[EN] 육룡이 나르샤, Roots of the Throne, EP26 (Full)

I am Eunuch Kim Nae-pyung. A big trouble has
happened in the palace. This… What about the one named
Kim Nae-pyung? There is no such person
anywhere in the palace! This symbol in the letter! The one with this symbol
took our mother! Are you talking about
the court maid Yeon Yang who used to serve Princess No-gook? Yeon Yang is dead. Your mother was
a serious criminal for Goryeo. I beg your pardon? Because of her mistake,
Princess No-gook passed away. I was able to locate Kim Nae-pyung. You must find out who he is. You left me with Jang Sam-bong. Did he say that he’s Yeon Yang’s son? Her son has become the
best swordsman in the country… He thinks Yi Seong-gye to be different
from the one we imagined. He made the choice. He abandoned both of them… and will see where the luck falls. He’ll see where the luck will fall? That’s why he sent Pyung. Why did he send Pyung to
Dohwa Mansion? Jo Min-soo will try to kill Yi Seong-gye and his people at Dohwa Mansion tonight. What? He has probably started by now. Or it could be over by now. What does
“Abandoning both of them,” mean… There are many talented warriors among the ones who went to
Dohwa Mansion with Yi Seong-gye. Of course including Yi Bang-ji,
the best swordsman in the country. Although Jo Min-soo took care of his plot,
it could fail or it could succeed. And? Who is Pyung going to kill?
[Juk-ryong] Is he abandoning both of them? He said he’d see
where the luck will fall… so he will kill whoever wins
the fight at Dohwa Mansion. If Jo made it, this massacre at
Dohwa Mansion will be seen as two powerful rivals
destroying each other. And then… there will be a huge
emptiness of power in Goryeo. How dare you! I failed. Who is that man? [Yi Bang-won] The one behind the plot
was already exposed, so why did he take his life? Father was worried about another war, he was going to forget your crime
and reconcile with you. So how could you possibly do this? Just why did you do this? [Jo Min-soo] If not this time, he was going to
get rid of me next time. Isn’t that right? [Yi Bang-gwa] I wouldn’t sit around and wait for it. [Nam Eun]
Then do you admit everything? Of course. I plotted all of this. There is no one behind Jo Min-soo! I have no regrets, either. The only thing I am curious about is… What is it? Why did we fail? Why did it start outside
all of a sudden? Just what happened outside? So how did it happen? I heard you started first
before they attacked. Well, it’s… Moo Hyool. If you didn’t flip the table, Jo Min-soo’s plot would have been
successful before our army arrived there. How did you do that? [Moo Hyool] About ten years ago… the three leaders of the senate stole
the land of Yiseo County. A servant of Hong In-bang who attacked
and killed the village people back then… was there as a servant for Jo Min-soo. Moo Hyool recognized him
somehow and started it. Yes, he’s right. That’s it. Heaven helped us. Such a small coincidence saved us all. I see. A personal ill-fate changed history. You did a good job. [Hong Dae-hong] What on earth are you doing? What’s wrong with you? I’m trying to put my energy
into the medicine. I’m speechless! Do your job right! I’m already upset from having so many people hurt
so what nonsense are you talking? As luck would have it,
my Moo Hyool wasn’t hurt too much. He has innate luck he carries! Myo-sang, it’s not luck,
but the power of Eastern Twin Dragons. The Eastern Twin Dragons is
useful for avoiding enemies. Eastern Twin Dragons! Whatever! Make sure to fan correctly! Give me the fan! Okay. Boon-yi, don’t worry too much. Bang-ji got hurt a lot when he fought off the Japanese pirates
so I was often worried. But he recovers very quickly. [Boon-yi] I see. Now I learn new things about him. Yes. I shouldn’t have said that. It’s okay. Thank you for having stayed by
my brother’s side. He has been staying by my side. Boon-yi… he likes chestnuts
better than dried persimmons. How did you know? About what? I don’t know anything. What? Why? Well… as a matter of fact… Remember the night
when you got drunk and passed out? The night Yeon-hee fainted. On my way back from
getting your water, I heard Yeon-hee talking
while you were asleep. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop! She passed out because
she ran into him that night. She was upset… and said she didn’t know
why she fainted like a fool. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop. You… Huh? After seeing you last night… I believe you become stronger
when you are trying to protect someone. Really? Right? That’s how I am, right? Ah, sorry. Are you all right? Sorry. Boon-yi! You should take advantage of this to
get some rest! As I thought, I’m good at
protecting people! Gap-boon gave it to me. She said you like chestnuts
better than dried persimmon. I seem to know less
about you than Gap-boon. That day when I left home… I found the house of one of the two. I was going to kill him but his daughter
and his old mother came out crying. Do you know what that jerk said? “Take the child inside, Mother.” “Hurry up.” I went blank. That evil man was just a human trying to
get through this turbulent time. I couldn’t kill him. I see. In fact, those people are
weak people just like us. They stick themselves to the powerful,
trying to make a better living… Those are the worst kind of people. They are powerless, but they find those who have
even less power and crush them. They make the powerless people
despise one another… and make them ravage themselves. You did well. [Yeon-hee] Make this medicine and
give it to Ttang-sae. It will help his wounds heal quickly. What are you waiting for
instead of taking it? Yeon-hee… you did well. Un-nyun, her father, Uncle Pal-bong… He killed all of them. And he stole all of the land
we cultivated for two years. He was the worst. I really wanted to
take revenge on him. But you did it for me. Thank you, Yeon-hee. I have a favor to ask. What is it? I would like you to
give this medicine to him in person. Stay still. It will be easier for me to speak that way. I have some medicine for you. It will help you. Thank you. I don’t know how long it had been… since I slept as well as I did last night. That’s a relief. So you should also get some sleep. I will watch you fall asleep
before I leave. Geez, I’m dying. I feel like I’m dying. My entire body aches. Be quiet. You’re embarrassing. If you say that
you’re dying one more time, I will make sure you do. No, stay still. [Yi Seong-gye] I know how much it hurts. How do you feel? I’m sorry, Brother. They rammed us from all sides,
so we didn’t even get to fight properly. Who would have known to expect that? They set an incredible number
of traps in two, three layers. When we heard an assassin
jumped out from the corpses at the end, we were very surprised. We should talk about the assassin. Yes, about that assassin… I was also thinking about the assassin
who took his own life. What about that assassin? There are two reasons for
an assassin to kill themselves. Either he has to hide his identity
or he tries to hide who is behind him. Since everyone knows that Jo Min-soo
was behind him, he committed suicide. Doesn’t it mean that he was someone
who had to hide his own identity? Then it means that someone else who is unidentified aimed for your life,
General. Is that also what you wanted to say? Yes. Also, I believe I have seen him
somewhere before. Should I look into it? Yes. General Yi and I should take care of
the aftermath of this incident. So you should investigate who he was. Yes, I will. I know what you are worried about. You’re right. If the news of this incident spreads, the entire country will learn about
the conflict between Jo Min-soo and me. Yes. Also, in investigating
the murder plot, all of the related aristocrats should be
investigated as well. Then opinions in the government
will be chaotic for some time. Do you have any good ideas? Poeun must be the one who is
most worried about something like this. So why don’t we ask Poeun for a favor? What kind of favor? What? Yi Bang-ji nursed personal grudge
against one of my servants? That’s right. Then, because of
such a petty coincidence, it turned out this way? How can it be a petty coincidence? Your people afflicted
so many innocent people! It’s a necessary coincidence that one of
so many happened to be there. How did we fail over
such an absurd reason? What about the assassin? The assassin who jumped out
among the corpses… Who is he? I don’t know him either. Does it make any sense
that you don’t know an assassin
who was at Dohwa Mansion? What would I try to avoid at this point? Why would I lie about it? It seems that you don’t know either. Since I’m not the only one aiming
for Yi Seong-gye’s head, it looks like I won’t be too lonely. Why would Jo Min-soo make
such an extreme choice? Also, why would they be shaken up
by the rumor “A child of Yi becomes king”? Your power was growing fast
and you pushed for radical reformation. So they felt afraid. If Jo Min-soo is beheaded
for the upheaval, everyone will feel nervous. Then Master Lee Saek and
others will come up with different ideas. You shouldn’t turn everyone
into your enemy, General. You’re right. In order for our path to
reformation to be smooth, Master Lee Saek has to help us. Why doesn’t Master Lee Saek
take the position of Prime Minister? I’m sure you know why we try to proceed
with reformation so desperately. Also, you’re right that we cannot proceed with reform
after turning everyone into an enemy. Then? So please convince him. If Master Lee Saek continues to
oppose us from the shadows, nothing can be accomplished. If he wouldn’t accept the position of
Prime Minister right away, please make an arrangement for us to
meet and discuss with him. He can listen to
what we are planning to do and we will listen to what he plans to do. Please let us compromise. Prime Minister? The entire world knows that
Yi Seong-gye has all the power. Are you telling Master Lee to
become a puppet? Why do you think of it as a puppet? Do you think it’s not? Listen! Now the senate is under
Yi Seong-gye’s control. What meaning does it have for our master to have
only the shell of a position? Don’t you know that
it’s only for masquerade? If it is only for masquerade,
it will be that way. But if you don’t allow it,
the result will be different. Lord Jung! Master, you taught us that
when the country is in danger, no matter what the situation is, we should go to the senate and
focus on our work. [Lee Saek] Would they be able to understand us? We should talk to them first
so they will understand us! Master, both Sambong and I learned from you and
formed our thoughts! From the earth, which is you, the bud of reform ideas
from Sambong and I grew. Sambong and I may have
different plans for reformation as you said
but it’s only a small difference. What will you do? Master, is there any reason to
cooperate with Yi Seong-gye? Set up a meeting with General Yi. I will do my best in the meeting. Yes, I will set it up. I’m glad you decided on this, Master! Would it be about the
land policy reform, as I’d expect? Or… Anyone outside? Go to General Yi Seong-gye
and Master Lee Saek now and deliver the message that
I’d like to see them at 8:00 in the morning. If they give you an answer, bring it to me. Yes, sir. I heard you will be meeting with
General Yi Seong-gye at 8:00 tomorrow. That’s true. Will you accept the position of
Prime Minister? If they accept my conditions and if their request of me to
accept the position is reasonable. What demand will you make? How will you take control of
the negotiation tomorrow? I am also curious. It must be about the land reform,
as we all expect. They will come back with the land reform about investigating
those with over 100,000 sq. ft. of land. In my humble opinion,
if you’d agree on 200,000 sq. ft…. It’s not because I took
180,000 sq. ft. of land. Seriously… Why don’t we set the threshold
at 50,000 sq. ft.? Anything above it will be confiscated. And we won’t yield more than that. No. We earned this meeting through
Jo Min-soo’s upheaval! Of course we should demand to
pass the original reform plan. He is right, but I am still worried. Jo Min-soo started the
trouble over his 100,000 sq. ft.. So how would it pass
if we lower the plan to 50,000 sq. ft.? General Nam Eun! We should push forward! What do you expect Master Lee Saek
to demand from us tomorrow? The major issue tomorrow
will be the land policy. I can expect a few things. If their demand is one
that I have expected, we may be able to gain
more through an easier way. With some luck,
your theory may come true. How did it go? As you have expected, Jo Min-soo doesn’t seem
to be the one behind him. I knew it. Then who could it be? It can’t be Ha Ryoon… Please let me take care of it. I will find out somehow. The fact that there is a power
we don’t know about… that is very dangerous for us. We have to find it somehow. Yes, I will. By the way, Master… I heard there will be
a negotiation meeting tomorrow hosted by Lord Jung. Does it come down to negotiation? You’re disappointed, right? That will make us taking a longer route. Jo Min-soo gave us a good opportunity. We are able to do it by force. Of course we can. It will be over if we push it
through with force. Then? But… I wrote the plan with the Confucian belief
that a revolution doesn’t kill people. It helps people live. Of course I’ve gone through
many trials and errors. And there were things I hadn’t thought ahead and
things I couldn’t understand. “The less bleeding, the better.” But blood has also
been shed unexpectedly. But… No, because of it, this negotiation
is all the more important. It means more to me,
in a different way. What do you mean? It is so that we won’t lose Poeun. Poeun will protect my Confucian belief
all the way in this path of revolution. He will also carry the
legitimacy of our revolution. The reason we set up
this meeting is to eliminate our misunderstandings and to improve our country by discussing
and compromising together. So please go ahead and
exchange what’s on your mind. Since he mentioned misunderstanding,
there is only one thing I want in order to
eliminate misunderstanding. Yes, I would like to hear your opinion. Please speak. I want the previous king’s return
to the palace in Gae-gyung! Yes, please go ahead. We will proceed. We will also get to the point then. Yes, what we want is… to implement
Jo Joon’s reform plan immediately, in its whole form. We don’t mean the amendment
of 100,000 sq. ft. of land and above. Implementation of the original plan to
confiscate all lands taken illegally. Would you agree to it? But it’s… I request a brief break. Yes, of course. Please come back after your discussion. How did he agree to the
return of the previous king? Implementation of the reform
in whole cannot happen! There will be an uproar even with
the cut off of 100,000 sq. ft.! This cannot happen! What will you do, Master? Let’s accept their demand… of implementing it entirely. What? After we bring back the previous king,
we can change the situation. The previous king’s return
to the palace? It is one of the demands
Sambong had anticipated. Yes, and luckily,
he suggested the best one for us. Did you say “Luckily”? His Highness is still very young. But if the previous king
returns to the palace, it is the same as reinstatement. Of course he can’t return to the palace. Then what? Just wait. Master Lee Saek will suggest
what we want. You should begin your discussion again. Do you really agree to the
return of the previous king to the palace? Yes. As long as you agree to
the entire land reform immediately. What will you do? We agree. Yes, then shall we determine
the date of the return? But there is one condition. Please go ahead. What Jo Joon prepared is an expansive,
incredible resource… but how could we implement
such an important reform without an official measurement
of the field by the government? Therefore, after measuring
the field as a big scale, official project let us implement the land reform based
on the measurement result. It can’t be more accurate
than my research! Do you know how long it takes to
measure the entire country? It will take at least five years! Jo Joon doesn’t have the right to speak! If you don’t observe quietly,
we will have you taken out. Please continue. What will you do? Yes, we agree. Please start the measurement. Then we will also have the previous king moved only
from Ganghwa Island to Yeoju. Look, Jung Do-jeon! On the day of implementing the land reform after the measurement of
the field is complete, we can set the date of
the previous king’s return. Okay, go ahead. Yes. Then the bill on the
land policy reform has passed. We will proceed with
the measurement immediately. And it has also been determined that we will bring the
previous king only to Yeoju. Also, Master Lee Saek will take
the position of Prime Minister. And General Yi Seong-gye will
be Senior Prime Minister. Why don’t you manage
the state affairs together? If you agree, I will request His Highness
give his official appointment. I agree. Please proceed. If you would agree on General Jo Min-soo,
I’d like to suggest his impeachment from illegal land corruption
rather than his political upheaval. I agree. Proceed as you wish. I believe it went well! They must think
the land reform has passed… but it will take at least
five years to measure the land. Also, the previous king will be in Yeoju. Now we can bring together our support. Yes, now that our Master Lee Saek
has become Prime Minister and we gained time by
measuring the field, we should take control of
the government in the meantime! Certainly! We should stay strong together
so that we won’t be divided. [Lee Saek] All of you are correct. But… Sambong… What was the meaning of his smile? Is this what he wanted? It turned out the way you said… but is there a reason to delay the plan by carrying out
the measurement of the field? They will think that they gained
about five years from the measurement. So they will think that they can flip
this reform plan within five years. But if the measurement is executed
with Jo Joon’s material as the foundation, it can be complete within two years. When the time comes, we will push forward without
giving them a break. Will it work to move
the previous king to Yeoju? As long as he doesn’t return to
the palace in Gae-gyung, there is no difference whether
he is in Ganghwa Island or in Yeoju. So we can prepare for
our next move now. Sambong! Poeun! Will you join me for a drink? Thank you for mediating the discussion. I believe thanks to you,
we were able to resolve it amicably. I did what I had to do. Now you have to play the role of
a counterweight for us. They believe the measurement
will take five years. But if we rush the measurement
with Jo Joon’s material as a base, it will be complete within two years. Then, through an overall land policy reform
Why do you rush so much? It is an important issue that couldn’t be
done for the past 500 years. It’s not important to do it fast. It has to be done right,
without sacrifice step by step, based on the support of the officials. Sacrifice would only be
that of the aristocrat class. Is your goal a land reform? Or is it to attack the class of aristocrats? Poeun. What’s next? After you push out the class of aristocrats. There are rumors about General Yi
that I cannot possibly bring up myself. Do you have… another plan? What other plan could
General Yi Seong-gye have? No, I don’t mean General Yi Seong-gye. I am talking about you. Do you have another plan? What kind of other plan
are you referring to? Never mind. What other plan could you
possibly have? Everyone! I think I’ve seen him. Who? That jerk… I think I saw the one
who tried to kill my father. Where? On the day I went to
get Jo Joon’s research… the one who arrived
before us and stole it. Do you remember? But my memory is not clear. Both of you have also
seen him, right? Yes, we did. I think I remember him. Let’s go check. What? Is it true? We need to check his face. Do you still have the body? Corpses with no contact information
were to be cremated at Boyeon Temple. Did they take the corpses? It’s time for them to take the corpses,
but I’m not sure. Take them there and
help them identify the face. This is him. I think it’s him… You? What is this about? She’s right! It’s him! I’m sure. Then… Ha Ryoon was trying to take
the research material that night. Does it mean that Ha Ryoon
tried to murder my father? Just why…? I have someone in mind. Let’s go. I don’t think they are monks. What? They were wearing leather shoes. Isn’t that prohibited by the law? It’s full of fake monks wearing leather shoes
and silk robes these days. But it’s Boyeon Temple. I beg your pardon? Boyeon Temple is different
from those temples. Also, looking at his face, he looked young enough to be in
a position to run errands. Then they wouldn’t have
an occasion to wear leather shoes whether it’s in Biguk Temple
or Boyeon Temple. They wished to see
where the luck would fall… but Yi Seong-gye
had the luck of Heaven. Then? Those things will go against
his wish anyway. Did he choose Yi Seong-gye? Why do you try to
understand his wish? We were right. This is not a path to Boyeon Temple… How did you know? I’m very aware of shoes. Sir? Sir? Yeah! What? Do you know him? That man… from that time… Did… Ha Ryoon really try to kill Father? Lift it. No way! What’s wrong? Was it really him? Yes. What’s wrong? Why is he surprised? If he hired him, he would have
no reason to be surprised. Let’s go. Hojung! What’s this? You! Yi Bang-won! Did you dare to plot a murder of
General Yi Seong-gye? What do you mean? It’s not me! Moo Hyool. Yes! Just deliver this to each of them. I didn’t hire him! Did you say a murder plot? I mean it. Then why did you bring this corpse? I had to check something! You’re lying! No, it’s true. He was really shocked
after seeing the corpse. You saw it right! I was surprised to see his face! Look! A composite portrait… what about it? Because I have been chasing him
for the past 14 years! For 14 years? Lord Lee In-gyum was looking for him. There was some organization
that helped Lord Lee to his status. An organization? They gave him the right information
at the right times, and helped him. I only looked for him following
Lord Lee’s command. How can I possibly trust you? It’s really true! The organization has a specific symbol. I was searching through his body to
see if he belonged to that organization. I’m sure he has that symbol. Why don’t you check? See? There it is! Right? This is the letter that you were
going to deliver to a spy in our base. Lee In-gyum sent this, right? This is… a symbol on the spy
who snuck into Hamju. The spy wasn’t sent by Lee In-gyum? He wasn’t! Lord Lee suffered throughout his life
because of that organization! Did you plant a spy to hold this? I did not plant a spy in Hamju. The symbol in this letter! The one with
this symbol took our mom! It’s the symbol from that time. What? When we were little,
you said it in the beggar’s village. It’s the organization
that kidnapped your mother. Don’t you remember? You’re right. It’s the symbol
from that time. We have to catch it anyway! We should tell Master Sambong
and General Yi! We need to catch this organization! Do you know
where Master Sambong is? He’s not home. Master Sambong… Have you seen him? He took porridge to Bang-ji earlier. Goodness, he is so kind! Let’s hurry. Wait. I’m a bit tired, so I will turn in now. I’m just tired, Young Master. All right. Go rest. Master, we found him! What is this? This was tattooed on the body of the one
who tried to murder Father. Mom… Lee In-gyum? Yes. Lee In-gyum has been
chasing him for 14 years. But he couldn’t find him,
and Hojung finally did. Ttang-sae, what’s wrong? Who are you? Why is it on your sword? When I was little, my mother was kidnapped
by some organization. I still don’t know
my mother’s whereabouts… or the identity of these people. This is the symbol of that organization. I engraved it on my sword
so that I wouldn’t forget. Then what about Kil Seon-mi? Right, Kil Seon-mi was with him. I still don’t know whether
he was with him or not. I had met with Kil Seon-mi
when I was young. And he told me this… “Your mother killed Princess No-gook.” “She’s the criminal of Goryeo,
so don’t look for her.” What the heck… They controlled Lee In-gyum,
the most powerful man at the time and they noticed Jo Min-soo’s plot
that we didn’t even know… and sent a spy… What kind of organization is it? Moomyung… Moomyung? Do you know about the organization? I didn’t believe it for a long time. When Princess No-gook passed away
after a difficult delivery King Gongmin claimed
that it was not an accident. He said there was an organization
called Moomyung behind the tragedy. And? King Gongmin was not in
his right mind at the time. Everyone just thought he was delusional. He was determined to catch Moomyung,
and searched through court maids. In the process,
Yeon Yang committed suicide. If Yeon Yang really is your mother,
she didn’t commit suicide. She must have snuck out of the palace. Moomyung… Why are you aiming for us? We have to find them. Who are in Moomyung,
and what do they want? Why did they try to steal
Jo Joon’s material? Everything! Then I will meet with Cho Young. I will find out if he knows
about the symbol. Yes, go ahead. It’s late, so what brings you here? I believe this is an urgent matter… Go ahead. Do you know… anything about this symbol? [Cho Young] Well… I have never seen this before. What is this? At General Yi Seong-gye’s
army base today… Boon-yi, you were here! Uncle Pal-bong brought this letter.
He said it could be urgent. When did this arrive? A little while ago. Why did you come so late? What brings you here? Did something happen? [Min Da-gyung]
Jo Joon sent an urgent message. Here. It seems to be a matter of urgency. [The place with
our research material is at risk. Please hurry here. From Jo Joon.] Moo Hyool, we need to hurry. Yes. Who brought this? I believe he was a servant of Lord Jo Joon… but I had never seen him before. Father hasn’t come back yet,
so shouldn’t we hurry there? Something is strange about this. I beg your pardon? It is definitely Jo Joon’s handwriting… but we refer to the place by
our secret code. So why… Then… This could be a trap. What brings you here? Did you send this? [Jo Joon] What the heck is this? You didn’t send this? Was this really a trap? Isn’t this my handwriting? How could it be exactly the same? If I head there after receiving this letter, they would follow me
and find the location. It was a trap! Who would possibly… It’s possible that this wasn’t
sent only to you. Of course. Someone who received this letter
must have headed to the place. And the ones who plotted this
must be following him. It could already be under way. I should hurry and go there. Did anything happen? Are you all right? Did everyone receive
this letter and come here? Did you also receive one? Yes. But the material is all here,
as it should be. Master Jo Joon is not here either. It’s a trap! Something is wrong. Master! Jo Joon didn’t write this letter. Someone forged his handwriting! Then did they trick us to
find the location of the material? But the material is still here,
so if we move them quickly… What if…someone is coming right now? To steal this material? Moo Hyool. Yes, Young Master. Now we know where it is… Do you plan to steal
Jo Joon’s material now? The material is not the
only problem anymore. They agreed on the land measurement. Then? There will be a counterattack. The most fatal counterattack. Who did you send? The most fatal agent
I have is on his way. That’s what he wants. What… will really happen tonight? All of you… What are you doing here? How did you find this place… I received a strange letter
that brought me here. Poeun! New Joseon New Joseon? What is this? General, don’t turn Sambong into a traitor. I mean “Don’t steal the throne!” Sambong said you’d be the most
needed person in the new country. Kim Song-hak was supposed to leave to measure the field today
but he was murdered. I believe it’s Moomyung. Does it really exist? I heard that Jung Do-jeon is
mobilizing his people. Should I send my men? I will go out there myself. I will make sure to find them!

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