Elliott Abrams: The War Criminal Running US Policy in Venezuela

Elliot’s passion for the rights and
liberties of all peoples makes him a perfect fit and a valuable and timely
addition On January 25th Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that
prominent neoconservative strategist Elliott Abrams would oversee efforts in
Venezuela to complete the ouster of the country’s elected President Nicolas
Maduro so it’s very nice to be back Abraham’s appointment as special envoy
to Venezuela comes as somewhat of a surprise first of all he strongly
criticized Trump in 2016 when he wrote an article titled when you can’t stand
your candidate but more importantly Abraham’s was convicted in 1991 for
attempting to cover up details of the iran-contra scandal while speaking to
Congress last year Senator Rand Paul warned in an op-ed not to let Abrams
anywhere near the State Department crack the door to admit Elliott Abrams Paul
continued and the neo cons will scurry in by the hundreds central america’s
problems do directly affect the security and the well-being of our own people
Abrams hawkish neoconservative roots reached back to the beginning of his
career during the Reagan administration when US involvement in Latin America was
ramping up through a number of positions at the State Department including
ironically Assistant Secretary of State for human rights and humanitarian
affairs Abrams defended and helped cover up atrocities carried out by US backed
governments in El Salvador Honduras and Guatemala while then Guatemalan
president efraín ríos Montt was carrying out what the UN would later call it
genocide against the indigenous people of the xcel region of the country
Abraham’s was in the halls of Congress lobbying for continued military aid to
the murderous dictator I think you have to be you have to apply uniform
standards 13 years later investigative reporters Allan Nairn appeared on
Charlie Rose alongside Elliott Abrams to discuss u.s. accountability in Guatemala
to be even-handed if we look at a case like this I think
we have to talk start talking about putting watermelon and US officials on
trial I think someone like mr. Abrams would be a fit subject for such a nerve
style inquiry but I agree with mr. Abrams the Democrats would have to be in
the dock with him the Congress has been in on this the Congress approved the
sale of sixteen thousand m16s to Guatemala in 87 and 88 because they
voted more military aid than the Republicans asked for and again I invite
you and Elliott even back to discuss what he did but right Charlie but go
ahead you want to repeat this I want to be in the dock it is ludicrous
it is ludicrous to respond to that kind of stupidity this guy thinks we were on
the wrong side in the Cold War maybe he personally was on the wrong side I am
one of the millions of American history I don’t were supporting the massacre of
the peasants and organized I was there I would have to probably and that’s a
crime that’s a crime mr. Abrams which people should be tried the Abrams not
only cheerlead brutal us-backed governments in Latin America he promoted
us back rebels in the region as well such as the Contras in Nicaragua who are
fighting to overthrow the Socialists sandanista government his by any means
necessary approach to help overthrow the Sandinistas reveal the deep contempt for
international law he along with Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North tried to
secure funding for the Contras illegally by soliciting a 10 million dollar
contribution from the Sultan of Brunei he also threatened to end US aid to
Costa Rica in 1986 when the country said it would make public the fact that there
existed an illegal contra airstrip within its borders by the mid-1990s
Abrams had already defined himself as a convicted criminal and defender
latin-american regimes the world now knew were brutal and genocidal he had
also since helped orchestrate a disastrous invasion of Panama in 1989
when it was over thousands lay dead and wounded and the country was in shambles
but despite Abraham’s long list of crimes and blunders he was not only
pardoned by George HW Bush in 1992 after being sentenced to only a $50 fine two
years probation in a hundred hours of community service but was once again
tapped for help in reshaping America’s foreign policy for the 21st century the
project for a new American Century was founded in 1997 and
it’s architects were bent on bringing Reagan’s policy of military strength and
moral clarity along with Reaganite advisers such as Elliott Abrams back
into the mainstream Phoenix targets for intervention included Syria Lebanon
Libya Somalia Sudan Iran and of course Iraq and three of peenics main
architects Dick Cheney Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz would serve in george
w bush’s administration an elliot Abram served as a director on Bush’s National
Security Council not only enacting peenics agenda but sanctioning other
interventions such as the failed 2002 coup attempt in Venezuela that sought to
remove Hugo Chavez from power Abrams also signed a letter to Bill Clinton in
1998 urging Clinton to remove Saddam Hussein by force the letter went so far
as to dismiss the international community’s opinion saying that American
policy cannot continue to be crippled by misguided insistence on unanimity in the
UN Security Council since supporting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan Abrams has
unsurprisingly continued to take the most hawkish positions available in
Washington from supporting Israel’s apartheid state to fighting the Iran
nuclear deal to supporting American airstrikes in Syria in September of 2018
Donald Trump hinted that Venezuela could soon see a change of power
Franklin could be toppled very quickly by the military of the military decides
to do this it is evident that the Trump administration has been planning to
overthrow the Maduro government for some time the continuation of u.s. policy
that led to the 2002 coup attempt against Hugo Chavez while then President
Bush tried to keep the u.s. hidden in the background of that failed coup Trump
has returned to the overt aggression that characterized the worst days of us
interference support for right-wing dictators and war crimes throughout
Latin America criminal policy out of the Elliott
Abrams playbook


  1. Trumps war criminals they should be rotting on jails instead they are running the country!!! people of the world look at usa as the largest terrorist organisation!!

  2. ¿Why US citizens don't rise up?, millions of them, sitting comfortably in their couch and in their everyday routines, what is happening to moral and integrity?, subdued citizens always get the consecuences of their corrupted elite in government.

  3. Bolton and Abrams were signatories of the Project for the New American Century, the neocon blueprint that has cost our country 5 trillion dollars on the phoney war on terror since 9/11.

  4. The United States is the most successful criminal organization in human history. The Godfather owns the world says Noam Chomsky and will not tolerate opposition. So now the Godfather makes Venezuela an offer it cannot refuse.

  5. ELLIOT Abrams is a Zionist monster terrorist war criminal who is got thousands of innocents bloods on his hands ….

  6. The old saying is true. You know a person by the company he keeps. Corruption
    breeds corruption by association. It can turn someone morally clean into a man
    driven by greed and hate, lust for power and shamelessly lie to please his evil in
    tent. How true it is that man has dominated man to his own injury ( Eccles. 8:9 )
    Does not the Holy Bible tell us that it does not belong to man who is walking, to
    even direct his own footsteps? ( Jer. 10:23 ). See the results of domination over
    your soul by another who himself is from the dust of the ground and to which he
    will return the same as of all men ( Gen. 3:19; Eccle. 12:7 ). What has he proven
    in all the years of his mortal infant existence but that without his maker he is no
    wiser than when he first began in the garden. How long will you put your trust in
    the sons of men and their nobles,in whom no salvation belongs and is unable to
    even save his own soul? ( Ps. 146:3-6 ) Has not our Lord and savior pointed the
    way of salvation and the path upon which we must walk? He was not talking to
    the trees and the stones was he? Did he put his trust and deliverance in a ruler
    of this world? No, but he said his kingdom was not of this source and his ruler
    was from above ( John 18:36. But not to incite a rebellion against the estabished
    governments of the earth, we are to obey the laws and regulations of the higher
    authorities that it may go well with us, for this pleasing to God. They are there to
    administer justice toward those doing wrong. Did not Jesus say give to Caesar
    what is Caesars, but God's things to God? ( Mark 12:17 ) One rebelling against
    the ministers of justice with riots and demonstrations, protesting against their
    superiors is something displeasing to God and you will be held accountable be-
    fore him. For it is his sword of retribution against those doing what is bad. And
    you will actually be fighting against his will. However, one who is from the Kingdom
    of God will obey the higher authorities that God may bless his obedience. He will
    correct all matters in his own time and his own way. But, when one from the King-
    dom of Jehovah is faced with compromising between man's will and God's, one
    must stand for God and his will and obey God as ruler rather than men ( Acts 5:
    29 ) Look to God and his kingdom in – Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John .
    That you may find refreshment and hope for you and your loved ones future- Amen

  7. There are very few people in the world that make you go "I wish you would just die." Abrams, Bolton are two. Throw in Pompeo too

  8. His greatest evil was his erasure of his crimes against humanity and U.S involvement in Latin America. Literally, nobody in the U.S knows about this history. Even Tucker from Fox News was aghast when he heard this history and did not believe it and called it Fake News. American knowledge of history begins with year 0 which is Trump's election before that they do not even know about 9/11 or who Bush was to be honest. That is how censured and brainwashed are Americans.

  9. Also being a right hand to Pablo Escobar and Noriega! How are they dead or in prison, yet those directly involved are promoted!?

  10. We have become the Nazis. Perhaps we have been for a long time but are finally realizing it. So demoralizing and embarrassing to proud loyal Americans, and we are helpless to stop them.

  11. We are going to have to start killing Fascists AGAIN. It is going to have to happen before they start rounding us up to be mass murdered. That's what they've been working toward since the Civil War.

  12. Trump's Venezuela point man Elliott Abrams, backed death squads in Latin America that murdered 1000s for right-wing dictators. Lied to Congress to cover up treasonous Iran-Contra affair. Led 2002 US coup attempt in Venezuela.
    During the Reagan administration, Manuel Noriega had opposition leader Hugo Spadafora tortured & then decapitated while Spadafora was still alive. Elliott Abrams led the efforts to make sure Noriega, then still a top US ally, faced no consequences.
    During the 1980s, the Salvadoran government slaughtered more then 70,000 people in ways so ghastly, that only ISIS can be seen committing today in the Middle East. Elliott Abrams was a key figure making these evil acts happen. He later said he considered this to be a "fabulous achievement.”
    In 1982 the Salvadoran government massacred 500+ peasants in El Mozote. Government troops slit children's throats & raped girls as young as 10. Elliott Abrams, then the "Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs," played a leading role in covering it up. During the George W. Bush administration, Elliott Abrams helped lead the US effort to stage a coup to overturn the results of the 2006 Palestinian elections, complete with murder, torture, etc.
    This is what Elliott Abrams, now leading America's fight for human rights and democracy in Venezuela, defended and covered up.

  13. Elliott Abrams is a neo con incopertant lunatic.This lunatic would have fit in with regimes like Hitlers Germany and we all know what that led to.

  14. Hey Mr. Trump you promised to drain the swamp, but you made it overcrowded with more criminal alligators, are you having short memory problems? Oh, I was just reminded that your are lack of decency among other things…

  15. America well described on the 30 mm film I watched in my childhood, like Django, massacre time, killing field, God father old vicar and such. Democracy, human rights, morality and others bullshit values of a great nation was dead. Eagerness to be a good guy dead too. What left ? The pride to be a criminal nation. That's your face Ameruca.

  16. Elliott Beelzebub Abrams passion for depraved killing and repression. ISRAELI Bolton, Tub of Lard CIA torturer Pompeo and Abrams all need to be "rendered" at some black site and never return. How about CIA importing tons of drugs from South America, sometimes in the bodies of fallen soldiers when they were repatriated, eh Abrams?

  17. There is so much going on w this administration I can't keep track. I used to watch the news and read the paper, and I thought I was informed. Wtf?

  18. Pompeo says"Elliot's passion for the rights and liberties of all peoples… blah blah blah.." -I am amazed Pompeo could keep a straight face after saying such an enormous lie.
    And Pompeo claims to be a Christian.Ha Ha – doesn't the bible or Jesus say something about not lying???
    These people are pure excrement in human form.The World would be so much better without such scum.

  19. I think the world is waiting to see which upcoming False Flag attack on America they can blame on Venezuela to use as a Casus Belli to green light the carpet bombing.

  20. Is there any one who is not a dual Israeli Zionist in the trump circle , anyone ? As a kiwi im amazed how the US public allows these (911 perpetrators) in the white house.

  21. #1 Untouchable CRIMINALS Organization Are POLITICIANS Military Complex Industrial Complex Leaders All Over Our Planet Earth 👍😜
    Wake Up This Is 2019😮🙄👍

  22. This idea of building walls, like in Israel, is not to keep the enemy out it's built to keep u in.
    My God bless us all, no matter which country we r from.

  23. We're going to regret our refusal to stand up against fascism.
    What does history call the Germans who did not oppose fascism?

    We call them Nazis.

  24. Who is he a hired hit-man for though??El Zionchapo??Maybe Al Capones ghost hire him?? The Godfathers of Neo-con maybe?? Where does the buck stop?? Lets have some names.

  25. when did Afghanistan,Iraq,Libya,Syria and Iran become part of the US back yard,why arent people like abrams,pompeo and bolton in padded cells where they can do no harm to anyone?

  26. We all knew the truths about us government:they are not a control of anything there just a simple picture of frame work
    They don't decide who works in government and who don't .
    Only the citizens can change it but sadly most of them are still trapped in system based on working for taking care of their children they don't see that coming

  27. It's really hard to believe they allow criminals to run politics but we all are starting to wake up to their b***** so governments run by criminals so it makes sense to hire criminals Elliott Abrams looks like mr. Burns from Homer Simpson looks like a devil ass Wicked motherfuker

  28. Abrahams said biggest stupidity I ever heard,that Wenezuela have been in contact to Hezbolah since 1980.Hezbolah was founded 1982.True war pig.He forgat to say that maduro has nukes and chemicals

  29. Ah once again U.S.A. plans to spread wonderful democracy across the globe by supporting death squads that massacre little kids with machetes.

  30. How criminals make a come back. This guy not only was convicted, what is worse is that he worked behind the President's back, and the whole thing was paid for by cocaine sales which to listen to Reagan's wife was bad. We all learned about this and it was swept under the rug. Now it returns as Trump shoving it in our faces!

  31. They need someone who will get the job done .If we do not act China or Russia will .Sorry that Venezula is a weak nation but such is life the strong will take the weak and the oil and it will be us .

  32. What an arsehole this man is, and further highlights the mentality that is America, by allowing this despot free range to destroy Venezuela.

  33. What America it's joke abraham he warcoholic. Continue killing south America people and Africa people. Where U.N. office they whacked this gay

  34. Weird. So many dystopian and horror movies has a character like him sometimes even looks like him. And also that character is the hero of all the elite groups in these terrible dystopian societies. So it looks like if I want to see a true representation of our contemporary world and it's rulers I must start watching those movies again.

  35. Sad that real news network sides with homicidal narco dictators like Maduro. While Cuba's g2 spies, the Russians , and the Chinese are helping Maduro stay there while he and his cronies take away everything from the Venezuelan people. That includes their freedom, food, medicine, clean water, electricity , etc. You guys should be a shame of yourselves siding with these communist oppressors yet they want to expand their communism poison to other free countries in the Americas. And these communist criminals are the actual enemy. So get your news right before you call yourselves real news. I dont like Trump but these communists are worse. In which something must be done and soon before it gets worse. We don't want communist countries like China, Russia, etc. taking over this hemisphere along with the rest of the world.

  36. Abrams seems to have taken a step back since the April 30th attempted coup. Hopefully, he isn’t planning to recoup his losses there.

  37. Ronald Reagan was indeed one of the very worst disasters to strike the entire 20th century, whose ramifications can still felt today, in the 21st century.

  38. It's a tough call to sit and watch our neighbors being tortured by socialist dictators that bleed the economy into their own pockets while their people starve, eating rats and dogs. If we were to sit and watch them torture their people, there would still be outrage because we could possibly do something to help those tortured and helpless citizens.

    This is a very one-sided video that doesn't once mention the atrocities committed by the other side. An obvious propaganda piece.

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