Funny Reporter Complaints 3: FUNNY TRIBUNAL REPORTS (#28)

Number one, what kind of person was he? A
typical faggot with a typical faggot’s name. This guy is suck a dick. Stupid. Terrible
person! If I were in a room with this person and Hitler and had a gun with only two bullets,
I would shoot this person twice. Number two, let them know you handled it.
Very rude. So I was rude back. Mmhmm. Number three, with a teammate, tell the same
story in two different ways. Used abusive, derogatory terms to insult us. Kept calling
everyone fags. Bad mannered. What a dick. He was very toxic. Puberty. Read the end of
the chat log. Called me a cunt, ended the game with ni**ers.
Number four, he was being what? Being gay. Being a fucking dick! Number five, how toxic? Toxic as fuck. Toxic
to the max. Number six, with instructions. I mean, just
read the chat. His tears tasted so good. Dick all game long. Please ban toxic fucks. Swore
all day and sat in base; I think you know what to do. Harassed the whole team. Perma-ban
A-S-A-P. Number seven. Let them know you’re not just
stupid, you’re also a huge pussy. Danced in front of us, and talked shit the whole game.
Played with really bad manners. Called us noobs many times and would taunt by saying
he’s lagging and can’t move. He would then kill the opposing champ. [Laughter] Shutup!
It’s not funny! Why’re you laughing?! He deceived us! I really thought he was lagging so I walked
right up to him and stood there and he just killed us! Mommy can you come change me I
went pee-pee in my diaper. Number eight. Wait, can he get chicks? Abusive
language, and no girlfriend to be found. Oh! Burn! Number 9, whatever. Unnecessary toxicity towards
our players. I don’t care, it’s not my account.

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