Fmr. Amb. Robert Jordan: Jamal Khashoggi Verdict Is ‘A Mockery Of Justice’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Americans, please save your republic, your democracy, your country by removing him from Office.The world is waiting – and watching – in fear of this fool… ( Merry Christmas from Sweden!

  2. Sheriff Trump solves the Murder in the Orient of Press
    (aka "Saudi Partner – The whole Darned Thing's just a mix up" )

    Softly spoke Mohammed Bin Salman
    The words of a misunderstood man
    "Take care of Jamal K
    He has large debts to pay
    Fortunately, we've worked out a plan"

    "Are those really the words that you said?"
    Asked Detective Trump scratching his head
    "Now listen Effendi
    Please don't be offended
    Some people are easily misled

    There are those who might think it a crime
    That your words, well, I'm not sure they rhyme
    We must get straight the facts
    Alternative and wax
    Lyrically, now say something sublime"

    So quietly the Crown Prince intoned
    That ever since he'd been enthroned
    In Saudi no addiction
    Or crime wave affliction
    There was no-one wanting to be stoned

    "So, Inspector, please can you not see,
    It would not take Agatha Christie
    To see what occurred
    Was a mistaken word
    What you'll hear next will surely clear me…

    Indicating that he might be flat broke
    Was not my way of trying to invoke
    Any state of affairs
    Like him falling down stairs
    Or any matters of dagger and cloak"

    Detective Trump closed his note book
    And he said "we have had a good look
    At all the bigly clues
    Into this cunning ruse
    To establish just who is a crook

    Crown Prince Salman you are respected
    But the evidence has been inspected
    'Take care of Khashoggi'
    Damning words! … Cash! Oh gee!
    Well you're innocent, as I suspected!"

  3. Trump is owned by Putin, the Saudis, Erdogan and Kim Jun Un… so much for strength and “America First” 🤦🏽‍♂️

  4. Rough agents who took the crown prince plane ya I bet everyone does that they planned this I believe Epstein the trumps Kushners involved w this killing follow the money.

  5. Trump has caused so many deaths in the name of money and for his boss Putin ! Trump should face capital punishment or life in prison along with his men. A dead Trump would show the world America is still GREAT!

  6. Read Leviticus to understand the function of a scapegoat. MBS has just sent five human scapegoats into the wilderness to be killed and devoured by wild beasts in the hope that this act will absolve him of his crimes against humanity.

  7. Trump kneels to Dictators, as Trump says I belive Saudia I believe Russia I believe North Kora
    When will Trump start believing America people ,when will he start believing,those who are strong speakers for America country and people

  8. I'm beginning to think that if the devil himself appeared and proved definitively he was the devil and raised a new country out of the Pacific ocean and the Trump administration felt they could profit off of it, there would be positive White House press releases about Hellistan regardless 🤣

  9. This is horrible! MBS ordered the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi after a phone call with Jared Kushner who gave him his blessing!
    Unbelievable corruption and this administration is snugly situated in Saudi Arabia’s back pocket! Demand justice for Khashoggi!!!

  10. The ones sentenced to death could have been people unrelated to the murder and who SArabia wanted to punish – there's no worse evil than evil with power

  11. America committed 911 against it's own people – we have no credibility left and the world knows it – MSNBC when will you get on board to get the grand jury seated? Lawyers Committee for 911 Inquiry and others are doing their best to get the real investigation results publicized but for obvious reasons our world may be blown up before American establishment allows justice.  before we can criticize others we should be allowing the ICC to investigate us – if we are not guilty we would welcome it.

  12. Who ordered the 5 MEN to go and KILLED the Journalist questions still unanswered, THE MOST GREAT JUDGE WILL JUDGE ALL EVIL CONSPRATORS ON THIS PLANET.

  13. Why would Trump sell weapons to Saudi Arabia. I'm at the same time have our troops defend Saudi Arabia.
    Trump on Military is not for hire and you're not a legitimate president.

  14. Of Cource trump supports this muder, anybody dought his hands are dirty when it comes to Epstein's "suicide"  yea suicide

  15. Trump, the crown prince, kgb putin, Jared Kushner and others had this man killed because he was telling truth to power!!!!!

  16. Maybe the Truks will release the conversation between Jared Kushner and the Crown Prince talking about arresting Khashoggi. The Turks had the SA Embasy phone lines bugged….That is why Trump pulled troops out of Syria because Erdogan wanted them gone and to purge the Kurds. Trump had to agree or the Turks would release the tapes make his son in law a target for Criminal charges. . Nothing happens in SA without the Crown Prince knowing x

  17. Trump knows Better than some Cia chumps , Ultimately the President has the best info & Intel , with Access to EVERYONE & EVERYTHING . Period

  18. Kristian lebih baik dari arab muslim arab betul) arab tidak ada doa muslimin musliman, islam (insan) (semastar) (luas) (alam) (manusia) islam belum kenal rasulullah s.a.w serigala amalan wajah


  20. Lets make this as simple as possible for those who have no idea what happened… everyone involved is free and 5 unknown accusers are put to death

  21. Read ‘Tyranny’ by Timothy Snyder. I haven’t finished reading it yet but what I have read so far is very significant in these times And was written for these times

  22. How do you go after the Saudi prince over the murdering of this journalist. This is not over. This should be war. What did the Saudi prince want secret!

  23. Please look into Kushner’s communication with Saudis and especially look for discussions and a leak of intel from Kushner especially around Khasaghi. Kushner had free reign with a clearance he should never have had.

  24. Death penalty for murder in Middle East theocracies are different from the penal code of western democracy.

    The judge might have sentenced the 5 to death but that doesnt mean they will hang.

    There is the concept of blood money where the victims family gets to decide if the guilty is to hang or pay a compensation to the family of the murdered victim if the guilty party decides to ask for mercy. .

    In theory it looks good. A family loosing its main breadwinner might need assistance for the children to finish schooling and stuff. In practice not so especially when the family is living inside a nation where concepts of personal rights and limitation to states power are not very advanced.

  25. <angry> ? You haven’t the slightest idea !!! There were at least 15 in that scheduled “hit team”! And I’m absolutely certain it was coordinated with secret info MbS’ dear buddy Jared had no legitimate access to, but passed on!

  26. Speaking pragmatically, the outcome of this travesty of judicial process is to be welcomed as it will serve to undermine the standing and stability of the despotic Saudi regime, founded as it is on the twin evils of nepotistic, kleptocratic worldliness and maniacal religious fanaticism. The solidarity of the regime's officials will be greatly eroded: from this point on, no low-level functionary can confidently consider themselves to be protected from the consequences of their actions if those higher up the chain of command think it expedient to guard their own impunity by finding scapegoats for the crimes and abuses they themselves have authorised. Of course this will not by itself precipitate the end of the the House of Saud's unconscionably brutal rule, but one might express a shy hope that posterity will see the Khashoggi affair in its totality as marking the beginning of the end.

  27. Weeeeeell, remember: Donnie DUMP-DUMP fancies himself to be a GANGSTAH. He identifies with criminals. So it's not at all surprising that he'd kow-tow to a criminal regime and even help them with the cover-up.

  28. Didn't Jihad Jared have some involvement??? D.D.T., Dioxin Donnie tRump, PESTicide of the World!
    Remember, tRump loves Putin, Kim Jong Un & Bin Salman. Rogue tRump, Rogue Republicants Rogue tRump family…

  29. Bet Trump agreed to the murder or it would not have been done the way it was. The ones who were convicted were likely people the Crown Prince wanted to get rid of. No clean hands in the White House on this one either.

  30. Its truly sad what the US has now become. Gonna take a lot to restore America's standing among the free and democratic world. All this is excellent news for Russia, China, KSA, Brazil…

  31. Cool. The White House sends fellow conspiritor and accomplice Jared (bribe me) Kushner to assure us what? The he and Trump got paid for the murder?

  32. ty mr mohyeldin and ambassador jordan, well said. the evil acts that trumputin and his corrupt administration permit and commit are unprecedented! or should i say it is in this country, but not in dictatorships. they are dragging us down to the level of mud and filth you find with erdogan and mbs and putin.

  33. Turkish president had the whole goods on the murder and used it to get Trump to abandon the Kurds Syria. Kushner somehow had foreknowledge and this is what a Trump is hiding.

  34. Wish more fellow Americans were protesting and marching against Trump and Republican's attacks against our democracy.  A strong democracy in America would also help insure democracy in Hong Kong.  Unfortunately we don't have that.  It's hurting us, and is hurting people around the world–not just in Hong Kong, or China, or Russia, or North Korea, or Saudi Arabia, or the Philippines, or all the other places where this President looks the other way at the rampant abuses of civil-rights and human-rights, encouraging further abuses.

  35. Erdogan is Blackmailing donald trump and Jarad Kushner because they knew that Saudi Arabia was going to Murder & Dismember Jamal Khachoggi!
    What did Jamal Khachoggi know??
    Why did they Murder our Reporter?
    Why are republicans defending trump & Kushner?

  36. ~Sticky-Wicky~
    The web of lies Republicans must weave
    To cover-up their crimes forced to deceive
    The most heinous of all sought to reprieve
    Putin's puppets care not what they achieve
    Make a world where know not what to believe

  37. Republican cult is the malignant cancer cursed upon America by plutocrats that has been coopted by Russian oligarchs.  Trump is merely one of the resulting tumors; the most painful, most visible symptom, rendering diagnosis of the disease a breeze.

  38. ***WARNING*** — Official U.S. foreign policy is now whatever's Russian, rotten, and  rumbling in Toxic Traitor Trump's prodigious gut any given day, looking to squirt out his back end!

  39. 02:25 "No Ayman, that's complete baloney." I don't know who this guy is, but as ambassador from 00-02, he was a W appointee. The guy has a southern accent, maybe Texan, IDK. Not much associated with W of which I'm fond, but I tend to like this guy. My mom's side is Texans and Oklahomans, down to earth folks.

  40. Mr. tRump has never met a dictator he didn't love. That picture of him and the Saudi's "laying hands" on that glowing globe gives me the creeps. By the way, MSNBC, any progress on investigating how it can be possible that an Impeached Felon, that we cannot indict until the last day of THIS TERM of office, is still able to even THINK of running in 2020?

  41. Trying to blame the Prince for takin care of that Terrorist Jamal Khashoggi…More fake news you guys saw the Prince do it right! 🤦‍♂️

  42. People being murdered to cover for the prince in the public eye. trump is a traitor so no surprise he sides with another dictator

  43. The whole United States is on trial here.
    The charges are too weak for the proper words to describe the country that was. You are now great again you think? You have shown you will never be great again.
    When reality and sanity are looked for it surely will not be found in the United States.

  44. when it comes to the execution of those who murdered and then mutilated the body of kashogi the saudi’s will simply replace those men responsible with their own domestic dissidents and then murder them in their place… these guys who did the dirty work will go free

  45. execute five criminals on death row, and pretend they're the operatives that killed Kashogi. Don't indict the guy in charge of the operation, because he doesn't want to quit his career with only a quarter million US in his back pocket. Trump is so easy to negotiate with.

  46. Donald Trump the traitor it's closer to Kim Jong-un Vladimir Putin and that dog Saudi King then he is to the United States

  47. I imagine these 5 were probably given a choice – if you KEEP QUITE and accept your fate, then your families will be looked after… OR try to blame superiors and die anyway, knowing you have doomed your loved ones. Unfortunately for those convicted, a families lives for silence deal would NOT work with even a life sentence – left alive they'd forever be potential MBS Kryptonite in the hands of the prince's enemies.

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