Dumped to Get Back With Her Ex (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Hanes v. Manning.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Mr. Hanes, you have brought
Ms. Manning to court today to prove that you
are the father of her four-year-old
daughter, Zoey. You say Ms. Manning
initially told you that you were Zoey’s dad, but now is claiming
you are not her father.
Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Manning, you say that Mr. Hanes is
not Zoey’s dad, and believe the DNA
will prove that today. You previously appeared
in this court with another man claiming to be Zoey’s father. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Hanes, you say Zoey
is your child. Explain. Um, I know Zoey’s my child. Um, Ms. Manning is
keeping her from me because, um, she has
another, um, gentleman in the picture. And that’s why I came
to you for the answers. So, you are convinced? HANES: Yes. Beyond the shadow of a doubt
that Zoey is your daughter. HANES: Yes. And so, why? Ms. Manning, um,
sent me a picture and I thought it was
my son at first. It was actually Zoey. And so I took a picture
of my son and her,and I compared it.And that’s when I thought
she was my child.
JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Manning,
you are convinced Mr. Hanes is not Zoey’s
biological father? Yes, Your Honor. And why do you feel you
know that for certain? Zoey was conceived
at the end of October, and we had already broken up. And so, this picture here is a picture of Zoey. MANNING: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You sent
that picture to Mr. Hanes? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: So why would you
send a picture of her at all
if you know for certain he’s not her biological father?
Why even send a picture? I’ve never even told him
that he wasn’t the father. I just told him there
was a possibility
he was the father. She said I was the father,
um, multiple times, then she also told me
I wasn’t the father
multiple times. So, first, let me understand. What was the nature
of your relationship? Um, we first met when I
was getting a tattoo, and it was at her,
um, residence. And we only dated
for a short period of time until she ended
the relationship, so I ended up moving on and got with my ex now,
um, my son’s mom. JUDGE LAKE: Was it committed
relationship when you dated or were you dating
other people? It was
a committed relationship. JUDGE LAKE:
Was it a committed
relationship, Ms. Manning? Yes, Your Honor. How long after that did you
find out you were pregnant,
Ms. Manning? Uh, we broke up
in the middle of October,
and I found out that… HANES:That’s a lie.
Uh, we actually broke up
in November of 2013.
JUDGE LAKE: And you know
that for certain because? Yes. It was actually at one
of my friends’, um… She just gave birth,
and we were both at
the hospital, and we were dating
at that time. And so when did you find out
you were pregnant, Ms. Manning? In December. JUDGE LAKE: In December? Mmm-hmm. And so when you found out
your were pregnant, you say now that you
informed Mr. Hanes he was a possibility? I didn’t inform him
he was a possibility until she was like
nine months old. JUDGE LAKE: Oh. JUDGE LAKE:
So you had the baby? Mmm-hmm. And Mr. Hanes never knew? Mmm-mmm. JUDGE LAKE:
And you had the baby all the way till she was
nine months old? Yes, Your Honor. And then you informed Mr. Hanes
that he was a possibility. MANNING: Mmm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE: What made you
send the photo? He asked for a photo of her. And I did not ask
for a photo. I didn’t even know about it. When I told him that
I was pregnant, he asked for
a picture of Zoey, so I sent him
a picture of her. And how did you even
know she existed if you’ve never been told? Um, I never knew until
after my son was born, and that’s when I
received the photo. And I thought it was my son. JUDGE LAKE: Okay,
and when you got that photo, you said, “Oh, this looks
just like my son.” Yes. So that made you
immediately think, “This is my daughter, too”? HANES: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: So, you say
he asked for the picture,
Ms. Manning? Mmm-hmm. You all were just
having conversation or he just reached out to you
out of the blue and said, “I wanna see
a picture of Zoey”? How did this happen
if you… I reached out to him. JUDGE LAKE:
And what did you say? “I had a baby, “and it’s a possibility
she’s yours.” Okay. And so, he said,
“Send me a picture”? MANNING: Mmm-hmm. And that’s what you said? Mmm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE: And once
he acknowledged that, “Yes, I believe this
is my daughter,” what did you say? I’ve never told him
he was the father and I’ve never told him
he wasn’t the father. It’s always been,
“There’s a possibility.” And the fact that
he’s waited four years to take a paternity test
is what irritates me. And why did you wait
four years, Mr. Hanes? The only reason
I waited so long is because she kept
going back and forth that I wasn’t the father, and she’s already brought
someone to the court and got a DNA test. So therefore, I didn’t think
it was mine at the time, but now, she…
I want the truth. I need the truth. If she’s mine,
I’ll definitely
step to the plate and actually,
um, be there. JUDGE LAKE:
But, Ms. Manning, now, you stated it was between
him and another man. MANNING: Mmm-hmm. And you were in
this courtroom before,and we tested another man,and he was not
the biological father.
So does that automatically
mean Mr. Hanes is the biological father? No. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) JUDGE LAKE: So… There’s another possibility? MANNING: Mmm-hmm. That other possibility’s
on her birth certificate. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) So are there just
three possibilities? MANNING: Mmm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE: Or more?
Go ahead and tell the truth. MANNING: Just three. JUDGE LAKE: So, one,
we already tested. Mmm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE: The second
is on her birth certificate. Mmm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE:
And the third is Mr. Hanes. Yes, Your Honor. Did you know about the third
possibility, Mr. Hanes? No, I did not until
I found out last, um, year, when I seen on her Facebook, saying that she was
in this courtroom with the other guy. Well, that was the first.
I’m talking about the third. It’s the one on her
birth certificate. Yes, I knew about him
once I found out that she changed her mind,
saying that it’s him. But up until that time, you just thought you were
the only option and the guy
that was tested previously
in this courtroom? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Have you tried
to be a father at all to Zoey, Mr. Hanes? Have you been a part
of her life? She’s four. I have. I have tried
to reach out to her. Um, I have talked
to her once, and when I did talk to her, Ms. Manning told me
not to mention that
I was the father. She just told me
to keep, um… I’m a family friend
of the family, so… And how old was she when
you talked to her? Probably gonna say around two. JUDGE LAKE: And you’ve made
no attempts since that time
to see her? HANES:Because I…
For the longest time,
I was not the father.And I did not have
her cell phone number. JUDGE LAKE: So, Mr. Hanes, you submitted a timeline
to the court. Will you please
step over to the monitor… and explain to the court
what this means? So, March of 2014 is when I received
a photo of Zoey,but like I told you guys
just previous,
that I thought
it was my son,
then I found out it wasn’t.And you felt like
she sent you the picture because she was your child? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: So you’re
thinking you are the father? HANES: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Okay, move on. Then in, um, May
or around May,
I should say,of 2014 was
when I’d first seen,
got the Facebook message
saying that I was not
the father.
JUDGE LAKE: Based on
what information? Because that’s when
the father that’s on
the birth certificate, that’s when she
told me about him. Okay, so in early 2015,
what happened? HANES: That’s when I got
unblocked from her,and that’s when I received
the message from her
saying that I was
the father again.
(AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) Ms. Manning, did you
write him back and say, “Now,
you are the father”? MANNING: No. In early 2015? No. So you just think he’s
making all this up? I’ve never told him
he was the father or if he wasn’t the father. It’s always been,
“There’s a possibility
between you and my ex.” So what happened
November, 2015? Um, that’s when I
received the last message,um, that I was not
the father.
JUDGE LAKE:What did she
say in this message?
“Hey, on second thought,
you’re not the father.”
Yes, pretty much
in that words. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) So, you’ve heard,
“You are the father. “You are not the father. “You are the father. “You are not the father.” Yes. Why do you think
she’s doing this? What’s her motive? She likes to
play mind games. (MANNING LAUGHS) And she don’t know who
the actual, real father is. JUDGE LAKE: You can
step back to your podium. Ms. Manning, what is your
relationship with the other
possible father? He has no rights to Zoey. I have full custody. And this is the man that’s
on her birth certificate? Mmm-hmm. Okay. Does he believe he’s
her biological father? When I gave
birth to her, he signed a paper that said
he believes Zoey was his child. JUDGE LAKE: I wanna hear
from your witness, Mr. Hanes. Please step up
to the podium, ma’am. State your name
for the record. Tyanne Wickwire. Ms. Wickwire, you are what
relation to Mr. Hanes? He’s my boyfriend. He’s your boyfriend, all right. Yes. And so, Ms. Wickwire, talk to me about
this particular
paternity situation. WICKWIRE: First off, Your… What testimony do you have? We’ve been together
for two and a half years. She has repeatedly
sent him messages saying that he is the father
and isn’t the father. She’s dragging him
through hell, pretty much. When he is the father,
he’s happy… Your Honor… …and wants to… I don’t understand how… …actually try and… …I’m dragging him
through hell, when it’s been,
“There’s a possibility. “Let’s get a DNA test.” JUDGE LAKE: Okay. So, Ms. Wickwire,
you’re reading
these messages. Yes, I am, Your Honor. He’s sharing them with you? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: And what
is her reasoning behind saying he is, he isn’t,
he is, he isn’t? Why would she be
going back and forth? It seems like every time
she gets a new boyfriend, it’s… or breaks up
with her boyfriend, it’s his. MANNING: Yeah,
my thing is this. Where is this proof that I have said,
“You are, you are
not the father”? ‘Cause I feel like
if I have said that, he would have kept it and held it
over my head. Actually, they’ve
had a conversation where she said that, “I may have said that
only because I’m angry at you.” HANES: And that was actually… That was like three days ago. Three days ago. JUDGE LAKE: Did you ever
admit to that, Ms. Manning, that, “Look, I may be
saying these things “because you’re getting
on my last nerve. I’m angry, “and I’m just mad. “And sometimes, I don’t
wanna be bothered with you, “so I say,
‘You’re not the father'”? I did tell him that I
might’ve said it out
of anger. All right. See, that’s what
we’re here to get,
is the truth. I’ve been talking now
for 20 minutes just trying to get down
to that one piece of truth, and you could have saved me… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) …a lot of talking
in circles by just saying, “Sometimes, our relationship
is so annoying or so bad, “or we’re so angry
at one another, “I tell him
he’s not the father.” Because that’s why he’s
standing up here saying
that you said, “You are the father,
you are not the father,” then, “You are the father,” then, “You are not the father.” So that he does not understand
if he is or if he isn’t, but he believes he is. Whoo. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) So have you encouraged
a relationship between Mr. Hanes and Zoey? MANNING: No. Mmm-mmm. You have not? And why is that? I would rather have proof
that he is her father instead of them building
a relationship and him
not being the father. So his gut tells him that he
is her biological father, your gut tells you
he is not. Yes. You really believe
it’s the man that’s on
the birth certificate who’s already
acknowledged paternity but has allowed you to
have full custody and doesn’t really wanna be
a part of raising her? Yes. And, Mr. Hanes,
she broke up with you
in November? Yes, at the hospital,
by the way. JUDGE LAKE: And then Zoey
was born in August? HANES:Yes.JUDGE LAKE:If we backtrack,that timeline would
point to you.
You’ve done the math,
I presume. Yes, I did. JUDGE LAKE: Have you done
the math, Ms. Manning? Yes, I have. Did it point to Mr. Hanes? No, Zoey was conceived
in October. JUDGE LAKE: How long
were you two together? We were together
from October 14th… A little over
two weeks, I should say. From October 14th, 15th
to November 3rd. If you’re saying, Ms. Manning, that Zoey was conceived
in October, and you were with
Mr. Hanes in October… (MANNING GIGGLING) …how can you even
be certain that he’s not? Or are you just saying that
because you are angry at him? Which I don’t understand
why you’re so angry at him, because you broke up
with him, right? What is this about? I got together with him
in a break between me
and my ex, which is the one on
the birth certificate. And I broke up with him
’cause I didn’t wanna
drag him on. JUDGE LAKE: All right. Despite what your gut
says to you, do you hope Mr. Hanes is
her biological father? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: You do? Mmm. So, even though your
guy says to you, you do not think
he’s the father. Your heart says,
“I hope he is, “because I want her to have
someone who wants her.” AUDIENCE: Aw. JUDGE LAKE: What are
your hopes, Mr. Hanes? HANES: I just wanna
find out the truth because it’s been
almost four years of going back and forth
that I’m the father, so I just want the proof. And you want to be her father? HANES: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Manning,
it’s been a long road.
It’s been four years. And he’s admittedly
not been around, so you’ve been carrying
this burden by yourself.So, as you look
at your little girl,
and she’s at an age now
where she knows there’s
a mommy and a daddy
usually in a family
or something, and…
“Everybody else has a daddy,
and where’s mine?” What do you tell her? Do you tell her anything
about Daddy? She hates it,
she hates it. Everybody else
has dads and she don’t. But I don’t know how
to explain that to her. Well, she’s too precious not to have the love
of a father in her life, if it’s possible. All right. Let’s get these results.
Jerome. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics
and they read as follows. In the case of
Hanes v. Manning…
(INTENSE MUSIC PLAYING) When it comes to
four-year-old Zoey, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Hanes, you… are not the father. (EXHALES DEEPLY) HANES: That’s all
I needed to know. Sucks that Zoey don’t know
her real dad. Maybe she should just get
the other guy tested that’s
on the birth certificate. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Manning… Yes, Your Honor. …are you positive that the man
on the birth certificate
is her biological father? Are you sure there are
no other options? No. There’s no options. JUDGE LAKE:
We’ve come this far. This is your
second time here. This is the second time
we’ve determined… the potential father is not
the biological father. The only one left is
the one you say doesn’t
want to be involved. And I feel sad for Zoey. Me, too. JUDGE LAKE: Are you gonna
reach back out to him? No, I can’t. So we’ve got some work
to do, okay? It may not be now.
Now may not be the right time. But at some point, Zoey does deserve to know
who her biological father is. And that he’s out there. And you’re gonna have
to step up, and you’re a very young girl, but you’re gonna have to be
a mother for your child. She’s counting on you, okay? All right. I wish you all the very best.
Court is adjourned.


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