Friend With Benefits Fling Leads To Paternity Triangle (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is a case of
Whitman v. Mapson
and Anderson.
Thank you, Jerome. You’re welcome. Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day! Ms. Whitman, the man you
claim you love is standing
in our courtroom hallway. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: But you confess
you cheated on him
with the defendant… WHITMAN: That’s right,
Your Honor. …Mr. Anderson. (AUDIENCE GASPING) So today you’re here to
determine the paternity of your one-month-old
daughter, Makayla, in hopes
of saving your relationship. Yes, You Honor. Mr. Anderson, you say
you knew Ms. Whitman was in a relationship
when you slept with her, yet claimed she was
also intimate with
other men as well. (AUDIENCE GASPING) Furthermore, you say
you hope today’s results will prove you are
not the father of
Ms. Whitman’s daughter. Yes, Your Honor. So, Ms. Whitman,
you were in a relationship
with Mr. Mapson? Yes, we were in
a relationship. Then you ended up cheating
on him with Mr. Anderson? That’s right, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE GASPING) So now, explain. Well, me and
Mr. Mitchell met
at a bus station, when I was coming from
Chicago to Arkansas and we kind of like
kicked it off quick, we became girlfriend
and boyfriend, and two months into
the relationship
I met Mr. Anderson. And we were pretty much like
friends, and because I thought
Mr. Mitchell was cheating, I kind of went to him
and we were texting. And you… So then you started
giving Mr. Anderson a little
bit more attention. Yes, Your Honor,
that’s right. JUDGE LAKE: Continue. And we kind of pretty much
was just friends at first and then it just was
kind of like friends
with benefits. It wasn’t like all the time. That would be casual,
right, Jerome? Absolutely. Yes, Your Honor. Okay, and now your fear is that Mr. Anderson… (CHUCKLING) …is Makayla’s father. That’s right, Your Honor. So, Mr. Anderson,
you have doubts? ANDERSON: Yes, I do. Please explain. Well, I have doubts, because
I know she was sleeping with
other men besides me. (AUDIENCE GASPING) Specifically, how
do you know that? Because I’ve seen them
up there, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Up where? Me… No, no, no, I need details.
This is court. I need
details, I need facts. ANDERSON: Okay.
I’m gonna tell you. You say… Yeah. You say
you saw them
with your own eyes. ANDERSON: Yeah, I… Explain to the court. Look, we are all…
This is a small town. A small town, everybody
knows everybody, everybody
knows who drives what. This particular person
I know stayed with her a week. (AUDIENCE GASPING) JUDGE LAKE: Really? And you know
who this guy is? ANDERSON: I know him. He’s one of my cousins. (AUDIENCE GASPING) Oh. So one of your cousins
stayed up there
with her for a week? Yes. Did your cousin tell you
that he slept with her? Yeah, we even gave
each other daps
and everything. (AUDIENCE GASPING) JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Whitman,
do you know
who this cousin is? Yes, I know who his
cousin is, but his cousin
did not stay a week. Well, how long
did he stay? His cousin never stayed
at my house, period. JUDGE LAKE:
Was he at your house? He came there, yes. JUDGE LAKE: Did you
sleep with him? No, I did not.
His cousin liked me, but we never slept together,
he bought me a bed when
I first moved to my apartment. ANDERSON: I’m not
talking… I’m not
talking about that cousin. He bought you a bed? I’m not talking
about that cousin. Yes. Well, I don’t know… I’m not talking
about that… Wait, wait, there’s more…
There are more cousins? (CHUCKLING) Hold on. No, I don’t know what
cousin he’s talking about. Hold on, Mr. Anderson,
so you do know his car? Yes. And so you know it was him? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: And you saw
the car parked there? Yes. All right, I want to
understand how did
you figure out or find out that Ms. Whitman
was pregnant? Well, actually,
Facebook, uh… (AUDIENCE CHUCKLING) My baby mama,
she didn’t even call me… I sent you the picture
of the pregnancy test. And you sent it
to Mr. Anderson? WHITMAN: Yes, Your Honor. Did you send it
to anybody else? ANDERSON: Yes, she… Yes, she… I, um, sent it to Mitch, too,
through Facebook. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Mapson? Yes, Mr. Mapson,
Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Was he excited
about the pregnancy? Yes, he was very excited
and then, like, maybe
two weeks later, I told him that
it could be
someone else. JUDGE LAKE: You did? Yes. So two weeks after
you initially told him,
“I am pregnant,” you were honest
and said… WHITMAN: That’s right. “This child could
be someone else’s.” Yes, Your Honor. Jerome, I think it’s time
we talked to Mr. Mapson. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Please escort him in. Alright, come on with me. I’m gonna have you go
up to the witness stand
next to the Judge. How you doing,
Your Honor? Hello, sir. Thank you
for joining us, Mr. Mapson. So we’re here, of course,
discussing the paternity as it relates to
beautiful Makayla. And we understand
Ms. Whitman has testified that she was in
a relationship with
you at the time the child was conceived. Yes. Did you have any idea
that she was sleeping
with other people? I kind of had suspicions, because of our relationship,
it was a long-distance
relationship, and after a while,
you know how a
long-distance relationship is. Did you show up to
the hospital and participate
in the birth with her? At first, my intentions
was to show up
at the hospital, but just knowing that
it could have been
somebody else’s kid, I didn’t want to just
involve myself. To involve myself in
that situation and then
find out it is not mine… It just… I didn’t feel
comfortable with that. So you didn’t go to
any doctor’s appointments
with her? Nope. And sometimes
I would call and promise
that I would come, but I just couldn’t
show up. (AUDIENCE GROANS) And were you all still
supposed to be in this
relationship at the time? Were you all trying to
work through this? Yeah, we was in…
We was… We were
working through it. I feel bad for not
showing up, telling her that
I was going to show up, but it was just,
the situation,
it wasn’t right. I went through
the whole birth alone,
the whole nine months. He even… He even
stopped talking to me
and I couldn’t… I couldn’t get a hold
of Mr. Anderson, ’cause he blocked
all communications. Facebook, the telephone. (AUDIENCE GASPING) ANDERSON:
Yeah, I did that. And he stopped answering the
phone for me, Mr. Mapson. The reason I blocked her off
is because of the stuff
she was doing on Facebook. She was, you know
what I’m saying, just
out there just saying, “This is my baby daddy,”
knowing she been
with other people. I’ve never put on Facebook
that you were my baby daddy. You know what I’m saying? People were asking me,
even my baby mama. The one…
The girl I’m with. I ain’t with her now,
because that’s destroyed,
you know. So since you had
such real doubts, did you pursue
a DNA test at all? Did you say I want to
have a paternity test? Yes! Yes, I did. What happened? And we argued about that. What… What is
the argument? She
admitted she didn’t know. He wanted me to pay
half of the DNA test, but Mr. Mapson also
wanted me to pay half. I wasn’t going
to pay half for
both the people. JUDGE LAKE:
Wait a minute! (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) She done gone half on
the baby, and won’t go
half on the DNA test. ANDERSON: Your Honor… Now, that doesn’t
make no sense. Your daughter, Makayla,
has a right to know. Yes. That’s obvious. So now that
Makayla is here, has anyone
bonded with her? Have either of you
two gentlemen…
You have, Mr. Mapson? So now that she’s here… I went to see the baby and that… She was pretty,
she was a beautiful baby. So I showed her
around to my family.Even called my kids,
asked them what
they think about her,
and they all said,
“We believe it’s yours,”
’cause she kind of
look like my youngest
son or whatever.
JUDGE LAKE:So you had to
take this beautiful new baby
around to your family
and to your children,
and literally just say,
“Do you all think
she looks like me?” Correct. AUDIENCE: Wow. JUDGE LAKE: And are
you all in a relationship? No, we’re not, because we’re trying
to get the results of this and then maybe we
could move forward. But I don’t want to lose
Mr. Mapson, but I’m afraid
that if he’s not the father, our relationship
is basically over. So, Mr. Mapson,
are you willing to
work on this relationship… You did that. I didn’t do that. …if in fact it’s determined
that Makayla is your
biological daughter? Oh, if she mine,
I’m willing to be with her.
I told her once that marry or whatever,
we’ll just do what
we gotta do. And what if
she’s not yours? If she’s not, that
right there, that’d hurt. AUDIENCE: Aw! Mr. Anderson, have you
spent time with the baby? Well, I came up there
one time, you know, uh… WHITMAN: Yeah,
he came one time. Came up there one time. When I came out the hospital. Looked at, you know… Talked to her… JUDGE LAKE: And when
you saw the baby, did you feel like,
“This child could be mine”? Well, not really. I mean, you know, I had
them doubts, you know,
I had my doubts. But, you know, that’s…
That’s a child, you know, and,
uh, a child deserves to know who their parents
are, you know. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) (INDISTINCT TALKING) You seem like you
feel emotional right
now, Mr. Anderson. What are you feeling? I already been
through so much. Y’all don’t know… Y’all don’t know
what I went through
before I got here. What… What are
you feeling now? I’m feeling pain! Hurt! JUDGE LAKE: Because this
situation really bothers you? This situation has affected
our life, you know. My baby mama takes
on all the time talking
about this situation. We get into it, she called
the police on me,
had to get my stuff, get out. You know,
I got on out. After that happened,
another man there. She done kicked me out.
I done spent money… He’s there right now. And now Mr. Anderson’s
relationship is
destroyed, Ms. Whitman, but the truth of
the matter is, is you’re worried
that the situation
is gonna destroy your relationship
with Mr. Mapson, because you don’t
want to be with
Mr. Anderson. No, there’s no way that
me and Mr. Anderson
could be together. But you want to be
with Mr. Mapson? Yes, that’s who
I want to be with. And if… I’m afraid
if the baby is not
his, he will not be… He will respond
the way Mr. Anderson’s
girlfriend did, and not want to
be a part of a
relationship with you. Yes. Probably,
basically, yes. Yeah, you might be
right on that one. But I love Mr. Mapson
and that’s who I want
to be with… But, see, I just want
to know, you know… You know, if the child
is mine or not. JUDGE LAKE: And she… I didn’t want to come on
here just blasting her. I’m just trying…
You know, I’m just telling
the truth about the situation. And that’s exactly
why you’re here,
is to tell the truth and to get the truth. Right. Right. JUDGE LAKE: Which is
what I have for you. Right. Ms. Whitman,
I’m gonna go to results, and I just have to ask you,
because, like I said,
we’re here to tell the truth. Mmm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE: I’ve heard
Mr. Anderson’s testimony.
Is there any chance that neither one
of these gentlemen are the father of your child? WHITMAN: No, Your Honor. No, Your Honor, there’s
no chance that anybody
else could be the father. JUDGE LAKE:
So you are positive that there is absolutely
no other possibility… WHITMAN: Yes, Your Honor. …no other man, besides
these two, could be
the father of your child? That’s right, Your Honor. There’s one. No, there’s not. You agree with Mr. Anderson,
Mr. Mapson?
You believe there’s a third? All I know is
about Mr. Anderson. I don’t know nothing
about nobody else. WHITMAN: There’s
no one else… People… I was texting
people, people might
have come over to my house to chill,
but I was not having
sex with anyone else, but Mr. Anderson. And me and Mr. Anderson
was not together,
so I couldn’t have cheated on him
or anything like that. We were just friends
with benefits… ANDERSON: What about the guy
that stayed up there
a week with you? No guy stayed there a week.
I don’t know what guy
he’s talking about. There’s no one else… Do you see that same
smirk, Mr. Mapson? ANDERSON: Look at you.
You know. JUDGE LAKE: Every time
we mention this car
and this week… (LAUGHING) JUDGE LAKE:
Ms. Whitman! Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
What’s that smile about? JUDGE LAKE: ‘Cause
I personally don’t
see anything funny. ANDERSON: I’m looking
like the bad guy here! JUDGE LAKE: You know… I’m thinking
about a little girl, who’s sitting up here,
waiting any minute, “Somebody put me
on my daddy’s lap. “Oh, I know, first we gotta
figure out who he is.” Well, there was a guy
that stayed there a week. But, uh…
This is the guy… (AUDIENCE GROANS) Me and the guy
was not together.
His girlfriend put him out, and me being as
a friend, because he
has to get all his… Y’all weren’t friends. That
was just like me and you were. WHITMAN: No, we was not. So you admit it that
you lied in the court room
previously, you said a man was
not staying there
with you for a week. But we were not having sex.
He was staying there.
He was sleeping on the couch. He stayed there until
he got all his utilities
at his house back on… But you didn’t tell
Mitch about that, did you? I didn’t know nothing
about that. I did not tell Mitch. JUDGE LAKE:
So the bottom line is you’ve just admitted that
you lied in the court room
previously, because you
previously stated that a man did not stay at
your home for a week, when Mr. Anderson
testified that he did. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) But… JUDGE LAKE: So now
I need to ask you again, is there any
possibility that… WHITMAN: No. No, Your Honor. …the father of your
beautiful little girl could be someone
other than these two men? No, Your Honor, because
that happened way before
I even got pregnant. He was there in
the same month. JUDGE LAKE: All right. No… There’s nothing…
No, we was not! He was there… I got pregnant the beginning
of October, and he was there one
week, and after he left,
then you came in. JUDGE LAKE: All right,
let me tell you what. WHITMAN: No, no, no. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Whitman,
Ms. Whitman, look, your credibility just went
down the tube, so, Jerome… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Thank you. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics
and they read as follows. In the case ofWhitman
v. Mapson/Anderson
as to whether Mr. Mapson
or Mr. Anderson is the biological father
of one-month-old Makayla… (AUDIENCE GASPING) JUDGE LAKE: As to whether
Mr. Mapson or Mr. Anderson is the biological father
of one-month-old Makayla, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Anderson, you are not her father. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus.
I knew it! I knew it! All the time,
all that stuff
you’ve done to me. We have another result. Boy… It has been determined
by this court, Mr. Mapson, you are her father. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Can I come up
and shake his hand? He’d like to shake
your hand. I’d like that. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Oh, yeah, good luck.
All right. That’s a beautiful girl
you got. Ms. Whitman,
you’re a very lucky
young woman, because he still took his
place right by your side. And, Mr. Mapson, I hope
that means that you are
willing to give this a try. To give her
the opportunity to show and prove
more to you than
she has in the past. I’ll never leave
my little girl,
that’s my baby. I’m very happy
for you both. And good luck to you
as well, Mr. Anderson. Thank you. Thank you, Your Honor. Court is adjourned.


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