Douchiest Tribunal Case: BIGGEST DOUCHE Finale Part 2 (#30 part 2)

If you hvaen’t seen part 1, go watch it now.If
you watch part 2 without seeing part 1, you’re a moron. and you’ll be the moron defending
the uber-douche in the comments because you literally don’t know the half of it.Non-morons,
please findf these morons in the comments and let them have it. If you haven’t see part
1, you’ve missed the first 205 lines of chat. Ori, You’re a reasonable person
why are you acting this way? ya but im in my last game of my series
Draven what did I do? Most trolls can barely speak
you didnt do anything mal heart
at least you can reason, but for some reason. I’m responding to udyr’s toxic behavior and
your condescension you still behave this way
Why let hime affect you so much? it’s amazing to me that you still refuse to
take any resonsibility whatsoever what do you get out of it?
You just lose LP like everybody else… what do I get? nothing?
laugh out loud lolz lots of stuff just for me nice
Little too hard there kat once the two of you stated to be so obnoxious,
it rapidly drained all enjoyment out of the game for me
Ori, go back in the chat which was why I kept asking you both to stop
you continued and read, decide if we were really being obnoxous
I agree, Udyr said what the fuck which didn’t need to be said
we can win guys we need to grou[
Udyr is selfcentered im in a call with him, get used to it
but you told him not to be a dick, while having and attitude yourself.
I told you both to act maturely recognizing that someone is being aggressive
and dickish is being a dick? and you really went the opposite way with
that… No, You told him he was being a dick, With
a Tone You said something like “I know it might be
hard for you” how old are you?
like you were talking to a child. You know what you were saying.
he also told me to shut the fuck up And now it’s time for, Really, Douche? Recap.
S T F U or be reported was 182 lines ago. And- oh yeah, Udyr said that 21 lines AFTER
you said try not to be a dick, I know that’ll be difficult for you. And 11 of those 21 lines
were your being butthurt over w t f. Which udyr typed while you typed oops. Oops? so
you DID do something dumb and youacknowledged it.
It’s time to play- choose your response! Udyr just asked you W T F? You wrote “oops” at
the same time so it seems you DID just fuck up and admitted it, but you’re not sure of
his tone. Is he pissed, is he curious? How do you react?? Is it:
A. “yeah, Udyr, I fucked up.” B. “my bad.”
C. “I want to confess that I often fantasize about young boys,” or
D. instantly morph into one of the world’s top 5 biggest douches and spend the next 350
lines of chat bitching about how you’re a victim of harassment, a word you have never
spelled correctly? Tom I’m gonna go with B, my bad. is that your
final answer? Wait- I’m remembering that I’m really terrible at this game and only play
so I can be a victim and lecture3 people . And I’m also one of the world’s top 5 biggest
douches, so, D just makes sense. D. Well, yeah, obviously that’s the answer since
the point of the game is that you’re a douche so, ok.
Would you rather I have spent like a week trying to make it look about 50% better for
that 40 seconds or make like 5 other videos? It got the point across so just back off,
alright? God. Saw something funny I wanna share. Look at
the file name. Enlarged assrape. Oh yeah, that’s right.
and you really went the opposite way with that…
No, You told him he was being a dick, With a Tone
You said something like “I know it might be hard for you”
how old are you? like you were talking to a child.
You know what you were saying. he also told me to shut the fuck up He did
but right now, I am more disappointed in your behavior
which, combined with your condescension was just hte last straw for me.
because you seem better than that. see – it’s kind of funny how you keep talking
about my ‘tone’ Go on.
while continuing to adopt the most condescending and obnoxious tone of your own
how ironic that you would try to accuse me of hypocrisy.
I may be a rock, but I have feelings.. guys please stop
your hiding behind words *you’re
so how do u know what our tones are when we’re typing u retard
SO DENSE AND REPORTED Move on with your life ori, Don’t let people
decide how you are supposed to feel. I’m not.
And Yes, I failed my Promotion as well draven I apologize.
EVERYONE ARGUING IS I’m certainly not going to let you decide
it leblanc Draven why… I love you
not you mal laugh out loud
care guys cmon these guys are noobs
leave ME! Damn Varus.
k I was trying to show kat that she can’t be
so aggressive, laugh out loud laugh out loud
that why i hate leblanc the miini jump damgae stack
Hey, she’s not much different from Kat, Try her out.
Does better against C C comps too pikaboo
howdy! i will stay with you draven
nice try to quick
Honestly it’s my fault, I hesitated to jump after I marked
k so we need the rest of us to kill them evidentally forced malphite to go in alone for a sec,
missed my W. exactly im too fast
You kinda stayed in the same place… I was cold in there…
my mouse is on the fritz dosnt always click to move
DRAVEN NO!! boom
WHY YOU HURT MY DRAVEN!! That was respectable.
I wait for you Positioning was slightly off, but got one
of them. hey leblanc
Yo im sorry
That we can’t have a real match? Me too.
good job perhaps if leblanc and udyr hadn’t chosen
to be so condescending (leblanc) and toxic (udyr), game would have gone better
generally games in which you harrass your teammates go poorly
You know why this is happening Ori, Don’t put it on others.
It’s over. k
yes – because I kept asking the two of you to stop, and you kept refusing and continuing
so report ori plz alright
leblanc ur trying to sound well spoken which made it impossible for me to concentrate.
FUCK THAT but you capitalize random shit
i do feel bad yeah, It would have been quite a match.
that you cant carry leblonc she also doesn’t understand the difference
between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ stfu
laugh out loud she couldve ended want me to rpt ori?
Please do so, And thanks for the game. for killing you 3 times and being harrassed
all game? laugh out loud
here i wait hi
i dont like what happened this game very much that stun
get off my turf kat laugh out loud
ill be back fool laugh out loud
That was quite a fight. this is too funny
ill keep on killing u too kat funnest game ever
agreed ni
That was for killing my Draven, Teemo haha
its bad cause we got stuck with this crappy ori
wat abt killing u?? ori wouldn’t have been crappy had you not
been so toxic next time mayb
😛 Udyr, don’t, You’re just making a case for
her whos wards are these?
Ignore her and the tribunale will solve it. This amont of reports wont’ go unnoticed.
bear fast get off my turf
RUN Going ap now
wtf img comng for teemo
i run fast lolz where did you go
my ward square that ignite saved u lolz
yuop I respect you Kat
You don’t build that Mask ty
waist full just for ks k guys full build
gj ori thats when i go 30/2
could have been doing that all game long had udyr and leblanc not been so unpleasant
Truthfully, You could have been doing that either way
You chose not to. guys shhhh not again
fair enought laugh out loud
that’s it leblanc – continue to refuse to take any responsibilty whatsoever for your
behavior rpted
so fed gg
no let me ult on last time gg
honnor GG
gg love drafven


  1. It's kind of funny how both Udyr and LeBlanc try to steer the topic back towards the match but ori just keeps bringing up the "harassment and toxicity" that they're displaying. Also it kind of funny how he keeps on spelling other words wrong and calls ppl out if they misuse the apostrophe for your and you're….

  2. You know I'm quite new to the game, not even lvl30, and I play in EUNE, which adds to local taste(bad english or no english at all). But I still don't understand how people manage to chat so much in a game. I'm having trouble looking at the map and farming at the same time, these people manage to do all that and also chat 6 lines per minute. I'd honor them just for "Too much communication with the team"

  3. I love this LB, mostly because what she told kata "I respect you. You didn't build that mask". But for the rest, this Udyr had like 4 lines: "WTF ori" "STFU" and 2x "report ori" until ori said like 5 times "Udyr is toxic"

  4. This Douche just gave me the best idea ever.

    from now on if I suspect douche/troll, I will type a modifier for every comment in the style of HK-47 from Knights of the Old Republic. Thus literally including intended tone with brutal honesty. It'd be hilarious to read later.

  5. @Nplagma Can you tell me the name of this orianna, I need to find out what happened to him after this; thx.

  6. I think I actually know the douche irl, was this little prick named Andrew, talks exactly like the douche and would do what the douche would typically do all the time. I would not be surprised if it was him. When we kicked him to the curb he sort of folded in on itself and became a major douche…which if he is truly the douche of this series, is self explanatory.

  7. notice how ori didnt dare to respond to whenever ppl on the opposite team told him to stfu how when they told him that they didnt give a fuck. i wonder is it cos he just wants to be a douche and wants to sabotage his team cos he clearly didnt complain about the stfu from vi but complained about udyr's wtf. LOL.

  8. 1 person makes a mildly offencive comment, go uber bitch and make whole team lose…. LOGIC WHAT'S THAT?
    malphite was my favourite part in all this

  9. Why did he start it all up again after almost 50 lines of normal conversation? cough douche cough

    Makes me hope he/she sees this and maybe changes. But would probably just bitch in comments.

  10. So, I actually liked the rest of the players in this match…especially the LB for actually TRYING…lol.

  11. uhh question, how was this guy acting douchy i little over sensitive maybe but isnt that like the antiphrasis of a douch?

  12. a time ban, really a time ban the douche bag deserved a perm ban with all the reports and the way she/he/it was behaving

  13. Maybe they would have won if they played the game instead of talking for this long, regardless of who's fault it is.

  14. He acts like Arthas – 7200(at past) MMR player in Dota2. They both wihning and wighning all game from one wrong move. Arthas takes actually mistake and talk bout that all game and douche talking bout harrasment and toxic. I guess they both have some self-steam problems.

  15. I think the LeBlanc is what Oriana WANTS to be, honest, cool headed, and sees both sides but fails soo sooooooo hard. By over exaggerating, loosing his cool and swearing, and never seeing the other side.

  16. Boy, your language should be used for encouraging your allies and humble your foes.
    Instead you used it to tear your team apart like a market shirt. That kiddo sure don't know how to use his lingo.

  17. Yep this sounds like classic games of the salt fest we all know and love league of legends

  18. I love how in this part both teams just kind of have a friendly chat with some trash talking while playing, and Ori, like the Grinch, goes in and shits on their carpet

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