Frank Defends Charlie in Court – Scent of a Woman (8/8) Movie CLIP (1992) HD

and you are a liar. But not a snitch ! Excuse me ? No, l don’t
think l will. – Mr. Slade.
– This is such a crock of shit ! [ Trask ] Please watch your
Ianguage, Mr. Slade. You are in the Baird school,
not a barracks. Mr. Simms, l will give you one
final opportunity to speak up. Mr. Simms
doesn’t want it. He doesn’t need
to be labeled… ”still worthy of
being a Baird man.” What the hell
is that ? What is your motto here ? ”Boys, inform on your
classmates, save your hide; anything short of that,
we’re gonna burn you at the stake” ? Well, gentlemen, when the shit hits the fan,
some guys run… and some guys stay. Here’s Charlie facin’ the fire,
and there’s George… hidin’ in
big daddy’s pocket. And what are you doin’ ? You’re gonna
reward George… and destroy Charlie. -Are you finished, Mr. Slade ?
-No, l’m just gettin’ warmed up. [ Slade ] l don’t know who
went to this place. William Howard Taft,
William Jennings Bryant, William Tell, whoever. Their spirit is dead,
if they ever had one. lt’s gone. You’re buildin’
a rat ship here, a vessel for
seagoin’ snitches. And if you think you’re
preparin’ these minnows for manhood, you better think again, because l say you are
killin’ the very spirit… this institution
proclaims it instills. What a sham. What kind of a show
are you guys puttin’ on here today ? l mean, the only class
in this act is sittin’ next to me. l’m here to tell you
this boy’s soul is intact. lt’s non-negotiable.
You know how l know ? Someone here, and l’m not gonna say who,
offered to buy it. – Only Charlie here wasn’t sellin’.
– Sir, you’re out of order. l show you out of order. You don’t know what
out of order is, Mr. Trask. l’d show you,
but l’m too old, l’m too tired,
too fuckin’ blind. lf l were the man l was
five years ago, l’d take… a flamethrower
to this place ! Out of order ? Who the hell
you think you’re talkin’ to ? l’ve been around,
you know ? There was a time
l could see. And l have seen. Boys like these,
younger than these, their arms torn out,
their legs ripped off. But there is nothin’
like the sight… of an amputated spirit. There is
no prosthetic for that.


  1. "You know how I know? Someone here, and I'm not gonna say who, offered to buy it. Only Charlie here, wasn't sellin"

    Get chills everytime. Incredible writing and acting

  2. "Mr. Sims, you are a cover-up artist and you are a liar." Who knew that 25 years later, we would replace the name Sims with Trump, and that sentence would most accurately describe our President? Too bad James Rebhorn didn't live long enough to say it.

  3. This film is all these things -and more. No actor I have ever seen has mastered the way blind people "look" at the worldthem. Their blindness paradoxically makes them hear more, catch the inuendoes in what people say which we, thr sighted are too distracted to hear, their sense of scent is correspondingly heightened, likewise their sense of touch. Al Pacino's portrayal of a blind man should, in iysrlf, have gotten him an Oscar – but so much more. |I think I have wauched the DVD at least once a year. I used to read to a blind philospher – everything from Aristotle to Wittgenstein, and what amazed me is the speed of their pick-uo: undistractd by vidusl dti,uli, they heard the words with sharped acuity, saw contradictions which I, sighted, had mossed. I will not forget this film. It reminds me every time of my friend, Martin Milligan, who sadly did not live long enough to see this film.. Yes, he would have "seen" it. Dipak Nandy

  4. Put all the Anglo Saxon actors together and these two Italians Al Pacine and De Niro will outclass all of them by a light year

  5. Can you imagine Frank Slade "Yelling" at Kevin Spacey in Glengarry Glen Ross for costing him a $6000.00 Comission. He'd be so frightening.

  6. My beef? Please learn how to play a whole scene. They always stop just when the shit starts getting good

  7. "If I was the man I was five years ago, I'd take a FLAME-THROWER to this place!!!" How many people have felt this way about their jobs?

  8. "Out of order? I'M out of order! YOU'RE out of order! HE, SHE, IT'S out of order! WE'RE out of order! YOU'RE out of order! THEY'RE out of order!"

  9. This movie basically foretold the coming millenials.Weak principled,selfentitled andfocused on themselves and nothing else.

  10. Whoever have written this particular speech for Mr Slade who happens to play by one of the best actor in the entertainment industry named Al Pacino.
    His acting was superb along with the exclusive rebuttals that not only insulted the boarding school staff but to define the truth with integrity.

  11. BAD. Stops during middle of speech. Great Quality video, but still unforgivable.
    Better the whole thing in crappy quality.

  12. More people need to live their lives like Charlie. Integrity is the last virtue left that keeps the human soul intact

  13. Не знаю рассказала бы я на его месте о них со всеми подробностями или нет😑 несколько лет точно бы нет,но сейчас подумываю по другому😉

  14. "Sir you're out of order!" bangs gavel
    "……and this gives you power over me? Using your little…..hhhhammer!!" lmfao

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