Fox Judge DEMOLISHES Trump on air over Ukraine scandal

Let me switch to the Ukraine stuff that’s
been taking a lot of oxygen out of the room recently. Who’s in more trouble here, the president
who had this phone call with the Ukranian leader, or Joe Biden, who actually DID have
a quid pro quo with regard to Ukraine when he was Vice President? Well that depends who you ask. Well I’m asking the judge. I think the president—I think this is the
most serious charge against the president. Far more serious than what Bob Mueller dug
or dragged up against him if there was a quid pro quo. It does appear as though a quarter of a billion
dollars in defensive weaponry was held back for a period of time while these 8 conversations
were going on between the president— Even though there was nothing said, according
to the Wall Street Journal, who was quoting a couple of sources they have that were apparently
privy to this phone conversation. They said there was no specific quid pro quo,
judge. So if you are the president of the United
States and you are making a conversation that you know your intelligence community is listening
to, of course you’re not going to articulate a quid pro quo. You’re just going to make the quid pro quo
happen. But if you were a Vice President of the United
States and you were visiting with the president of the Ukraine and you say, look this prosecutor
is going after a number of companies and you don’t tell him, by the way, that one of
those companies has your son on it as a board member, and then say, you gotta get rid of
this prosecutor. Less than 24 hours later, the prosecutor’s
gone, the investigation of the company to which Biden’s son is on the board, that
goes away. That sounds like a direct quid quo pro. So this is probably the end of Joe Biden’s
presidency– Wow. And it ought to be an end of his dream for
the presidency. But it doesn’t diminish one iota what the
current president is doing which is an act of—if true, we haven’t seen the whistleblower
complaint, and under the law it has to be revealed—if true, this is an act of corruption. But I don’t want to bury the lede here. You said this means the end of Joe Biden’s
presidential— I don’t see how he survives this. This is Fox News’ senior judicial analyst
Andrew Napolitano debunking a series of right wing talking points with regard to Trump’s
Ukraine scandal. And despite the way the host was trying to
absolve Trump of committing glaringly illegal activities by pointing instead to Joe Biden,
Napolitano not only doesn’t take the bait, but makes HIS point crystal clear: that this
is the single most serious charge ever levied against the president. What’s so insane is that Republicans are
screeching about how disqualifying a quid pro quo between Biden and Ukraine would be
when Trump likely just engaged in one. The guy just withheld $250 million in military
funding before getting on the phone with the Ukrainian president, demanding 8 separate
times that they open an investigation into Joe Biden, and then suddenly the funds were
released—with an EXTRA $140 million that the Ukrianian president himself said he didn’t
expect. So if a quid pro quo is enough for Trump and
the entire GOP to pull their hair out, then why aren’t any of them concerned about the
one committed within the last 60 days by the guy sitting in the Oval Office? It’s ALMOST like they don’t really care
about corruption but are just partisan hacks looking for any excuse possible to hurt the
Democrats and stay in power. And their talking points got worse from there. The host points to the fact that Trump didn’t
EXPLICITLY say the words “I am withholding $250 million dollars in military aid until
you open your investigation into Joe Biden,” but for Christ’s sake, is that the bar? That until you state outright “it is my
intention to commit a crime,” that no crime has been committed? I mean, give me a break. If all of a sudden, a quarter of a million
dollars that was set to go to you gets put on hold and then, at the exact same time,
the president of the United States starts demanding something, the IMPLICATION is that
a quid pro quo is occurring, and the reason we’re able to tell is because we’re functioning
human beings. I mean, this Fox host is so blinded by his
own partisanship that literal seconds after Napolitano says that this is the single most
serious charge against Trump, he claims he doesn’t want to bury the lede, that the
REAL story is about a presidential candidate being ACCUSED of corruption several years
ago for which there’s currently no available evidence, rather than the current president
effectively holding taxpayer funded military aid hostage until foreign countries start
interfering on his behalf in the next election. Got it. The fact is that while Napolitano is able
to see through the president’s bs, just about everyone else on Fox News, along with
the Republican Party, chooses not to. And so they’re content to absolve Trump
of breaking the law, of basically bribing the president of Ukraine to do his political
bidding, of orchestrating a cover up of a whistleblower complaint, all so Trump can
stay in office. When we wonder how fascist leaders came to
power throughout history, when we wonder how countries let it get to that point, this is
how. Because we have an entire political party
in the United States that is silent in the face of blatant, glaring corruption, in the
systematic dismantling of our democratic institutions. When the UK’s prime minister Boris Johnson
announced plans to suspend Parliament so that it would have less time to try to stop Britain’s
exit from the EU, members of his conservative party LEFT the party immediately, literally
got up on the floor of Parliament and sat with a different party, depriving Boris Johnson
of his majority. And suspending Parliament is a fairly common
occurrence. Yet when the president of the United States
engages in REPEATED efforts to conspire with foreign countries to interfere in our elections,
to obstruct justice at every corner to protect himself, to undermine everything this entire
country stands for, not a single member of the GOP can find their tongue, because leadership. So the right will continue running cover for
the president, but they’re doing so at their own peril, because the vast majority of Americans
can see what’s really going on here and won’t forget when it comes time to vote
in 2020.


  1. THE NEWS- Mr. President, what is going on with you asking a foreign power to give you dirt on a presidential candidate….MR. TRUMP- Look at Hillarys e-mails, er I mean, Bidens dealings with these people…..same shit, different election

  2. You're an idiot dude. Every bit of your rant is on speculation. If POTUS did this, if POTUS did that, if POTUS said this, if POTUS said that. Wait for the transcript before spewing your drivel.

  3. In Ancient Greece there were these guys called Sophists, approximately meaning "Wise Guys," but not in the modern thuggish sense. Their claim to fame was that we could argue any point from any side. Their tactics passed into the English language as "sophistry," denoting nothing good about insincere argument.

    Somewhat later, historically, Alexis de Tocqueville among others noted that the then-new American Republic had a fascination with lawyers and lawyerly reasoning. We weren't unique in this, but we were noted for it.

    Skip to the present. Sophistry is back, only instead of being a mere tour de force of skill at twisting language, it's a contrived emotional appeal in support of otherwise naked self interest.

    It's a lawyerly attempt to change the subject, or, at the least, throw sand in the eyes of wavering supporters who might be beginning to see threatened principles in the actions of celebrated individuals.

    It's prejudice trying to sound like sagacity. It's red herrings by the chaldronful. It's a pack of logical fallacies they no longer teach about in school.

    So far, Trump has not actually shot anybody on Fifth Avenue, but he's almost certainly tried to use taxpayer funds to suborn perjury from a foreign government in order to fix an American election, and Sophists, now known as Republicans, are trying to cover up for him.

  4. There are a few things that need to be cleared up with this whole Joe and Hunter Biden story.
    Joe Biden didn't go after that prosecutor because he was investigating Hunter Biden, he went after this prosecutor because he was letting all sorts of criminals get away, as in failing to do his job which affected many aspects of American and European affairs, it was for this very reason that not only Joe Biden but almost all European leaders wanted this guy gone.
    Hunter Biden never was the target of the initial investigation, it was the owner of the energy company that Hunter Biden just happened to be working for the company, that investigation was eventually dropped long before Joe Biden got involved, hence why the second investigation about blackmailing claims were deemed null and void.
    Trump and Giuliani knew this from the very start, but all they wanted was to spread doubt among the people who had no idea what was going on.

  5. Yesterday or today both Trump and Giuliani admitted that he did call the Ukraine while withholding the money and tried to coerce their president into investigating Joe Biden and his son – that is clearly illegal

  6. This FOX propaganda machine are trying to constantly give false equivalence stories and point in the other direction to get their brainwashed viewers someone else to attack for false allegations when the criminal is looting the vault!! And betraying the oath of office hunt he has orange hair. At least Napolitano is telling it how it really is ty.

  7. Something that concerns me is why? Why is the Republican party bending over backward for Trump? As far as I can remember, there has never been such a fanatical response for a Republican president or even a candidate. So Why are they doing this? Why have they let it get this far? Why are they capitulating, even when it means they are breaking the law? What is going on that makes it so the Republican party stands so firmly behind this man when they have never done so to this extent before. Why have the democratic party fail to step forward and time after time back off?

  8. The attempt of this host to divert the potential of trump's corruption is the ultimate level of professional ball licking. Just sickening. No ethics.

  9. I think trump’s collusion into Joe Biden son and Ukraine before 2020 is similar to Hillary emails and Russia 2016. If the Dems don’t impeach him now, he will get away with it twice. Trump thinks he is above the law.🤔

  10. A person could run clips of republicans spouting both sides of numerous issues for days on end. We would only hope that some republicans come to their senses. Problem is that now it's all about anything to hurt democrats as if they are not destroying America in the process. That's how stupid they are.

  11. Oh my God stop obsessing on Biden, the CURRENT PRESIDENT IS A CROOK. If Biden’s career is over, fine, but TRUMP SHOULD BE TOAST TOO. The Trumpsters always do this.

  12. Republicans, how in hell are you continuing to support this idiot?! Imagine what would happen if Republicans support impeachment and remove this loser. Cleanse the WH by impeaching this orange not so smart idiot.

  13. Im used to like trump thought he was the best thing for the country. Now he has lost all my respect, he is a disgrace and needs to be impeached. He represents everything ignorant and hostile. He is NOT the face of America.

  14. another accusation without any evidence. here we go, another ridiculous charge on trump. once nothing comes out of it i will be loving it when i see the left cry! trump is cleaning out the leftist corruption!

  15. Mister Cohen why don’t you make a video about sharp shooter AOC and her terrifying experience with the environmental sound garbage disposal or Ilhan Omar and the controversies that surrounds her…..

  16. Joe Biden might have done something wrong, Donald Trump definitely did something wrong.

    One of these two is the sitting president.

  17. No matter what even if THE PARASITE in the White House wins the elections he won’t survive another term. He is already deteriorating before our eyes. His health will fail and he’ll drop dead 🙏 before ending the second term.

  18. Be careful with FOX… They are all about manipulating the majority of the people. Now we witness one anchor trying to move the focus away from what is really happening. It is all a strategy.

  19. The host is affirming that Biden had a quid pro quo with Ukraine. There is absolutely no evidence to sustain such an affirmation. That doesn't stop him from affirming it on national television. That kind of behavior is REAL fake news. Fox should reprimand him. He's tarnishing Fox reputation. Don't behave like the one you decry.

  20. Tht aother guy is is a asshole and trump is still corrupt, wait for it Republicans ur time is coming 2020 is almost here just wait for it .

  21. This is an act of corruption by the sitting US president – cool cool, but lets go back to what you said about Biden not having a shot at the presidency because that is obviously the most important thing the judge just said…

  22. Obviously, the Judge has lost it …Goes off not knowing what he's talking about …Another fake Cohen crisis ..MMMM MMM ?

  23. SO NO COLLUSION again?I was a Republican in 2016 then switched. Planning on voting for Warren. Fuck Joe Biden, dont vote for that motherfucker. but lets Make America Trumpless Again. VOTE HIM OUT 2020!

  24. Did anyone else get a Trump 2020 ad before the video or just me?? Never skipped an ad quicker. Sure Donny-boy I’ll vote for you, just after I watch this video on the reason your getting impeached.


  26. The judge DID take the bait, contrary to what you said Brian. The judge declared in plain words that Biden’s candidacy is finished because of this episode. The host then reiterated it and the judge repeated his prediction on Biden. This is all spin and the judge is definitely in on it.

  27. Is like sexusl harrasmnt at work

    The manager wont say straight out let us go out
    He will say let us disscuss ur promotion over dinner

    Same thing here. Trump didnt say aid for info he said a favor I will be grateful.

    Plus Biden thing was 10 yrs ago and was look at. This is now and we have to look at it too

  28. Biden didn't have a quid pro quo with Ukraine. Biden was sent by President Obama to get rid of a corrupt prosecutor. A corrupt prosecutor that the IMF, the EU, and the Obama administration (not just the VP) wanted fired. The Biden story is fake.

  29. Asking for or receiving justice cant be construed as being somthing of value
    Justice stands alone it is what is right valuable but not somthing of value.

  30. They already did an investigation with the bidens and they come to the conclusion that there was nothing to see there how long ago was that the Trump & Giuliani we know what they're doing gladimir Putin needs their help Trump is doing it I don't even believe he'll give him the money cuz he's got mnuchin watching his back I mean his ass because they all love the smell of orange shit

  31. And fuck Fox News they're a bunch of lying pigs you see how the commentator keeps bringing up the vitamins to Biden's the bidens quid pro quo oh yeah this is the end of the bidens oh yeah and there's nothing to see this is freaking unbelievable which language are we going to have to learn how to speak now we're all going to have to learn how to lie I break all the rules and laws maybe we should all do that across the whole country go past the speed limit everyone and everybody they won't be enough police to stop us all screw Trump and his military

  32. Fox News wants to discredit the guy who has no chance of being the dem nominee…. So out of touch with reality it makes you wonder if their heads are still up their butts or buried in the sand

  33. The corrupt chickens are coming home to roost ! Trump can’t hide his feathers, Barr and Gooliani should go to jail ASAP! Trump will run his crime family from Rickers Island… don’t forget the Republicans strategy: gaslighting and counterattacks, well here we have No evidence of any wrongdoing by Biden , what he called for was in the context of a chorus of the international community calling for the ouster of a corrupt judge! Nowhere near the same! Trump fake fact number 49,000 !

  34. Get your facts straight, the funds were with held because, the president wanted the Germans to do more. You are just a political hack who doesn't know shit.

  35. Trump going to jail. Remember his asshole supporters that have been exposed! They walk among us. Dont forget these shitstains! Fuck trump AND all his bootlickers

  36. By the way, this sack of garbage interviewing Nap COMPLETELY LIED right to the face of his viewers regarding Biden and his involvement with the Prosecutor. Like, not a SINGLE THING he said about it was even remotely true and he knows it. This is just YET FURTHER evidence that Conservatives are pathetically and immorally STUPID or just flat out reprehensible, dishonest, and DEPLORABLE sacks of lying human feces. There is no gray area here.

    Also, Nap is just another lying sack of garbage. Sure, to keep what is left of his pathetic and tattered reputation he has to report legal facts, otherwise EVERY OTHER ACTUAL LAWYER AND JUDGE would call him out on it, but he didn't correct the interviewers LIES about Biden and continued them as if they were true. Conservatives are traitors to America, they always have been it's just that now they no longer hide that fact.

  37. Orange does not pay taxes. That was OUR tax money he was fu##king with. If he ever leaves office, he will really be a millionaire.

  38. Hey Panty Boi
    Read em and weep!!!










    November 10, 1999.–Treaty was read the first time, and together with

    the accompanying papers, referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations

    and ordered to be printed for the use of the Senate.



    79-118 WASHINGTON : 1999



    The White House, November 10, 1999.

    To the Senate of the United States:

    With a view to receiving the advice and consent of the

    Senate to ratification, I transmit herewith the Treaty Between

    the United States of America and Ukraine on Mutual Legal

    Assistance in Criminal Matters with Annex, signed at Kiev on

    July 22, 1998. I transmit also, for the information of the

    Senate, an exchange of notes which was signed on September 30,

    1999, which provides for its provisional application, as well

    as the report of the Department of State with respect to the


    The Treaty is one of a series of modern mutual legal

    assistance treaties being negotiated by the United States in

    order to counter criminal activities more effectively. The

    Treaty should be an effective tool to assist in the prosecution

    of a wide variety of crimes, including drug trafficking

    offenses. The Treaty is self-executing. It provides for a broad

    range of cooperation in criminal matters. Mutual assistance

    available under the Treaty includes: taking of testimony or

    statements of persons; providing documents, records, and

    articles of evidence; serving documents; locating or

    identifying persons; transferring persons in custody for

    testimony or other purposes; executing requests for searches

    and seizures; assisting in proceedings related to restraint,

    confiscation, forfeiture of assets, restitution, and collection

    of fines; and any other form of assistance not prohibited by

    the laws of the requested state.

    I recommend that the Senate give early and favorable

    consideration to the Treaty and give its advice and consent to


    William J. Clinton.

  39. Obama is not President. Biden is not President.
    Trump is.
    If Trump is guilty he should be impeached.
    If Biden is guilty he should go to jail.
    However, it looks bad for Trump now and he is the face of our system of government and should resign if all this is true.
    I have been a Republican for 37 years and am embarassed at tbe fanatics that have highjacked my party. What kind of losers fall in love with politicians anyway. They are imperfect people wbo break the law sometimes but must still answer for their crimes. No one should be above the law, that is the very deffinition of un-American. Democrats are not my enemy. Many of their ideas are good for the nation and some are not. Sometimes I vote blue and sometimes red. I vote for what I believe is best, not for some fool in a pressed suit.
    A bit of advice from an old man
    Never fall in love with a politician, they will break your heart everytime.
    It is the nature of a system that finds its strength in the art of compromise.
    Only children and fools think they deserve to get everything they want all of the time.
    Some on both sides need to grow up already.

  40. Good for the Judge to speak up but I feel he should have given all of the facts.
    It was not just Joe Biden tasked to aid Ukraine in removing corruption (before economic aid was provided).
    Joe Biden was the American representative who joined other world leaders to insist on the removal of agreed-corrupt Viktor Shokin.
    A year before his removal, Shokin had been investigating Burisma Holdings where Hunter Biden worked.
    That investigation had been dormant for 12 months.
    Nothing was found in the subsequent investigation. By all means investigate again, but all-the-facts Judge.

  41. Boy these people are really pinning their futures on Trump becoming the president for life. If his coup fails what will they do? To be clear it does not matter how guilty Joe Biden might be that does not exonerate Trump . "Lets not bury the lead here…" Someone possibly not becoming President is more important a sitting president being impeached ? Boy does that host work hard to spin this .

  42. How come Ukraine is receiving aid from us if they are going to interfere in our elections? Ukraine is as much an enemy as trump!

  43. An implied quid pro quo is not proof, it is an interpretation/opinion. People cannot be convicted on an opinion. I say the allegations will not "stick" for Trump. There has to be hard proof that a crime was committed and so far I don't see that with Trump. Also, for those of you who don't know, impeachment doesn't mean a president must leave office.

  44. He admits plenty of bs, on Twitter or on tv. Russia if you listening, I hope you can find those 30 thousand emails. Since it’s out in the open, no one can hold him accountable

  45. There's nothing left from The Republican party of the past… "Republicans " today ain't nothing but a criminal Organization..🤮🤮🤮

  46. Obvious the liberal ex-judge is so bias nothing but a Trump basher calling Trump's behavier corruption???…
    How about Hillary & Obama & the gang ANDREW…. but I guess democrat dirt bags are immuned from any laws they break & as for Trump breaking any laws which law has he broken mr bias ex liberal judge Andrew?.. FOX needs to dump you you have no clue of what you are talking about liberal clown go work at a circus they are looking for more clowns you would fit in just right with a red ball nose…

  47. Fox News is so corrupt, it should be called, "Satan TV". Brian, you couldn't have said any, Better! To bad the Republicans are so corrupt.

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