Fiancé or Current Husband May Be True Father (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Lovette v. Jackson.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone.
AUDIENCE:Good day.JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Lovette,
you’re saying Ms. Jackson is a manipulative cheater who has flaunted her
flings in front of you during your relationship
and you say her affairs have caused you to doubt
that you fathered her 15-month-old son, Corey Jr., is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Jackson,
you say Mr. Lovette is definitely
your son’s father and he’s doubting paternity because of his needless
insecurities, is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Lovette, what is
your relationship like with Corey Jr.? He’s 15 months old. Yeah, that’s my baby. I love him. JUDGE LAKE: That’s your baby? He is adorable. Yeah. That’s his baby
but he denied him. I have doubts. And my older son looks
different from him. He’s darker, he’s chubby, he got bow-legged. Another son by another woman? He has a different mother,
of course he’s gonna look different. COREY: But I still… But the stuff that
she be doing, it brings the doubts on it. AUTRICE: Okay. Like, it ain’t like
you’d been good. You’re right. COREY: Of course,
you’ve been pregnant. And you ain’t either. He didn’t take
the relationship seriously. He was talking to other women, so being that he didn’t
take it seriously, I didn’t take it seriously. He was talking to other women and I were talking
to other guys. And so, you all
got together briefly and then one started cheating and the other one
started cheating. Yes, she put tracking
devices on my phone. She on my Facebook, like, people be thinking
they talking to me and she… They not,
they talking to her. She got my Facebook code
and everything. Okay. I wasn’t, like, stalking you. You gave me your password. You put tracking devices on my phone, right? Yes, because I did not trust you. COREY: How many times? Every time I deleted it, I… Every time. I would wake up in
the morning sometimes… And when you get a new phone. …and I see a little bird on the top of my phone,
“What’s this bird doing?” You know what I’m saying? AUTRICE: You Honor, he’s been proven. Because I find this tracking device and I delete it. AUTRICE: He’s been
proven to be not loyal. And days go by, another tracking device
on my phone. So, he’s been proven
to be not loyal and buying him,
me loving him so much and him loving me so much, and us wanting to be together, I had to be certain that I wasn’t being played. You got detective skills. AUTRICE: Mmm-hmm. I don’t play. If you’re looking for another profession. I don’t play. So Mr. Lovette, are you accusing Ms. Jackson of cheating in defense
of your own cheating? Exactly. No. AUTRICE: Exactly. No. Do you think she’s doing
it to get back at you? COREY: No because… Do you think she’s doing it
because you’re doing it? No. Huh. JUDGE LAKE: So, how do you
know she’s even doing that? She’s just a type
of woman that… Assuming, assuming. …moves on. Look, she started having
kids at the age of 18. She ain’t gonna stop
because of me. She got six kids. I had four kids
when you met me. You gave me two more. So I’m going to assume that she’s moving on
like she always been. But what evidence do you
have that she cheated? Oh, a couple of times
we break up and then I come to the house and it was her
ex at her house. At the time, I assumed and she told me
it was her cousin. I never told him that
the guy was my cousin. I told him his sister
was my cousin. He approached the house
after we had separated from the time our first child
together was conceived. He approached the house… We had got into
an altercation. And he packed all his
things and he left. Then he came back,
when he came back… COREY: Of course,
she got a lot of kids… AUTRICE: …I was
sitting outside. Me and the guy
was sitting outside on the back of his truck,
he had just finished cutting my grass. That’s the house I painted and took my time with it… We were sitting on
the back of the truck,
having a cold drink. If he would’ve cut
the grass when he was there a couple days ago,
another guy wouldn’t have to. Cut the grass? You need
to be worried about bills
instead of cutting the grass ’cause you ain’t stayed there
that much longer after that. AUTRICE: Bills, bills,
worry about bills. You’re right, I had…
You’re right. I did have to worry
about bills ’cause soon as you seen
the other guy there, you turned
the lights off on me and my kids. COREY: Your Honor. AUTRICE: But the guy never
came inside my house. The guy pulled up,
cut my grass, after that, we
sat on the back
of the truck… There’s… Nobody should
be over there. That was it. That’s when he came up
and pulled up on. COREY: Nobody
should be over there. Then that same guy ended up sending naked
pictures to my phone. Because you asked
him for them. No, matter of fact,
it was her phone. He wrote the guy,
he got… I was talking like…
I was talking like… He got in my Facebook… I was at work. JUDGE LAKE: Hold on,
one at a time. Let me hear this. COREY: I was at work
and I was… And he text, but
I had her phone. We switched phones that day. So, I was texting the guy like I was her. And then he
sent me a picture. So, the same guy that posed
to be her cousin… AUTRICE: And what guy… JUDGE LAKE: Wait a minute now. That’s not true.
That not true. Is this the grass-cutting guy? AUTRICE: Yes. He recognized the guy’s face
through my messages. The guy hit me up and said,
“Hey.” I never replied back. So, he played like he was me and he was writing the guy, asking the guy
all kinds of questions, and did he enjoy my sex? COREY: And I got…
I didn’t say that. But I never asked
him for a thing. JUDGE LAKE: Hold on,
Mr. Lovette. Did you request
a naked picture? No, no, no. Yeah. Yeah. All of this leads you to doubt… Yes. JUDGE LAKE:
…that Corey Jr… Because he’s seen
another guy cuttin’ my grass. Was there anything
else going on? You can’t get pregnant
by somebody cutting the grass. Why don’t you think
Corey Jr. is your son? I thought she was
involved with another guy. JUDGE LAKE: That’s what
I need to know. All right. JUDGE LAKE: All right.
So, at the time Corey Jr. was conceived, you believe Ms. Jackson
was involved with someone else? Right. Tell the court,
what do you know? I know that she went out
with another guy and I know she was chilling
with another guy the time we broke up and it was no baby around. And then some time go later, now you pregnant, maybe because now
you need a father figure for all your kids
and somebody that… AUTRICE: I don’t need a father
figure for all my kids. My kids have a father figure. COREY: With me. Yeah. So, you feel like
you all broke up and you all were at odds, she started going out
with somebody else. Next thing you know,
she’s pregnant but then trying
to get back with you because you feel like
she wanted you to take care of this baby and all of her other children. COREY: That too and also
she’s still married, so I wasn’t taking it serious
in the beginning. …upon until I got pregnant. So, now we got kids
in between the marriage, so now we have to
take an extra step, get parenting and get… Proof that he’s not the…
You know what I’m saying? She got the… When she was
dealing with her marriage, she got pregnant again
by another guy. And then you turn around
and get pregnant by me. What he’s trying to say is… Every year since
you been 18… I already had a child… Baby, baby… …baby, baby. …between the marriage
before him. So, when you first
got pregnant… AUTRICE: I would
have been divorced. JUDGE LAKE: You can’t get
divorced because you
keep getting pregnant. Exactly. Not by me, man. Exactly. Exactly. Her husband is here. We’re gonna meet him
in a moment. Now, you can talk
about it if you want, but you started a relationship
with her, too. COREY: Right. And got her pregnant. COREY: Right. And I’ve been taking care
of my responsibility. JUDGE LAKE: But no,
what I’m saying is you were informed… AUTRICE: He always try to down-talk me but you knew me before. You knew how I was. You knew my facts that I was married before we even got
sexually intimate. If it was a problem, you should’ve
just walked away. Not only that,
it’s like you say you’re gonna do something,
you need to do it. What do you feel in
this moment, Ms. Jackson? That’s what I wanna know.
I see the emotion. Is it because
you’re angry at him or yourself or you feel stuck or trapped? What are you feeling? I just wish that… I was…
I could’ve got a divorce before we had kids.
That’s all. Because every time we get
into an argument, he’s always throwing
up the fact that
I’m still married. But you are convinced
Mr. Lovette is Corey Jr.’s father. Oh, yeah. JUDGE LAKE: That,
you’re convinced of. Oh, yeah. She can’t stay alone. And it shows whether
I’m in her life or not, she’s gonna keep it moving. It ain’t my fault I look good. COREY: Yeah, you look good. (APPLAUSE) AUTRICE: Of course
I can’t stay alone. I can’t go to the mailbox
without trying to… Causing a car accident. But you got a lot of kids
you taking care of. It ain’t my fault
I look good. You got a lot of kids and they need to learn
they ABCs. Listen, you are a
beautiful young woman, but you do have trouble
being alone. Yes, I do. JUDGE LAKE: And that’s not because you’re beautiful. COREY: Right. That’s not how you look
on the outside, that’s how you feel
in the inside, babe. Okay? I wanna move this forward. I wanna get the answers
that we need so we can figure out how in the world do we get
ourselves out of this. Jerome, can you please escort Mr. Coleman into
the courtroom? JEROME: Sure. Ms. Jackson, I’d like to hear
from your husband. Watch your step
going up there. Up the steps. Thank you for joining us
today, Mr. Coleman. How are you doing? JUDGE LAKE: Very well,
thank you. How long have you been
married to Ms. Jackson? Six years. JUDGE LAKE: Six years. Separated for four years. In your mind,
is there any chance you are Corey Jr.’s
biological father? No, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: None? No. I have my own life going on. I just had two
beautiful twins. I’m just waiting for my
divorce from them two
to get their self together, so I could finally
have my divorce. He’s holding off
both of our life. We both can’t get divorce. He has another woman, other kids
in between the marriage. I have another man and
kids between the marriage. We can’t get a divorce
because this boy
won’t sign the affidavit… Stating that those are his. Y’all should’ve been got divorced before
you met me. Yeah, you’re right. And before your other baby daddy, so it’s not… When I met you,
it was pending. Well, you’re in legal limbo, you are. Because a court is gonna
look out for the best interest
of the child. If you got divorced today, all the children she’s had they’d be presumed
to be yours. Yeah. Yes. That means you’d
be responsible for child support
for all those children. That’s… And that’s what
I keep trying to tell him. Like, why wouldn’t you
sign the affidavit? Do you know if something
was to happen to me, that he’s their
father legally? JUDGE LAKE: Yes, he is,
you are correct. You ain’t even got no rights
to your own children. Well, I’m still gonna get… If something was
to happen to me, he’s their legal father. Your Honor, before we… This… But that’s your son. …find out if they’re mine… But these are the things
we have to think about while we’re still
having babies when we’re in
a legal situation. That’s why today’s results
are so important. Very important. JUDGE LAKE: The stakes
are high. I think it’s time
to go to the results. Jerome, I’m ready. Thank you. You’re welcome. We have two results today.These results were
prepared by DNA Diagnostics,
and they read as follows. In the case of
Lovette v. Jackson,
when it comes to one-year-old Corey Lovette, Jr., it has been determined
by this court… Mr. Coleman… You… Are not his father. In the case of
Lovette v. Jackson,
when it comes to one-year-old Corey Lovette, Jr., it has been determined
by this court… Mr. Lovette… You… Are not his father. Told you. That’s why I wanted
to get DNA… Are you sure? How is that possible? Do you know
who his father is? She know who it is. (CRYING) (SOBS) Oh, my God. Do you need to sit
down, Ms. Jackson? AUTRICE: Oh, my God. COREY: Babe. AUTRICE: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh. Oh, my God. JUDGE LAKE: And I have to ask
you for Corey Jr.’s sake, do you… Have you ever mentioned
to this gentleman that he could possibly be
Corey Jr.’s father? Have you all
had a discussion? Have you talked about it
with the other gentleman that it’s a possibility? Yes. But you never
cheated on me. We wasn’t together. Always. Every time. We break up so much. We break up so much. And every time we break up, you mess with a guy
you just met, fool. Soon we broke up,
you just met that guy. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Lovette, Mr. Lovette. No, it’s been someone
that I already knew. COREY: Shut up. AUTRICE: I already knew this guy. COREY: Whatever. He did nothing for your kids
and ain’t gonna do nothing
for your kids. I know this is hard
for you and I know… COREY: Yeah, it is hard. AUTRICE: Oh, God. Oh, my God. The DNA doesn’t lie. AUTRICE: Oh, my God. It gives clarity to… All of the confusion. It’s not like I did it, I knew it was another
possible father. And I wasn’t telling him
because if I would have felt like it was another
possible father… You wouldn’t… …I would’ve told him. You wouldn’t have
said nothing… I would have told him. …you know you had
no chance to be in my life. Listen. We’re here now,
we’re here now. Now, I want a DNA
for every kid I have. Oh, my God. COREY: I ain’t gonna… Because we are familiar
with these situations
and we know how it can go,
the court has administered a DNA test… AUTRICE: Are you sure? JUDGE LAKE:
…for Ariel as well. AUTRICE: I don’t… JUDGE LAKE: Jerome. I don’t understand. I don’t understand. At the time that I slept
with the other guy, it was so far apart
from the day… Shut up, you’re just drunk. …that the baby was just… Listen, stop, stop,
stop, stop, stop. Just stop. We know you’re hurt. We know the situation
didn’t turn out
the way you want it to. I’m so sorry. JUDGE LAKE: But what you’re
not going to do is sit in this courtroom and downgrade… COREY: I don’t wanna stay
in this courtroom anymore. I know you don’t. But you said
you wanted an answer to the question
as to whether Ariel was your biological
daughter, right? AUTRICE: Oh, my God. COREY: Yeah. Well, I have it. AUTRICE: Oh, my God. In the case of…Lovette v. Jackson,when it comes to two-month-old Ariel Lovette, it has been determined… Oh, my God. JUDGE LAKE: …by this
court… This seems so unreal. Oh, my God. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Lovette… You are Ariel’s father. Ms. Jackson, what
are you gonna do? AUTRICE: I don’t know. The other gentleman, does he wanna be a part
of Corey’s life? He wanted to at first but I kept telling him
it wasn’t his because the days
didn’t add up. Well, you’re gonna need
to call him back. (AUTRICE SOBBING) JUDGE LAKE: Listen, listen. Ms. Jackson look at me, look at me. You’re gonna be all right because you have to. You have children
counting on you. I want you to go talk
to Dr. Jeff. I want you to start
working through this. I am going to check on you. But I want you to understand, you cannot fall apart. Your children are counting
on you, all right?Court is adjourned.

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