Eamon Ryan Leaders Questions Maurice McCabe Tribunal timeline

In that regard, rather than concentrate on the ‘who said what to who’ we need to concentrate on the specifics to make sure this never happens again. I understand there was meant to be a meeting of justice spokespersons this morning to discuss how the terms of reference of the tribunal would be framed. I believe that has been postponed. Could I ask you what is your timeline in terms of us agreeing on the terms of reference? I know you said there that the Minister for Justice, the Tánaiste is looking at the issue whether other whistle blowers should be included or not. Can I have your opinion on whether it should be widened out to include other Garda whistleblowers who are alleged to suffer the same sort of smear campaign? Can I ask you do you believe that this should be a fully transparent tribunal? We’ve all agreed that what Maurice McCabe said is true that we shouldn’t go back to the Higgins version where it’s done in private and an adversarial way. Can we make it fully transparent? Can we broadcast it on the web or television or whatever means? If we do, how do we manage the protection of journalistic sources because at the heart of this story we’re going to have to get to an understanding of who contacted who between the Gardai, journalistic profession and members of this house. Deputy McGuinness inferred last night that everyone knew. The dogs on the street knew. I’m sorry that’s not the case. So to come to the truth of that in terms of who knew and who was telling what that’s one thing we do need to get because is a smear campaign, we need to work out who contacted who to actually make that smear campaign. Deputy Wallace in his question yesterday read out, I don’t know where he got the sources from that such-and-such our guards texted someone else and someone else emailed someone else. It’s that level of forensic inquiries is what we’re going to need. If it’s going to be transparent as I believe it should Taoiseach, how do we agree the terms of reference that allows that so that all our correspondence, all our mobile phone records all our email records are accessible? And that for the journalistic profession is much an issue as it is for these people here. So what is the time Iine? I’m slightly concerned Taoiseach that this may be difficult to do this week. Part of the problem here we’ve constantly rushing through stuff, not thinking through, not working it out properly. Can we do it in a week? In this week? What is your rough time line for how the tribunal itself will take?

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