ECU THCAS “Your Major Matters” – Criminal Justice

A criminal justice bachelor’s degree
prepares students to work in federal, state and local justice professions, or advanced criminal justice or law studies. Our students take part in a wide variety
of academic and extracurricular programs to include internships, study abroad
student organizations, career fair and more. Our graduates can be found in government agencies, corporations or private offices around the world. One of my professors is an attorney. And in class he would use some of his past cases to make real-world scenarios. That way it’s just not words in a textbook. And they have inside scoop on what kind of actually happens. You know just it goes beyond the textbook. My interest right now is to work somewhere in law enforcement and become a detective. I’m currently pursuing a final internship for next semester with the Department of Public Safety up here in Pitt County that falls under probation parole. My internship was with the United States Marshals Service. I was able to work at the federal courthouse. It’s a good opportunity to get out in the field and see what it’s really like working with these individuals. It also provides a lot of leadership
opportunities so we have student organizations such as Alpha Phi Sigma
and our criminal justice student organization. It provided me the foundation to create leadership skills within the field. It rewards us with a lot of opportunities. Come for a visit and discover all that you can become with a degree from the Department of Criminal Justice at East Carolina University. Where we are educating the next generation of criminal justice leaders.

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