Escalation: Dems Launch ‘Impeachment Investigation’ On Trump | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. So if there are no dumb questions, I have a question.. IF Trump were impeached, do other Republicans have the opportunity to run or is it the Dems vs. Pence?

  2. Why does Putin want a wall built, why does he want are military rebuild stronger, and the lowest unemployment of all time, the best economy to, why does he want
    the US to have fair trade deal. If Obama was the one that had the economy coming back why isn't Trump destroying it. I can see why Putin would want Trump
    impeach? But l don't see why we would.

  3. If the DOJ or the Supreme Court have anything to do with it he won't be impeached. Then where do we go from there…

  4. Thank you Lord for giving the Dems some balls!!!!!! Get after it Ladies and gents. Get that traitor and all his enablers to prison!!!!!!

  5. Pathetic democrats! The water is circling the drain and a massive sucking sound will soon commence! You are certainly not authorized to waste my tax dollars on this proven false narrative to hold onto the little power you have left.

  6. I'm glad they are getting the ball started. Investigate Trump and then wait until Trump is no longer president and then prosecute him in the courts because the Senate isn't going to do anything.

  7. can Mitch be impeached, or senatorial equivilant, for stonewalling?? cause he is an almost bigger problem than trump

  8. House can file Articles of Impeachment. Senate will vote Not Guilty, Do Not Remove.
    3 years of our Time wasted.

  9. Its all a Perp Walk, and I say Trump is cracking under the embarrassment. Really, this is edgy when Iran is also acting up.

  10. In other words interference with the house oversight is obstruction of justice and a felony offense and violation of the law

  11. Trump has committed high crimes and misdemeanors so he's therefore committed treason both Barr and Trump have committed obstruction of justice to prevent themselves being investigated for criminal activity in which they've both been involved in and have committed

  12. It doesn't matter whether impeachment leads to Trump leaving office the seriousness of the harmful effects to his harmful presidency is all that matters

  13. Let's be real, we had enough evidence to impeach him months in to his presidency. They let this worsen and allowed it to grow out of control.

  14. Of course the Dem's is dragging there feet on impeachment. There's no reason to remove DJ before the election and get a competitive candidate. Much better removing there candidate a month into second term if there candidate lose. and the Moscow Micth's as well

  15. An impeachment inquiry should have taken place a month ago do it now and if you don't do it Dems how are you going to tell me that you're the party to protect the Constitution when you're not doing it get it done Dems.

  16. Mitch McConnell is not for the American voter. The Kentucky voters should be outraged that their representative is not defending the Constitution of the United States. He should be voted out

  17. What disappoints me in comments is hearing what people have to say that is extreme in relation to what civilized people we should be in these situations. Do not prove yourself to be the arrogant people someone portays you to be. All of his family may or may not be guilty but do not be evil towards them all. It is very upsetting watching one's family turn a blind eye but they are not all criminals until proven

  18. Lmao! What are you pathetic sheeple basing your impeachment on?? Lol, he will NEVER, EVER be impeached, because there are neither legal nor ethical reasons to base impeachment on. . . . You commi-dipsheat sheeple are so hilariously pathetic. Seriously, you don't even know what you're standing for or against. The Progressive Left has become so much dumber over the last 2 years – as a group I'm confident that your IQ is far below 70.

  19. I get that there are moderates afraid of impeachment. BUT if they can't convince their districts that it's needed then they are not fit to serve. Tom Styer must finance a massive march on DC on the fall.

  20. Being butthurt isnt grounds for impeachment.. Not one indictment had to do with collusion or obstruction.. Ohhh.. And takes the Senate to impeach a sitting president.. Not the house.. Republicans run the Senate.. Good luck with that..

  21. Perhaps the House Ds ears are ringing. Obstruction of justice is a crime, not upholding the constitution is a crime, denying the overwhelming science of climate change is a crime.

  22. Dems can launch imeachment all they want but it will never get off the ground – Senate will NEVER go for it, they are Trump supporters. That's why Nancy Pelosi has not launched it, she knows it's a dead end. Dems are done, Trump got them by the short hairs with Epstein – he was CIA blackmailer and caught thousands being compromised, and most are Dems.

  23. What a pathetic and highly corrupt behavior of the Dems. All Americans saw a bias heavenly orchestred hearing and obstructed by Mueller himself.

  24. Not a single republican has stood up against this, not a one. Some may furrow their brows and complain in a half assed manner on tweeter but NO republican has stood with the Democrats to stop this. It says a great deal about who works for the people and who works for their donors and this criminal administration. I just don't understand how this all lands on the Democrats.

  25. Nadler, you have had the report, $ 20 million worth, but you didn't like the result, so you are going to do another report, then another, then another. The answer will not change. No collusion, no obstruction. Trump 2020. Soon we will get the report on the real story: how the demonrats, helped by the FBI/CIA tried to frame Trump.

  26. Won't happen…and even if so…
    If you think Trump is bad you ain't seen nothing till
    Pence gets in power

  27. Geeweeezzzzz! Is that Sam Seeder! I was like I know that face from somewhere but I couldn't quiet figure it out that his name is displayed as he spoke and I had to take off my glasses and wipe my lens… (Now I am gonna go back and rewind this video so I can hear exactly what he discussed)… Lol

  28. Remember how Bill Clinton was impeached?


    It's basically means "lying".

    Lying is the only thing Trump learned in his life.
    See how he keeps it up.

  29. Lol all the butthurt comments. Can't wait for the 2020 compilations of you guys crying some more.


  31. How long are you guys going to drag this? Get it done already! Enough of this drama! We need to get back to a real America! This whole Presidency has been about special real estate deals! Slow and steady wins the race! Two more years of this and I'm getting tired of it! Fix it now!

  32. To the last comment by the host…
    Thinking that your "5 alarm fire" in the control room is worth as much or more than what the guest was saying is exactly what is wrong with the whole country.

  33. Why is Pelosi doing this? She, like Republicans, is controlled by her donors (who prefer the status quo). Pelosi is Republican lite, willing to take a back seat to autocracy to preserve her "job.".

  34. 'The phrase 'there is two things' is not grammatically correct. The phrase should be 'there are two things.' I am sick of hearing it from intellectuals.

  35. Can the Republican Congress members be charged with Obstruction of Justice if they continue to ignore the Russians obvious attempt to derail our Democratic system?

  36. The House Democrats must be getting close, Trump's insane attacks on people of color is his way of distracting his base from the crimes that will be exposed by the investigations by the House Democrats.

  37. Too bad Moscow Mitch is in control of the senate and Schumer and Pelosi have already said they will let Trump do anything he wants

  38. Oh, Please!
    Question: How do you get the politically naive in your party to shut up about Impeachment? Answer: You set up an Impeachment probe.

  39. trump WILL NOT BE IMPEACHED! The Republicans control the Senate. So, unless you think some Republican Senators, who have been loyal to trump almost to a fault, will vote with the Democrats, then Impeachment isn't happening.

  40. Really MSNBC? Are you so desperate for ratings that you can't report any news other than ORANGE MAN BAD?

  41. Any impeachment investigation on trump will fail. trump is the father of American Extremism or MAGA as he calls it. Moscow Mitch and the GOP enable this extremism of trump. It will only be the electorate who will defeat trump's politics of American Extremism or MAGA in 2020 if they choose to.

  42. This country don't have the gut to impeach "executive ORANGE." Plus he is the head of the
    US Criminal Govt-Corp Empire not happening. Wouldn't matter if he called all blacks N-word or Jews Vermin.

  43. Impeachment Inquiry, MOVE FORWARD! It's a House oversight responsibility. Democrats would be foolish to NOT move on this. Democracy is at stake!

  44. Please start the impeachment process, it will only give president Trump momentum going into 2020 (which he will almost certainly win anyway). The left has lost all touch with us normal, middle class whites.

    Trump 2020!

  45. How can any true American possibly prefer your old Uncle Adolph as President? That dude lies, lies again to coverup his lies, is bankruptcy king, refuses to pay his workers & lies about it; hates & abuses children, every living thing of color; is a high end draft dodger; likes to degrade female beauty contest entrants; appears exceptionally close to his oldest daughter; and the factual list is lengthy and perverse.

  46. If consequences matters, so dem president Clinton just makes one tiny mistake on his personal affair, and got impeached, now rep president can make mistakes everyday, isn’t this fact tell us this: so anyone wanna be president, better be a rep.

  47. If they fail with impeachment, then all those who signed for it, should be willing to bet the Congress seat and resign!

  48. The bills haven't resonated are you nuts Mitch McConnell votes everything down. Trump will die in New York State Prison.

  49. All I wanna know is how much did Pelosi get paid for stalling their constitutional DUTY, all the while acting like she’s the smartest woman in the room, w this oh “what if we lose, what if we lose BS,”. when everyone has argued that starting an impeachment inquiry hearing isn’t the same as an impeachment, meaning that it provides the power to obtain the documents that they’ve been stone walling, while INFORMING THE AMERICAN PUBLIC of the misdeeds of this presidency without actually impeaching him, so who in their right mind would ALLOW HIM TO STALL without consequence, possibly an Iranian sized black bag situation for Pelosi, how much was in it Pelosi?!?!?!

  50. Pelosi needs to be voted out of office, we want justice to be done. What is she waiting for he's a criminal and conman and traitor, stand up for justice.

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