Former Foster Children Believe Man Is Their Father (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Moore/Everett v. Taylor.
Thank you, Jerome. Good day, everyone. ALL: Good day. Today, two people with two different mothers are here claiming
the same defendant could possibly be their
biological father. (AUDIENCE GROANING) Mr. Moore, you claim
you’ve known Mr. Taylor
for most of your life. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: But he has
never acknowledged you
as a son. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: And he even left
you in foster care. MOORE: Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Everett, you say
you weren’t even introduced to Mr. Taylor until
you were five years old. Then you claimed
you didn’t see him again until you were sent
to live with him
as a teenager. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: But you say
it went so badly, you actually ended up putting
yourself in foster care. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Taylor, you say
you deny paternity of both plaintiffs and you have good reason
with each. That’s correct,
Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Now, I’m gonna
hear the cases separately, starting with Mr. Moore. Mr. Moore,
your aunt is here and she says her testimony will change everything
in this case, but, first… JUDGE LAKE: How did you
end up in foster care? I ended up in foster care
because he let me rot
in foster care. He didn’t care about
nothing about me. Oh, that is a
strong, strong accusation. Please describe
your childhood. How did this happen? I went to juvenile hall
because my mom, my mom was addicted to drugs. So, when I got out…
When I was in juvenile hall
at the age 14, my mom came in there
to tell me that Mr. Taylor
was my dad. So I walked out on her
because I was upset, because, “Why are you
telling me this now?” Like, and, he, he
was never there for me. And now you’re telling me
this is my dad, so then, I get sent
to foster care. And he never came
and got me. I think that
if he was there for me, I would be a better person
than what I am now. I can’t even read or write
or anything. And if he was there for me
to help me out… JUDGE LAKE: You’re saying, you can’t… You said
you can’t read or write. Is that because… MOORE: No, I can’t read
or write or nothing. …because you dropped
out of school? No, because I didn’t have
a father or mother in my life. I didn’t have neither one.
I had to take care of my little brother
and my older brother. (SIGHS)
That’s just so very sad. Mr. Taylor, do you hear
what Mr. Moore is saying? I do, Your Honor. And what is your response? I wasn’t sure ever
that this was my son. You still could
find out though. TAYLOR: I honestly didn’t know and then,
all of a sudden, “He’s your son,
he’s your son,
he’s your son.” No, Your Honor,
I didn’t know. So, I went and I, I did
a little investigating and I do have, right here
a birth certificate. My name is not even on it. His name’s not on it… Jerome, let me see that
evidence, please. …because I had another dad,
because my brother
and them’s dad, was the dad that I was
raised up with. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Taylor,
I have to say though, if you knew
there was a possibility that he was your son, why wouldn’t you go
get him out of foster care or at least start
some type of proceeding. MOORE: And, and, Your Honor… JUDGE LAKE:
To be able to determine… Excuse me, I never went to
court for no child support. I was always in doubt
of his mother,
God rest her soul. Very promiscuous. It was really confusing. JUDGE LAKE: And so this
evidence that you presented you say further validates… TAYLOR: Convince me. MOORE: Excuse me, Your Honor,
I got evidence too that me and this man
look exactly alike. JUDGE LAKE: I’d like to see
your evidence. We look exactly like, we’ve been looking
exactly alike since
we was babies. JUDGE LAKE: Did you bring
that evidence? Yes, Your Honor. Can I present this to you? We got the same chin,
same nose, same mouth, same eyes,
same hair structure, all that. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE LAKE: On the left,
of course, is a picture of you and on the right,
a picture of Mr. Taylor. MOORE: Yes, Your Honor. And you see
a striking resemblance? MOORE: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Taylor, do you
see the resemblance? TAYLOR: I see a resemblance
as far as us being
the same complexion. Mr. Taylor, what did
his mother say to you? TAYLOR: His mother… JUDGE LAKE: What did she
tell you? …said to me…
Now, this is years later. This isn’t when
the child was born. This is year…
“That might be your son.” Were you ever told
she was even pregnant? She came and told me…
She was living with me. She left and she went back
to her man or whoever she was…
The relationship she had. About a month later, she says,
“You know I’m pregnant.” “Yeah, and?” You know what I mean?
“You done went back with “the guy that you left
to be with me. “Now, you’re back with him. “Now, you’re coming back
and you’re telling me
that you’re pregnant?” MOORE: If he knew that
I wasn’t a biological child my mom told him ’cause my mom
would not lie to me. And tell me in jail.
She told me in jail that
he was my dad. And, then I got locked up
and my mom comes to me and tells me, “Gregory Taylor
is your dad.” TAYLOR: But at
the same time… In jail, I walked out on her. But she don’t come back… She came back to me. And told me,
“That’s not your son.” So, Mr. Moore, you’re saying, as you’re lost out
here in these streets, you’re doing things young men
shouldn’t have to do. MOORE: Yes. You are longing
for a father figure. Yes, yes. And I don’t have
one of those. So, now that I’ve got my kids, I’ll make sure
that I’m their father figure. That’s exactly
what you should do. I’d like to go
to your witness now, if I may. Ma’am. TWYMAN: Yes. Ms. Twyman. Yes. Please tell us
what you know about
this situation, Mr. Moore’s upbringing,
and how can you add. Mr. Moore’s mother
is my sister. Okay. Okay. My sister told me that
Mr. Taylor could not be the father
of Mr. Moore. Literally out of her mouth. And, she told you this
in what context? Because I guess
when she got pregnant, she was also sleeping
with other gentlemen. She’s always done that. And also, I have seen
gentlemen come out
of her house. Why would your sister, at the position
this young man was in, go to him and tell him,
“Mr. Taylor is your
biological father.” I can’t speak on that. JUDGE LAKE: You don’t know… I wasn’t there when she
told him that. Well, the only way
we can move forward
is to have the results. Jerome. The envelope. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE LAKE: We will
get to the second part of this case in just a moment. These results were
prepared by
DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. JUDGE LAKE: In the case of
Moore/Everett v. Taylor,
pertaining to 31-year-old
Eugene Moore. And as to whether
Mr. Taylor is his
biological father, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Taylor… …you are his father. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Taylor, I can see you have
tears in your eyes. What are you feeling
right now? I’m feeling
that I finally know instead of doubting
for all these years… Thirty-one years old. I could’ve been in his life
so much earlier, if I wouldn’t have let situations and people
talking to me interfere with what I had to do
as far as being a father. I wanna try my best
to make it up. As best as I can. Would you like
to give your son a hug? I sure would. (MUFFLED) Love you too, man. JUDGE LAKE: So, I think
it’s time we move on to the second part of this case. JUDGE LAKE: Ma’am, please explain to the court what was life like
for you, growing up? I never had a father
figure in my life. I didn’t meet Mr. Taylor until I was five years old. He came to my house
in Philadelphia. I came outside,
my mom was like, “Somebody wants to meet you.
Your dad wants to meet you.” I said, “My dad?”
He was like, “Yeah.” So, when I went to the car, he was like, “I’m your dad.” And he said, “Oh, I’ll be back
to see you again.” I never seen him again
until I was 14. And so, when my mother
sent me… Mr. Taylor, do you
remember this? I always… I remember it vividly. I doubted her
from the beginning. The way that I met her mother. The relationship
that I had with her mother, which was a very brief
relationship. Uh, to begin with, let me
explain in the beginning. The mother, her mother
lived with me for a month. She left and I didn’t see her no more
and then the next time
you see me, you’ve got a baby
and you’re saying
it’s mine? Right after that,
I was incarcerated. I was gone. For five years. Okay, can I say
something? When I came home… Yes. And just, just
one moment, ma’am, what I wanna understand
from you, sir, is, when she was five years old,
you still had doubts, the same doubts you had
when you saw her
when you were a baby? That’s correct. Because, was this relationship with her
mother exclusive or were you aware… No, it wasn’t
exclusive at all. JUDGE LAKE: Did you know
if her mother was sleeping with other people? Yeah, I knew she was
sleeping with others. How could you know that? I know that because
friends of mine… Long story short,
after I met her mother and she stayed with me
for that month, I was getting all kinds
of feedback from my friends,
from people I knew. “Oh, you’re dealing
with her now? “You know about her?
You know what’s up with her?” They were kinda like
laughing at me. For even dealing with her. Because they knew
how promiscuous she was. And then the next thing
you know, I’m tagged with this child. I don’t know nothing
about it. I go to jail,
I come out of jail. She is five years old. I go past to see the mom… She tells me,
“This is your daughter.” JUDGE LAKE: Okay.
For these five years, were you aware, made aware
of anything about him? No, all I knew was that there
was a man named Greg. EVERETT: I didn’t have
a father, a daughter-father
relationship. I didn’t go to amusement parks when my friends went to
amusement parks. I didn’t go to parks. I didn’t go
to family reunions. I didn’t go to
no type of anything. He was nowhere
in the picture. Your Honor, the reason… From five to 14 years old. …I wasn’t in the picture is
because I had all the doubts that I had
as far as the mother… And so when this next
encounter happened at 14… EVERETT: Right. What happened? I was sent on a Greyhound bus to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. My grandfather, well,
his father gave me his number, I called him and said,
“I’m at the bus station.” He came and picked me up. From the bus station. Took me to the same woman’s
house with his daughter. Cheating me,
neglecting me. Didn’t enroll me in school. TAYLOR: Enough. TAYLOR: No, no. Enroll me in school. Didn’t buy me school clothes. He didn’t buy me sneakers. He didn’t buy me
school supplies. He didn’t buy me food. Your Honor, she was… And at times… Your Honor, she was
in high school… …we didn’t even have food. We didn’t have food. And she turns around… Every five minutes,
I’m going… I go up to the school,
she’s playing hooky… So why is it you decided
to take this girl in at age 14? TAYLOR: She didn’t have… I cared.
I wanted to reach out. They said that
this was my child. She takes and calls me
on the phone. “I’m at the bus station.” I’m not gonna leave her
at the bus station. I’m not gonna do that
to nobody. So, when she called…
Wait a minute. When she called to say,
“I’m at the bus station,” did you know
she was coming? No. What? TAYLOR: No. The next thing I know,
here she is. I gotta enroll her
in school. As soon as she got there, I could see why she came. She was disruptive. She tore my household apart. She was playing
hooky from school. She was staying out
all night and right after this year
that she was there, when she goes back,
she’s pregnant. I’m up there saying to myself,
“Now, this is my child.” So she say. So her mother say. So I take and go,
and I take in, look out for this child
the way I do, and then she’s gonna
turn around and say some craziness
like that when I stuck up for her? I know why
you’re so passionate. It’s 25 years later. EVERETT: Right. And look, I feel your pain. EVERETT: He’s on my
birth certificate, but when I went to go get
my birth certificate. It was two people
on the birth certificate. When I took that
to the state building, the state building
said to me that it was a computer error. So… A computer error nothing. JUDGE LAKE:
Wait a minute. Wait. There’s two people
on your birth certificate? It was two people at the time.
There’s a word named Michael on the birth certificate
under Gregory Taylor. So do you have that
birth certificate? When I went to apply for
my birth certificate again, they said…
(STAMMERING) …the system’s changed
in Philadelphia. So, you’ve got to
apply for it, then you got to go
back and pick it up, they don’t do it,
same day thing. So that’s why I don’t have
the birth certificate
with me today. Have you ever
seen this birth certificate? TAYLOR: I’ve never seen it. I don’t know nothing about it. I don’t know… I know that
my name shouldn’t be on it. EVERETT: Well, his name on it. Simply behind the fact that
she has a selection of people she could have put on it. And I’m just being
honest about that. And it’s not that I’m
disrespecting her mother, I’m just telling you
how her mother was. The only way to figure out whose name should rightfully
be on that birth certificate is to get the results.
Jerome, I’m ready. These results were prepared by
DNA Diagnostics. And they read as follows. she could’ve put on it. In the case of
Moore/Everett v. Taylor,
pertaining to 43-year-old
Nyia Everett. And as to whether
Mr. Taylor is her biological father, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Taylor… …you… …are her father. TAYLOR: Can I have a hug? Sure. (PEOPLE CHEERING) JUDGE LAKE: Dad, you got your hands full
with your little girl. (LAUGHING) JUDGE LAKE: But you know what? You’re a man that has
lived a long life of experience, life lessons. TAYLOR: Mmm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE: Just do the work. Because honestly, you can
fulfill for both of these. Young man, please stand up. Alongside your sister. And I do have a
beautiful brother… Yes, you do. JUDGE LAKE: Oh, my goodness,
my day is complete. I have gotten a smile out of
the beautiful Miss Everett. I’m so very happy for you. This court has resources for you
to help you begin to
work through this. We want you to take
advantage of it. And I wish you all
the very, very best of luck. MOORE: Thank you, Your Honor. Court is adjourned. Jerome. Will you bring up
Mr. Moore and Miss Everett,
please? I want you all to know, in this courtroom, even though we have
beautiful endings like
we’ve had today, EVERETT: Yes. You all are adults now. EVERETT: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: So, you know that happy endings
take work in real life. They don’t happen
like fairy tales. You’ve got to do the work, and your dad’s
got to do the work, we gonna hold him to it. But, I want you guys
to do some work too. And, Mr. Moore, for you I have a literacy program that I want you
to be a part of, because I want you
to be able to
take your life to the next level
in every capacity. I’m so happy for you. MOORE: Thank you,
Your Honor. So happy for you guys,
all right. EVERETT: Thank you. Good luck to you. EVERETT: Thank you very much.


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