First Order Judicial Executioner Elite Series Star Wars Last Jedi Die Cast Action Figure Review

First Order Judicial Executioner Elite Series
Star Wars Last Jedi Die Cast Action Figure Review – In collaboration with Lucasfilm,
we present this Star Wars Elite Series die-cast action figure. The First Order Judicial Stormtrooper features
prominent pauldrons, helmet markings and weaponry to dispense justice on your galactic collection. Includes bladed baton and standing base Meticulously
crafted die-cast action figure Fully poseable Inspired by Star Wars: The Last Jedi H20.5
x W14.5 x D7.5cm approx In collaboration with Lucasfilm, Disney Store
is proud to introduce the Star Wars Elite Series, a premium line of toys featuring iconic
characters from the expansive world of Star Wars. This exclusive collection is meticulously
engineered and crafted with Star Wars fans in mind. the first order can only operate effectively
wit the absolute loyalty of its followers. should any soldier be found guilty of treason,
it is up to this special branch of stormtrooper to dispence final justice. Please Subscribe and Support the channel!! Fan Mail
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  1. Do us a comparison on your next elite with a black series. I'm interested to know. Is it just the metal? More articulation? Better paint? Which would win in a fight? Are the elite more robust if they're metal? Would a child be better with black series or elite? 👍

  2. Hi Ash. Great review as always. It's great to see this figure actually stands up nicely. The older elites tend to fall over a lot, especially when being moved around.

  3. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below;
    #StarWars #StarWarsTheLastJedi #TheLastJedi #lastjedi #ForceFriday #ForceFridayII #ForceFriday2 #eliteseries #disneystore #unboxing #review

  4. Pretty cool design with this guy, like the weapon especially. Very sloppy glue on that shoulder pad – bad disney! Fantastic review mate.

  5. You need a chain saw to get Disney figures of the card not even force powers will do you think getting a x wing out of the swomp was a challenge Yoda should try this

  6. That's a nice figure shame its falling apart not the best quality looks like Disney rushed the figure to release on force Friday but nice addition to the star wars collection

  7. Disney again with it's crazy twist ties of doom it makes it harder to unbox on video you should probably remove the twist ties before filming the review

  8. So so tempted by this one now lol. Black series hurry up lol I know the u.s have got him already but postage costs from amazon is crazy was something like £60 all in.

  9. Was thinking this whot if neca made star wars figures seven inch ones how different would that be just wonted to share my thoughts super whot do you think

  10. Wow there have been so many comments on your videos recently! You are doing a really good job! I was just wondering if this figure would fit in a black series collection? Keep up the good work supersorrell 👍

  11. I do wonder who will be executed by this guy, it must be a pretty high profile character. Good looking figure, always nice to see new troopers. I didn't end up buying a single item for Force Friday, I may not even get anything in the future either.

  12. This trooper is kick ass. I'm hoping from the pictures I've seen, the weapon can be used as an electric style decapitator. Some proper Darkside action.

  13. I picked this up today as it was reduced to £6.49 in the disney store along with the praetorian guard

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