thing to do. When a corporation tries to say its toxic to walk over and have a conversation with an attractive women, that is insane. Why not just say you want all men to become women. It should never to bad for a man to be authentic and walk over and talk to a woman he’s attracted to, if he’s single. Never. That’s not human.

  19. The men that relate to this commercial likely cannot grow enough hair to shave, and the women who like it probably never shave anyway — Gillette has lost on both fronts…

  20. I went shopping today. I noticed there was a sale on all the Gillete shaving stuff. It was at a supermarket where item turnover is high. So yeah, they are feeling the pressure of their stupidity already. good.

  21. here's the crazy thing that woman that went on that rant she failed to mention that all those points are because other women have put upon women, men don't bully fat chicks skinny chicks bully fat chick
    all the expectations women have of their beauty men don't really care most men don't even like make up

  22. Good Today I bought Edge shaving gel , Irish spring body wash , Right Guard antiperspirant , BIC razors and I checked that they are not from Procter and Gamble , Make sure you all check the product to NOT be from Procter and Gamble before you buy ,read carefully , only buy from brands that don't discriminate against gender . Don't buy from a company that insults you as Toxic when you have never been toxic. great

  23. Well , Gillette has almost finished an AD about toxic femininity , next week Gillette will show an Ad of women antagonizing women for disgusting behaviour of toxic femininity. PS

  24. The difference between how the men vs women's ads are they are not talking about women being morally reprehensible just by the grace of being born…they don't put little girls in full grown woman's products adverts..but women as a whole are AS neurotic as the woman droning on in the belief that the ads sell to her a negative message..when they only hijack what is already there..I have never seen a women's targeted advert in ages saying "You're not "x" enough" once you put a cute girl in a bikini on a poster to sell dietary this feminist "fat positive/thin hate" environment, you're toast!

    I saw the ad for shampoo where a sweet little girl puts a barette in the is hair of a grown woman & then draws a picture of the lady like she's a princess with birds around her hair Its not saying "your hair isn't shiny enough" & it's not like the Crest commercial from 20 yrs ago targeted at both genders (a non gendered product) with a child saying the teacher had beige teeth..

    This is my area of expertise outside of cartoon representations & animation history…perception psychology…and how everyone generally percieves what they see & how messages go wrong…what has happened here is a case of masking a so called "good message" by pyschosis of images from within a corporate culture which is now attempting to use de-constructivsim as a tool which was never meant to sell anything..

  25. I try to see this from both sides but the bias is just too much from Gillette. It needs to be said that as a real man, We Are Not All like how they depict us in that ad. There are some guys that still act like that, but mostly guys are in touch with emotions these days and are capable of respecting others. I like the ad they made about women better than the Gillette one. If you're going to make a slight at all men then look in the mirror first is my advice to them. I agree with many things Kat said about how society treats women and I get it. But as many posts have said most of those things are said by women to other women; not by men who nitpick on all those areas. I don't really use Gillette anyway but they don't have a place to call men bad bc feminists behind the ad want to brand that message.

  26. "Toxic masculinity",,,so, like how our ancestors acted so they wouldn't be eaten by wolves. Yeah. Guess that's a bad thing.

    Looks like the snowflakes are taking over everywhere.

  27. It's not just Gillette….it's all the men's razor companies doing these types of ads….so you can't switch companies to punish Gillette or it's parent company(Procter and Gamble) for these types of ads which they have with all their products.

  28. P&G Chief Financial Officer Jon Moeller told reporters Wednesday. “It’s a part of our effort to connect more meaningfully with younger consumer groups. Early results, when you look at the age group specifics both externally and internally, reflect that we’re accomplishing that objective.” In plain talk—We are throwing males under the bus in order to curry favor with the younger generation.

  29. Gillette is owned by Procter & Gamble. Below is a list of other P&G brands to avoid. -Always menstrual hygiene products
    -Ariel laundry detergent
    -Bounty paper towels, sold in the United States and Canada
    -Charmin bathroom tissue and moist towelettes
    -Crest toothpaste
    -Clancy's Potato Chips, Stackerz, etc…
    -Dawn dishwashing
    -Downy fabric softener and dryer sheets
    -Fairy washing up liquid
    -Febreze odor eliminator
    -Gain laundry detergents, liquid fabric softener, dryer sheets and dish washing liquid
    -Gillette razors, shaving soap, shaving cream, body wash, shampoo, deodorant and anti-perspirant
    -Head & Shoulders shampoo
    -Olay personal and beauty products
    -Oral-B inter-dental products, such as Oral-B Glide
    -Pampers & Pampers Kandoo disposable diapers and moist towelettes. The 2014 Financial Report lists Pampers as Procter & Gamble's largest brand.[2]
    -Pantene haircare products
    -SK-II beauty products
    -Tide laundry detergents and products
    -Vicks cough and cold products

  30. Her rant was obnoxious- products geared towards women is not the same as companies telling men their behavior is criminal and will no longer be tolerated. Women here don’t face constant bashing, lack of due process, assumption of guilt, hiring quotas against them, and bias courts.
    The only way her rant would be justified and equivalent is if there were commercials out there that ran like- ‘Hey ladies use this shampoo. It will make your hair shiny and attractive- oh and you need to stop abusing your kids, it will no longer be tolerated- we know you can do better, we believe in you’.

  31. We’re in the era where political statements can cost you your job and even your company…and fingers crossed that happens to Gillette. Forget toxic masculinity, what about toxic feminism or even toxic advertisement? Should’ve stayed in your lane.

  32. Take a look at this: What Pisses Me Off About "We Believe: The Best Men Can Be | Gillette (Short Film)". All my Gillette products are in the bin – seriously. AND, the beginning states: "Bullying … Toxic Masculinity". … I don't hear that FULL audio (Its real short!) at the very beginning of almost 60% of 10 videos viewed so far on the subject. This is, without doubt, a feminist driven video ad, perhaps with good intent. But it is overthe top and divisive and ultimately, it will be gender destructive. Gee. What a way to sell a product. Most of the bad guys are males. White and of a particular dress and body style. Most of the darker skinned males are the heroes. Interesting. The various women in the video NEVER act out to physically as well as emotionally protect those around them – even their own child. Why? Interesting. The video is RACIST in the human being sense not only because it's a gender specific ad. It instructs ALL men how to be. And it tells ALL women how to react – be – appropriately. It may be FEMINIST RACISM. Gillette's top management have opened up a another facet to the gender war through their marketing decisions. This is a war most men and women do not want. And probably do not need. Lets try to be clear about just one sliver and only one gender adverse front of the message.
    Two young boys are play-fighting on the lawn. This imaging postulates and directly assumes that play-fighting is "only the beginning". The beginning of what? The video is indeed explicit that play-fighting will lead to Bullying. And that WILL lead to Toxic Masculinity. Lets stamp out children play-fighting. Or, if we can't do that, lets make it a really bad image for children to be seen play fighting – especially while their DADS seem to ignore things and stand around and cook for their whole family. What's that ad going to look like? Would most of the people in the world be in a better place if young males around the world are to be denied play-fighting? What of young girls play fighting? Does that lead to Bullying and Toxic Femininity. Or young children in general play-fighting? Are we and our companies going to culturally sensor and ban them? Why were Asian, Indian, Pakastani and several other huge nationalities excluded from the ad? PS. Not sure if YouTube can ban comments similar to these! I acknowledge this style of comment may not be suitable to YouTube medium.

  33. pray for our sons our boys who have been neglected and shamed . At the end of the day ,feminism hasn't benefited men and actually has affected them negatively . bring justice and fairness to family courts

  34. Her argument, even though it was meant to be funny, is wrong… If that were the case, shaving commercials are telling men that they can't have facial hair

  35. The woman who directed this ad was hired through a contest to get more women involved in making their ads…..They hired a well-known man-hating feminist….I can not make this stuff up.

  36. I would rather shave with razors from the dollar store over buying Gillette, and I love listening to Kat going on for about a minute and half, it was very funny and I feel she wasn't wrong in what she said.

  37. I thought the boycott against gallette was because it's just too expensive. Now that I saw this I will never buy Gillett again.
    I switching to dollar club.

  38. This ad is now the gold standard for marketing disasters. It’s funny how the only fans of the ad are women and men who don’t produce enough testosterone to grow facial hair to need to shave at all.

  39. These companies never learn their lesson. When you you pander to the SJW and become “woke” YOU WILL ALWAYS LOSE! $8 billion lost in revenue and ongoing. You had this coming Gillette, with your messed up “toxic masculinity” advert. I would not dare buy a Gillette product for my son if I had one.

  40. Look at all this mangina’s clapping, what she blah blah blah about women is not the same as the topic in discussion, she is blahi g about how women should enhance themselves to be pretty but we are talking about men being demonise in society but hey I guess you dare not to disagree with a woman so this fools have to clap even if she deviate from the topic

  41. I'm still going to use Gilette as the products are good. If you don't like the ad Gilette made, then ignore it. Simple as it is.

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