FUNNY TRIBUNAL CASES: 10 Ways to Handle Trolls 2 (#24)

Number one, distract with religious debate.
That’s what happens when you download and watch porn. God hates porn. Porn is unnatural.
God hates Jews. Damn. Report Ez. Haven’t lost in like 8 games. Jewism. Haha it’s funny cause
no one cared. Number two, be strong. Kat go back. Everyone
go back laugh out loud. Go back dot dot dot dot. I’m living the single life. I don’t have
to obey you! Mmhmm. Number three. Or be a whiny bitch. AFK/bitch
ass ni er. I’m not gonna play with a team who won’t let me have anything. Such B-S.
Frown. Laugh out loud. Awwww. you have to earn your kills. Someone call the wambulance.
Number four, be honest. Jesus Christ Veigar. You’re fucking blind. Actually, you’ve just
been mean. Ohhh he told you. Number five, try to understand them. Epic
noob team. He screams, after winning a team fight. You guys actually lost, so, gug bro.
I think he’s out of burritos, or chunky white women to hit on.
Remember kids, never lose track of your burrito supply. Unless you’re certain there are plenty
of chunky white women to hit on. This has been an Nplagma life-saving announcement.
Number six, attack their weaknesses. Fuck white power ranger. And Goddamn red ranger
stealing my kills. Nobody cares. Whoa, don’t insult the rangers, man. They’re as real as
teletubbies. I wish you could laugh sarcastically online. God is trolling me. Again, nobody
cares. Udyr, how many prayers did you send to God? And God doesn’t exist.
Number seven, plead insanity. Starting blue. Thank you. So much magic resist. The fuck?
Welcome back, asshole. Hey, be nice- he has autism.
Number eight, expose their ignorance. Nid, reported. Nid, please, stop chasing. Okay.
A support so hard. Riven, suck my dick. You don’t say reported, stupid bitch, you can’t
report until after the game. You are as liar. Laugh out loud, you mad, bro? Mad? You are
the mad one. Laughing my fucking ass off. Reported for dying oh my God my pussy hurts.
Number nine, take them literally. Please surrender. Can you guys just win so I can go jerk off
and eat a burrito? Laugh out loud. But you are Janna, girls can’t jerk off. Classic.
Number ten, find common ground. You’re a fucking idiot, don’t engage. I’ll engage. Not your
mother, at least. Well, my whole team is toxic now. Like, Britney Spears toxic? Or just-
that’s my favorite song- toxic, toxic?

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