1. I will be doing RX 570, GTX 750 ti, 1060 and 1660 ti on this, be patient 😉
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    Gameplay starts at 00:07 (1080p 60 fps)

    I lower the settings at 02:00 (trying 144 fps)

    I switch to 900p at 04:00

    I lower the settings at 06:00 (trying 144 fps)

    I switch to 720p at 08:00

    I lower the settings at 10:00 (trying 144 fps)

    I switch to 1440p at 12:00

    I switch to i5 9400f at 14:00 (1080p 144 fps)

    NOTE: Recorded with AverMedia Live Gamer 4K using a different pc to record, no fps hit

  2. Fyi almost every fortnite player including those with high end systems play with every setting on low except view distance

  3. might wanna test this again because it's been having performance issues with this update btw so hopefully next week they'll fix it

  4. Ya no puedo jugar fortnite se me hace injugable con rx 570 , i5 6400 16gb ram , la cantidad de drops de fps es asquerosa de 144 limitados me bajan a 40 50 , season anterior iba sobre 100 pegados.

  5. como es posible que me baje a 80 fps con i7 7700 y una gtx 1070 mientras tu con 1050ti con i5 9400f vas a mas de 144 fps

  6. Can you test rainbow six on 1050ti. The frames drop on the settings you recommended in the last r6 video whenever there is some type of wall destruction

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