From ‘Hope And Change’ To ‘Hope And Obstruction Of Justice’ | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. “[T]he protections of the First Amendment, unlike a proper claim of the privilege against self-incrimination under the Fifth Amendment, do not afford a witness the right to resist inquiry in all circumstances. Where First Amendment rights are asserted to bar governmental interrogation, resolution of the issue always involves a balancing by the courts of the competing private and public interests at stake in the particular circumstances shown.”

  2. Can’t get Robert Mueller to Capitol Hill to testify. Can’t get Hope Hicks ‘Communication Director’ to communicate anything at all. This is pathetic. The vulnerabilities of the American system of so called checks and balances have been laid bare by 45 and this administration . It’s jaw dropping!

  3. imagine if trump was the democrat (as he used to be!!) and the GOP were the ones making the case? they would have impeached trump already. they fight dirty and its time the DNC also got its hands dirty. this is exactly the discussion that democrats at the top level need to be having , – they are mismanaging every scandal that trump gives them (this happens every week) and with the ridiculous number of DNC 2020 cand idates they are diluting their message, and at this point are handing trump a second term, guaranteed. how much longer will they allow trump and his band of corrupt gangsters violate every law annd every part of the constitution ; they need to grow a pair and tackle trump fire with fire, enough wit the words and the endless shuffling of paper and legal documents

  4. Why is Hicks being brought to Congress? Didn't she get questioned by Mueller's team and have her comments in the report?

  5. Can't wait for Mueller to testify and get dismantled and discombobulated, and start throw Democrat under bus

  6. The reporting from the corridor was good, probably what went on in the hearing by the sounds of it. Not a great witness, not willing to give any testimony.
    Sounds like Hope plead the fifth.

  7. Democrats need to let it go… they are in chaos and know they are going down the drain of the swamp…. LOL>… fake news won't even help you…they are going down too

  8. the dems are pretending the want Mueller to testify, because they don't want him challenged with facts by republicans, like why did you keep the probe going after August 17 when you knew there was no collusion? Its all a show to keep the hoax alive till November 2020. If they really wanted Mueller questioned, they would have subpoenaed Mueller long ago.

  9. She should be subpoenaed and found in contempt of court and throw her in jail until she is ready to answer the questions. Enough of this lawlessness.

  10. As long as testimony is private, behind closed doors, the American public will remain confused because they don't understand what TraitorTreasonousTrump has done that has everyone wanting him impeached.
    I'm Canadian and have watched the news these past few years so I know what is talked about on tv but I'm ignorant on the facts and those facts need to be told in public so that all Americans and the entire world learns the extent of this criminal and his criminal administration. Sadly, you have Boy and Girl Scouts of America, or, the Democratic Party, yada-ing yada-ing yada-ing while the U.S.A. burns to the ground with these criminals refusing this and refusing that when they should be arrested and thrown in jail. I thought Congress had that authority? It is way way past time for the Democrats to do their job.

  11. We should appeal to the military to take the Trump family into custody and put the VP in charge. The White House now is effectively highjacked.

  12. Claire who??
    What was it Lois Lerner stated under oath?
    I PLEAD THE FIFTH. Obstruction of Justice. Hmmm bunch of hypocrites.

  13. It's amazing. Per the GOP/White House, anyone who ever came into contact with Trump wears a golden halo of immunity. I'm surprised this strategy wasn't applied to Manafort, Flynn, Cohen, et al. Somehow, Trump's personal attorney can testify but his 'communications chief' can't? For all who have, for decades, boasted about the supremacy of America's system of government, look now. It's broken. It's rubbish. Trump and the GOP have irreparably corrupted it.

  14. Can you just imagine if Trump wins in 2020, the Americans will have to suffer through another 4 years of this painful rhetoric by every main stream media, and their spotless commentators. Now can you imagine if Trump looses, the U.S. will end in civil war, every main stream media will go into Chapter 11, then there will be peace.

  15. Why did you "volunteer" to testify if you were going to deny everything.? You showed you are a true disciple of the LIAR IN CHIEF.

  16. DA DEMS GOT NUTTIN… PERIOD. As Canadians would say… Meech -a-do about nothing.
    Muller could paint himself into a corner and end up wearing orange if he's not careful.
    There is no impeachable offence, no obstruction, and NOTHING will stop Trump from
    another four years.

  17. Hope Hicks may not have answered any question but she made sure her face was out there for full facial glory. I get the feeling she is vapid, not all that well put together upstairs.

  18. Congratulations, you won the outstanding prize for stupid idiotic reporting, after Con News Network ratings are literally in the bottom of the latrines.

  19. You democrats are trying to drag this nothing Burger out until 2020, but the American People are over it, and MSNBC’s ratings reflect this precisely.

  20. Hope has already testified extensively. Muellar testimony is critical he and the DNC will be exposed. Be careful what you wish for.

  21. UK: We cannot decide if we want to leave the EU or not.
    US: We cannot convince anyone to answer questions.

  22. Imagine Muellar going over the initiation of the investigation. And Uranium one. And proven spys and lies. He WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CONTROL HIS NARTATIVE. Especially with the limits of his report Vs unanswered question. Just VOTE in 2020. Quit being A WHAMBULANCE.

  23. She must have like peeing on him or she just another racist white person who love him because he's a racist

  24. The look on her face as she leaves the hearing room indicates she sees the exercise as a big joke. Throw her in jail until she answers the questions – she can decide how much of a joke it is then.

  25. It's a pity that the one female mouth around tRump that is pleasant to look at is the only one keeping her mouth shut.

  26. Why is it the only tRump female sycophant, who is pleasant to look at, the only one to keep her mouth shut?
    Speak Hope! Speak! Come on girl you can do it!

  27. Democrats vs Republicans; a bunch of old flaccid men trying to do battle.
    Where's viagra when its really needed?

  28. these "Liberals" are the only ones creating obstruction with these continuous ""Distractions & Diversion" tactics during the Trump Administration, this type of nonsense shouldn't be tolerated.

  29. Ordinary folks are convicted and jailed for having done absolutely nothing all the time in America, but the long arm of justice somehow can't seem to bust all of these crooks tied to trump, and all of a sudden playing by the rules matters. I feel sorry for Americans who have allowed themselves to be deceived into believing that their country is a just and democratic one, based on rule of law. Nothing could be further from the truth. A bunch of crooks and hoodlums running the show, doing whatever they want to do.

  30. I suspect not answering means she'd have to lie if she DID answer, breaking an oath to tell the truth, no?

  31. "Leave it up to the President's lawyers to explain how he's innocent " says the blonde network anchor ! Apparently unfamiliar with our American justice system. The accused is presumed innocent, AND MUST BE PROVEN GUILTY BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. How purposely inane are these MSNBC false theatrics ?

  32. All talked, talking … no one can doing anything about parasite Trumps ????..his stills sitting (king on the hill ) Trumps worst parasite ever walked on this planet… delusional ,madman .psychopath sociopath nassassisic. agent for Russia Putin's clapping hands laughed drinking vodkas pulling Trumps puppet running USA..the world hates and laughed USA trump organized crimes gang's mafia crooks collusion s Con artist all of his life ,his have committed so many crimes and immoral ..nothing good about him his got aways so may crimes no consequences….Trumps and his children and all his cronies …need in prisoning trump Anti Christ Kushner the Mark of the beasts plain sight..nightmares disgraced ..enough ..About the parasite Trumps. We sickening to heard Trumps name…be nice put all of them in some island with no water trees ….

  33. Mueller is the most overrated person in history. I don't care what he says and take it with a grain of salt.

  34. SICK LYING PIGS THESE MEDIA WHORES ARE. Muller won’t testify because the Republicans will pick him apart on all the illegal actions they participated in! Hilarious! They are eating their own and their too stupid to realize it. I LOVE IT!

  35. Remember when a British politician worked with the Clinton administration to lie and make a fake report ,that caused a 35 million dollar report on the president than couldn't find anything!!

  36. He said it's the end ,because when a president is under investigation , the rest of the government makes it hard to do your job!

  37. All Americans (USA) are uptight because the are all responsible collectively for their current political issues. I think that they should just get used to it. You need to"MAKE AMERICA NORMAL". The rest of the world has a very poor opinion of you. Your version of Democracy makes no sense.

  38. JAPAN, RUSSIA, CHINA, and the entire middle east are literally Laughing in Your faces About > GLOBAL WARMING which they announced recently that it was Marxist propaganda designed to destroy America's energy markets. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS ALIGNED WITH OPEC NOT THE AMERICAN CITIZENS, 100 year RECORD FREEZING,

  39. I'll say this again: Trump et al. are a gang of criminals, or those who enable them. They are criminals, and accessories before, during and after the fact.

  40. Fake news again really !?!? Better really take heed to the ratings and the sponsors bailing These idiots are going to be out of a job soon!!!!

  41. BwaaaaaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!! Adam Schiff will be forced to testify too. I live how scared the Liberal and fake democrats are right now. Constantly spinning lie after lie.

  42. Their certainly wasn’t any hope an change in the community organized by Obama. Murder, gang violence, poverty, hopelessness in Chicago. 100% Democrats failure and fault.

  43. The Democrats are too weak. Watching the presidential debates. Hillary let Trump walk all over her and this cost her everything. Trump is brash. He is rude. But his lies are believed by many. "Killing him with kindness" will not work. Dems gotta take the low road and fight. He does what dictators do and gets away with it.

  44. hope and changes is from Jesus Christ. Thank Jesus for liberty from deceivers.

    people that look to politicians for Hope and change are spiritually ignorant they ain't woke. They are spiritually broke.

    Jesus Christ is the way of salvation he is the future he has a plan for a new heaven and new earth no need for the new need garbage deal straight from the devil throne

    There is No game of thrones Jesus Christ is the king of the throne get to know him quick.

  45. yeap…Trump is above the law…good luck with getting rid of him…the Dems will loose the next election cause they are absolutely spineless and paid to loose

  46. How much is donny paying you to screw America Hope?????? I hppe it was worth it to you…your worse than hanoi Jane

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